How to Torture Your Annoying Little Brother/Sister

This book is about ways you can torture (not kill) ur annoying little brother or sister. I have a brother and sister, who both are as annoying, stupid, and much retarded than the most craziest thing or person alive.


2. Splash and Go Pee

             This is one of my favorites!

       I had many funny and proud feelings after doing this to my sister and brother.

      This prank or tortureness is required the following things:

                 -- a video camera

                 -- sneaky-ness


       Since both of my siblings dont shower that often, my mom gets a headache everyday. Also it is vary rare to do this little prank in my house, but I have my ways.

When your sister or brother are showering, you pick a nice hiding place (with the video camera and also start recording) where they come after they're done with the bathroom. (They must be in they're towels). When they come, you jump out and scare them to death! They might scream and cry and let go of their towels! You must be recording the whole time.

          My experience when scaring my 5 year old brother was quite funny and amusing. When he came out of the bathroom, I jumped out and scared the poor  (NOT!) guy. He let go of his towel..................and PEE-ed! Funniest moment EVER!!!!



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