Crazy,Young, and Wild

Ally and her friends were the crazy type they love partying and hanging with friends. But Ally game finally changed when she met 5 boys at the beach that changed her point of view of everything
.{one direction isnt famus in this story}
My first story!i hope u like its better then it seems!just dont want to give anything away.
rated pg15. and yes i just made that up lln, which means laugh like niall!


7. discovery of weridness


                            I was so confussed. Why would someone ever just come in and hit someone. I ran to get niall some ice. On my way out, I spoted Harry on the couch. I ran over to him not even thinking. I was so angry and sad, and well super confussed.

    "Why The Hell Would You Do That!" I practally screamed, still trying to keep it in a whisper yelled. The last thing i wanted was to to get the others into this.

            "I dont know ok? I just had a pissy day and I didnt like to see you welll kiss him!" He said back to me, with a angry look on his face. I figured since he was druck i was gunna pull as much infromation out of him as possible.

       "Why does it even matter to you? Its not like were dating?" I questioned back. I heard him mumble something under his breath, then just walk away. I was to upset to try anything else. I just had to care for Niall.

                On that note, i grabed some ice and ran up stairs to see a groaning Niall on the floor holding his head. He took a pretty hard hit, Harry didnt try to ease up at all.

       "Shh shh, its ok just relax." I whisperd in a smoothing voice, while putting the ice on his head. Were i could already see a bruise forming.

             "I just want to go to sleep,ok?" He asked kinda meanly. I just nodded my head pretending he was just tried had just got punched, choosing to not bother him about it. I helped him up laying him down in bed. I wasnt really sure if I should sleep with him or not? I was confused.

        "Good night Niall." I said, kissing him on the forhead.

             " I'm not a baby." He stated rudly, turing to face the other direction. The second he did that he shot up and was looking at me intendly.

         "Who the fuck gave you that?" He questioned angrly. he was looking at my neck. I had totaly forgot about that!

              "Just go to sleep, i dont want you getting angrey this time of night." I simply stated walking out of the room. I could hear him run up in front of my blocking my exit.

        "You can't leave untill you tell me who gave you that' He said with no emothion in his voice. I could see sadness in his eyes though.

                         "It is none of your business, ok we were both druck and nothing else happend." I said,pushing him out of my way and running down the hall way. I think he decided not to follow me cause i heard no foot steps. I was kinda confused on were to go. They had guest bedrooms but they were mixed in with the other boys room. I just found a door and opend it slitly, to see a sleeping Louis. I reied to shut the door as quietly as i could but failing misarbly. The door was sqeeky.

   "Ally" I heard Lou say in a groggy, mornign voice.

         "I'm sorry! wrong door!" I said kinda fast. Well after he sat up i saw he was shirtless, and well what if he didnt have anything else on. I didnt want him getting up.

             I walked in the hall way untill it came to the very end. I saw a room, it was the last one in this section of the hall way. I had caught my eye though. All the other rooms were a perfect white color. This one was a baby pink. I figured none of the boys would stay in this room if it was pink so i enterd. The room was beautiful. It was like my dream room. The walls were all black but splatterd in all diffrent colors of neon paint. The ceiling was splashed with only pink,leaving the carpet to be a slitly darker pink and very smooshy. There was no tv but a stero with surund sound. That was totally beast. There was a water bed with a cover just like the walls. As i walk around the room more i see that I have my own bathroom, and a balconly. Why the hell didnt the boys want me to stay in this room?

          I was bored, after the crap that happend tonight i wasnt in the mood for sleeping. If thats even possible!!lln. I decied i would call montana. She was a good listener. And well, the only one that probly would not yell at me for waking her up.

    RING! RING!            "Hello" a groggy voice says

         "Heyy, im sorry i havent talked to you in a wile but i am in need of some help"

             "Ok? But im not ta....."

                     I interupted her. "we aint got no time for that, just sit back and listen"

 With that , I tell her everything that happend. And I mean every deatil.


          ************ like ten emotianl talking mintues later.....


         "Tana? Are you there?" she didnt anwser me? Maybe I just overwelmed her?

          "Before you interrupted me do you know what I was going to say." She stated angrly. Almost like she was mad at me? What did I do.

    "I was going to say this is frankie>" And with that she hung up. Great I get to go to bed feeling like shit! Niall wasn't hers! She just met him god. I put my iphone in the speaker and played my chemical romance songs softly while going to sleep.





             I woke up to hear screaming.

   "where the fuck is she!" I heard someone scream. I asomed it was Niall

            "How the hell am I supposed to know?" Harry said annoyed.

         "Will you both calm your tits, last night she came into my room on accident, then left walking that way." I heard Lou say in more of a rational tone.

      By that time I was more awake. I was annoyed with them, well 2 of them so i will let them look. I was walking around the room bored. I started looking in drawers. You might call me a like stalker but it was a guest room. To my surprise there were girl colse in each one? Like this was someones full on room. Well that was werid. I went back to fall onto the water bed, when my foot got caught on the edge of the bed leaving me face first on the floor. I grunted trying to pull myself up when some shiny object caught my eye. I reach under the bed and grab it. It was a diary. The diary was open  to one of the last pages avaible for writing and well i read it.



                    Dear this book im writnng in,

This will be the last time I write. I am moving away. I can not pack, nor can I tell him or his friends.

I will not cover for him anymore. I don't care if he's my brother. I will not forgive him for what he did to me. But I will not tell a soul either. I will just simply disapper. I do not want to see his face again. I will go back to Holmes Chapel. My home town. I will live with my grandma or mom. I really don't care. I will leave this where know one will ever find it. Well I just failed cause I can't think of anywhere to hide this. So i place it here. If they find it, well they find it and if they don't they don't. Never will I ever go on that scary balconly ever again.

                                    Love or hate,

                                      Rosie <3


               What the fuck did that mean. Well to interupt my thinking I heard some voices.

      "Do you think shes in there?" Lou asks quietly. I freeze, I shove the diary under the bed and jump back on it quickly to pretend i'm asleep.


     "What the fuck, she can't be in there. O my god im gunna die." I hear Harry say. It sounded like he was crying? Wiith that i hear the door fly open and shut again.

             "She knows." harry barley whispers and starts sobbing.

      "Its ok Harry, she could never possobly find it out."

                 Ok I was officaly confused. Call me scooby doo but I serously needed to find out what the fuck is happening.






                   ****# So How do you like it so far.... plz like and fav plz. And this is not a mystery, only alittle mystery story in it. I want you all to go and buy some reeses cause i had suck a good idea for my story while eatting them. I cant wait for you guys to read it!!! And this little mystery i did so it would be more intresting. You guys won't belive what happens in the next few chapterzzzz!!!!!!!! xx


                        Love all of you crazy jellybeans!!







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