Crazy,Young, and Wild

Ally and her friends were the crazy type they love partying and hanging with friends. But Ally game finally changed when she met 5 boys at the beach that changed her point of view of everything
.{one direction isnt famus in this story}
My first story!i hope u like its better then it seems!just dont want to give anything away.
rated pg15. and yes i just made that up lln, which means laugh like niall!


3. Movie date?

           I woke up to the annoying sound of oprah music blaring in my ears.

                "wake up Ally,wake up you have a date with a sexy boy" kali cooed in my ear.

  "im up" i annoncied. My body shooting up in to a sitting postion.

     "you would " she giggled." maken breakfest. and with that she took off down stairs.

                   So i get up excpected to see the time to be like 10 but no, with my luck it was already 3. Great i got 2 hours to get ready.

      I quicly got in the shower. Making sure to wash my hair twice. Blowed tried, the strightend my hair, pulling it back into a bow. I looked at my phone seeing i still had a hour. I decided to run down to mall to get a new outfit.

     The second i got to the mall i walked to pacson<a.k.a> my favorite store. I got a new pair of black skinny jeans and a tight tee with butterfly sleeves. As a was walking out I got a text from Kali.< OMG where are you? Sexy boy is gunna be here in like 20 mins.!.!.!>

    I started to text back that i was on my way home when i ran into someone.

         " O my god, i am so sorry. i skqealed. Picking up my bags, the person started helping.

                     " Its ok love, my fault." He stated looking up

             "Lou?" i asked astonshied to see him here.

       " Hey didnt think i would see you here. Are'nt you supposed to be on a date with Harry?" He asked looking at his feet.

               "yea i still have 15 mintues i live 2 miles away from here, im really sorry but i have to get going." i stated walking passed him.I did want to talk to him, he was very nice and polite but i needed to go i was late.

         "o ok can i walk you?" He asked smileing. I was shocked. I thought he would have better things to do then talk to me.

    " Sure that would be nice." i said smileing back. As we walked we talked about his life, and how his aunt died and everything was left in his will so now her lives in her house with the boys.

     "You should come over soon, it would be coool to have a day with you. You would get a chance to get to know the boys and i better." he asked his vocie geting hopeful.

        "To tell you the truth i would mind haveing a day with you guys. Your always so happy and fun."

    "Good i will see you later today!" He said with a smirking tone, running off. What did he mean later today? i was busy today, is there something they have planned i should know about. I decided to just forget it, jumping into my charger, driving home at a ticket pace.

             The second i got there i started striping running up stairs to my bedroom. I tried taking off my skinny jeans while running down the stair. Lets just say, dont try this at home. I fell down the stairs banging my knees and head on the wall. i sat there cring for about 2 mintues, till remembering i had a date in like 5 mintues. I ran up stairs sucesfully this time.Quickly getting changes and going to look at my self in the mirror. I had blood stained knees that thankfulllly my pants cover up, My ankle hurt terrbly making it hard to walk with out wincing in pain.I saw a huge cut in my forhead going into my hair. This is just great, going on a first date with a cut on my face. Just as i was tring to cover up my cuts the door bell rang.

      Shit i thought to my self. I quickly put in some flats thinking how will i get down stairs without hurts my ankle more. Ding! i grabed my sled from the up stair closet,putting it on the stairs jumping on it sliding at a fast pace.I got to the bottom the sled solwing as i slightly banged into the couch un harmed. i fell like such a child.

         I got up anserwing the door with a smile on my face excited to see harry. But it was some werid deliver man with a packege and needing a place to sigh. GOD i hate life. i quicly did this seeing Harry pull up just on time.

          "Hello love" He said smiling pulling me into a hug.

    " Hi handsum" i said hugging him with the biggest grin on my face.

     " Ready to go?" He questioned. i nodded my head while he put his hand on the inner part of my back leading me to his car. He opened the door for me like anyone would. As we drove we figred out alot about each other we both love My Chemical Romance. So with that he blared it the hole way to the movie theater. Whe we came close to the theater he didnt slow down he just wised right passed it. I looked at him giving him the, " where the fuck are we going kinda look"

     "Well after i had made my plans with you for today,the boys were mad at me. They kinddda a all wwant you to be more than ffrriennds with tthem." he said looking down. I still didn't get it why did he have to listen to them. Harry looked at me seeing how confused i was.

       " they did a giantt favor for me when we first met, i said i would do something for them in return. and well this is it they have dibs." he said shly stuttering it. he was so cute.

     : Well i don't think i belive in dibs" i said smiling. He just slightly smiled to him self keeping his eyes on the road. I could tell from how he acted that what they did for him awile ago was important, weather i liked it or not i could tell Harry wasn't gunna give in. I really could'nt have Harry Styles.

       We arrived at the end of that akward conversation to a mansion house. The drive way was lined with willow trees. The pavement was..what? it was blue? Anyways the house had very fancy doors that opend when you said open. that was the coolest thing i had ever seen before. the yard was alined with every type of flower you could imagine. It reminded me of a house  a king would live in. In the back they had horses a pond with a rope to swing into. They also had a pool that was heart shapped. This house was freaking me out. This was a utlmant girl house. i could only tell boys lived here cause of the flamingos made to look like they were humping each other in the front yard.

         You guys live here!" i studderd out. in shock.

    " Yeah you can thank Lou for that one" He said still looking said.i still felt bad for that cheeky teenage boy

    I walked in amazed.  lets just say imagine the most amazing house you can think of and that what they live in. The other boys were inside watching football. When the saw us they all jumped up and ran to hugg me. Saying things like we missed you and in hungrey from Niall.

    " Bones crushing, slowing dieing." i manged to get out.

    "sorry" they all said at once. as we walked back to sit on the couch.

       " i call sitting by Ally" Lou yell pating the cushin next to him in the middle of the couch. I just laughed thinking sbout how lucky i was to have met them. Then all of a sudden you see niall run from behind, doing a frount roll to sit on the couch next to my.

    " Wow Niall smoth" i said while laugh What are we goiog to do today.?" i asked.

        " well first of all we are going on a wet adventure!" Lou skeaqued excited. before i was able to anwser, Niall throw me over his shoulder heading to the back door.



















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