Crazy,Young, and Wild

Ally and her friends were the crazy type they love partying and hanging with friends. But Ally game finally changed when she met 5 boys at the beach that changed her point of view of everything
.{one direction isnt famus in this story}
My first story!i hope u like its better then it seems!just dont want to give anything away.
rated pg15. and yes i just made that up lln, which means laugh like niall!


1. Amazing day at the beach


                   "Why do we have to go to the beach!' i complained. to my best friends, Caley, Montana, Frankie and Kali!

          "omg Ally its summer, i know your tired but we are going no matter WHAT!" Kali yelled at me, making me laugh.

                   " You just want to meet a boy, u cant stand being alone for once!" i said while giggling.

          "oo shut up' she said while smiling and playfully slapping my arm.,

          "lets go my car is waiting." Caley screamed. She and i are the really funny and crazy ones out of all of us. WE never get embarresed. We all laughed running to keep up with her.

  We got there at sunset. we always go to the beach late and talk and scare are selfs in the dark. We have always had the best of times. As we layed are blankets down i noticed there were only 2 other grups of people there. One group had 5 boy shoving sand down each others pants, and the other we a couple packing there things to leave. We jumped in the water, in are bikinis of course. and started splashing each other.

     it was getting hard to see in the darkness of the night all of us still in the water talking about are funnyiest and most embarring moments. It was werid though, those strage boys were stilll hear and stared getting in the water as well. i thought nothing of it and deiced to scare my friends. i went under the water and stayed there for bout 45 second so they would know i was missing. i was on the swim team in are high shcool all 4 years now in r senoir year im the captin. Anyways. i slowly came up behind montana. i waited as they freaked out then jumped oon montanas back. She screamed like a little girl

     "omg u are a bitch sometimes u know" she yelled calming down. everyone else was in tears from the event we were all laughing so hard,.

        As we talked more we didnt notice the boys comeing torads us. I felt a tap on my shoulder.instally knowing my friends were right there. i instally grabed the boys arm kneed him in th croch and grab hold of his neck.

     "shit " the curly haired boy said holding his crotch. "so i guess we cant come talk to u guys and try to be friends?' he asked smirking.

         "Sorry, u should shoud'nt sneak up on me" i said smirking back sticking out my had, 'call me Ally"

    " nice to met you beautifull im Harry and this is Niall Zayn Liam and Lou"

Harry annonced smiling showin off his dimples

 " mind if we join u lovely ladys" Zayn asked. " sure we all said. Kali smile woun't go off her face! im gussing she had a thing for one of them at least
   We all got out and made a nice littl efire on the beach so we could acually see each other. Zayn had a ligher to make the fire happpily. Once i could see there faces i was amazed they were all so well HOT .

   We talked and got to know each other.  i sat next to harry followed by Kali, then Zayn the frankie then lou then montana then liam then caley then.

    we were getting bored and lou suggest we play truth or dare. we all quickly agreed.

 "ok Kali truth or dare" Lou asked with a smile   "DARE of course she replied with out thinking.

    "good i dare you to kiss Zayn, and ooo this is kissing truth or dare. Did i forget to mention that" he laugh we all grunted but knoded r heads watch kali and zayn willingly kiss each other with smiles on there faces. "ok truth or dare ally" Kali said. Dare as usall i said normaly.

     "ok shout i sleeep naked then jump into the water, and come out and kiss harry.!" she laughed smiling

 "perfect , i am the queen of dares. at the top of my lung i screamed i sleep naked. then jumped in the water, and ran and sat on harrys lap getting him all and gave him a kiss. " i winn again i yell happiley everyone else laugh.i sat back down next to harry he scooted colser and whisper something in my ear.

  " we should do that again sometime." i Agree" i whisperd back. we put each others numbers in are phones. Then we had to leave Montana had work.

   We all said are good byes and Harry and i had made a date at the movies tomorow cant wait is all i keept think. Ecpeciall when he whisperd in my ear we problay wont watch the movie though.I cant wait to see what tomorrow beholds.





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