Loving You

Hay lovlies! This is my first movlla so please no hate. Laura was a normal 18 year old girl until she goes with her best friend Mary Anne to her uncles wedding. They stay at the hotel one directions staying at, there she meets harry and they slowly fall in love.


7. Why?

Someone who cared like Harry. Tiler started to thrust harder and harder I started to scream then he put his hand over my mouth. He moved his lips down to my chest. I started crying even more thinking how sad Harry would be if he knew. There was a loud knock at the door. Tiler pulled out and got dressed he said " If you scream I kill you" he put the sheet over me and then answered the door. I heard a familiar voice then I realized it was Louis. He came up here and. Whispered ill tell Harry to come get you tiler would figure out it was me and we would both be in deep crap if he found out.
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