Crazy,Young, and Wild

Ally and her friends were the crazy type they love partying and hanging with friends. But Ally game finally changed when she met 5 boys at the beach that changed her point of view of everything
.{one direction isnt famus in this story}
My first story!i hope u like its better then it seems!just dont want to give anything away.
rated pg15. and yes i just made that up lln, which means laugh like niall!


5. Clubing

            We were all in the living room asking each other what we should do. It was only 8:00 there were lots of things to do still.

        "Lets go to the club down the street!" Lou suggested.

                       "Is'nt that like 50$ a person though!" i asked, not argeeing with there idea.

            "OO Ally i think my aunties alownce will pay for us fine." He said with a smirk on his face. That boy was nice but he stil was a bit full of him self.

            "Guess were going to a club then!"Zayn said happyly

      *************** 1 hour later

         "OMIG this club is bigger than Justin Biebers vacation house.!" i Bacically screamed so they could here me over the music.

              "Yea, we come here alot!" Zayn said smirking.

        The night just kept gettig crazier. One shot ended with 10 more. I swear the just kept coming. Everyone there where dancing grinding up aganist each other, and well we figured we all would do the same. I was basically on the floor laughing, watching Harry and Lou dance together. Lou had leaned over while harry was pretending to hump him. Let alone, Liam said this was normal! I had gotten tired and went back to sit at the bar. I saw Zayn come up to me.

        " You look tired love, want me to take you back to are place for the night he said winking.

          " OOOmmm sure i guess." I don't know if it was the achol or just me being stupid but i agreed and deep inside i somehow knew this was going to be a night to remember.

                         As we drove home, we slient. I think we were both tired from the drinking and partying. As we were at a red light, i got a devius idea. I placed my hand on his inner thigh. He winced at my touch but didnt refuse, so i guess that was a good sign.

  I slowly in did the botten on his pant, moving my hand down making him relise soft moans.

       RING, his phone went on the dash.   "Hello"i said happly. "yea, we are on are way home, we were both tried. Ok here he his!" i said smirking, handing the phone to Zayn.

      "Its Liam" i said with a big grin on my face.

    "hell-OO" he said his voice getting high at the end. He prtended to concentrate on what he was saying but everytime he talked his vocie ended high. As the phone call ended i slowly removed my hand. Giving him a cheeky smile.

       "ill get my pay back" he said smiling, all i did was smile back, i couldnt help it he was so sexy.

            When we arrive at the house, im about to make my way to the living room when he corners me up against the wall. He crashes his lips to mine, confused at what he was doing because of how druck he was. He slowly made my way to my neck. Slowly forming love marks, everywhere. he finally stoped and pulled away smirking.

            "Pay backs a bitch." he smirked walking to his bedroom.

                   I walked to the bathroom, in need of a shower. I quickly go into the first bedroom i see and grab there boxers and a tee shirt. I throw them on the bath room floor, hopping into the warn shower water. I washed my neck,half way falling to sleep while in the shower. After was done i looked in the bathroom mirror,seeing the whole right side of my neck was coverd in love bits. Great. I willl have to try to cover my neck for the next week. I angeryly walked back to the bedroom i got the cloths from. I didnt even care whos it was i just sat down on their bed immedalty falling alseep.




             I woke up bacically on top of  someone. I opend my eyes to see Niall sitting there peacefully sleeping. I slowly moved off him, making sure my neck was cover. i felt him stir in his sleep. i quiclkly shut my eyes, pretending  iwas alseep. I felt him remove his hand from my waist sadly. But to find him curesing my cheek, then very very softly pull his lips to mine. I felt him sit up and started to jump on the bed to wake me up. I rubbed my eyes and foreced my self to yawn.

      "Morning beuatiful!" He said smiling.   " Hi" i said in a morning voice.

           "What do you want for breakfest" He asked sweetly.

                   "Anything edable." i said smiling. I found my self stairing at him. The way his hair was all different directions. His miss matchen cloths. The way he half smiled at me.

                             "Do you like wat you see?" He said while laughing.

                                    "Well i think i might have a thing for lephracons." i said,looking at my feet. He smiled and lead me to the bathroom pushing me in.

                                              "Well you should start getting ready, i have some fun things planned for us today!" He staded with a giant grin on his face. "And dont you try to get out of these plans, i will carry you if i must. I just laughed and looked at mirror, wondering what he had in store for us, and weather or not i should wear a bullet proff head band.



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