Crazy,Young, and Wild

Ally and her friends were the crazy type they love partying and hanging with friends. But Ally game finally changed when she met 5 boys at the beach that changed her point of view of everything
.{one direction isnt famus in this story}
My first story!i hope u like its better then it seems!just dont want to give anything away.
rated pg15. and yes i just made that up lln, which means laugh like niall!


8. angels got a bad side....can't wait for the show ;)


                So I hear the boys just walk away. Were they going to act like this was nothing? I hated to do this but crazy times call for crazy soulutions. Asking Tana for logical adivice. Don't get me wrong I love her to death but..well..she isn't the brightest flower ever.

           RING.......RING.......RING......Trying to study! What do you want! She kinda screamed into the phone. God the only person who would anwser a phone like that is well me.

             "God someone did'nt get the last peice of brownie." I yelled back.

                 "Sorry I just want to A this exam coming up." She said in a sorry voice.

                             "Well I know better then anyone when you study you end up failing more and its fucking summer?

                "Yea .. i was.. om...just in case." She was lieing it was so easy to tell. Then I heard a yell in the back ground.8

            "WTF are you doing hanging out with trevor!" I bacically screamed into the phone. She is probably drunken up, and wants some well sex. And when she wakes up and finds out I did'nt stop her she will give me "The Speach"

              "Well Ally i'm not the only one that can have one night stands" She whisper/screamed. But she still knew why its was different lets just say she hasn't went that far yet.....

                      "Tana don't evnv go there. Just don't ok? I said trying to clam down alittle. I had never seen her use such lanuguage before. This wasn't her.

         "Well you don't control my life anymore! We are not friends anymore! Watch your back cause when you least expect it BAM there goes your head! And I know You don't think to be worried cause its just me but I got a Frankie and you don't" Then she hung up. I thought about whether to be worried or not? She has Frankie, but I know all Frankies tricks. We used to pull prankes and them all the time with my help. I figured I let it go, if I need help I have the prnk master in the house. Lou

              I decided I should go down the stairs and start my slut 303 act. I figures if I get close to all the boys, I would start to get info and this problem. They are probably all killers and are making me trust them then kill me. With my luck that is exactly whats gunna happen.

       I just had a simple tank top and shorts in. My usual sleepwear. As I moved throw the hallways,finally remembering my way around. Well Kinda. I found the stairs and went down them quickly, but loud, so they would know I was coming.

            "Hey" I said happily, plopping myself down next to Lou. Zayn was not there. I think he was shopping for hair gel or something.

               Lou and Liam both said there hellos then going back to the tv. Lou ended up having a very intresting conversation with me about the history of the skittle pooping unicorn. Liam was joining in once in a while making a funny comment. I liked these conversations. They just came natural, just like talking to your best friend or like a grandma. Niall still avoided eye contect,rudily. Harry just walked away after being in there a few mintues. Was I really that bad? I felt like I was making this situation akward for Niall and Harry when he was here. I decided I should probably leave. I had been there for 2 night already.

                "I'm going to go. I have been here for awhlie now." I stated standing up. I know I was supposed to be "acting" right now but I wasn't in the mood. What if they were dangerous somehow?

Lou's hand came up and grabed mine, pulling me back down onto his lap.

        "You are not going anywhere." Lou stated smiling.

              "You are staying here untill summer ends." He said clearly.

      "So you guys arn't getting sick or annoyed by me at all?" I stated with a glare, looking at Niall. Breaking my glare Liam started to speak.

       "Not at all, if anything your a pleasure to have." He said smiling up from the newpaper he was reading.

     "Thanks Li" I said glummly.     "Ally you seem so sad. Lets take  a walk! Its a pretty day." Lou said smiling. It really was a nice day. I wasn't going to say no to him. He was so nice and handsom. And yes I had to say handsom.

                      I stood up from Lou lap with a jump. "Race ya to the woods" I said taking off laughing.

   "Hey no fair!" I heard him yell behind me. As I was running i heard Lou right behind me he was fast. I did'nt like losing so i had to win. I fell on the ground with a scream.

       "OMG ALLY! Are you okay" He asked lifing me up placing me on my feet. My phone fell out of my pocket.

          "Could you get that for me?" I asked in a gruggy hurt voice. The second he leaned down I took off again to the forest. It took about 10 more seconds and i was there I had won.

       Lou comes jogging up with my phone in his hand with a mean expression on his face. I didn't mean to make him angrey. It was a joke.

        "Here's your phone" He said handing it back with a huph.

            "I'm sorry! I didn't mean to ne mean. I thought it would be funny." I said looking down expecting him to just walk away. But instead he just burst out laughing. I gave him my "what the fuck are u laughing your heart out look'.

    "You are so gulible." He said while starting toi slow his laughs.

             "Am not!" I screamed smiling. He just laughed as we started walking down the trail. We had more werid conversations about are werid adnormal past life. Then I finally work up the guts to ask about that room and Rosie.

      "Well omm thats a really long story." He said looking down. Clearly not wanting to talk about it.

        "Lou im 18. I got nothing but time" I said smiling and with that he started the story.


                             I love leaving you guys on cliff hangers!!!!!! I am so sorry for not updating i was busy with storts and school. This update shout out goes to skitttles cause they showed me what rainbows taste like!!!! Injoy reading my naked bears!!!!!!!!






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