Loving You

Hay lovlies! This is my first movlla so please no hate. Laura was a normal 18 year old girl until she goes with her best friend Mary Anne to her uncles wedding. They stay at the hotel one directions staying at, there she meets harry and they slowly fall in love.


6. Why?

Laura POV
I wok up with a pounding headache in Tilers bed. My hands and feet were tyed to the bed and my clothes were gone. I got my hands untyed and my feet then put my clothes back on. I heard my phone go of. Figures tiler wasn't smart enough to take it. It was from Harry "Babe where are you... Umm I wanted to say this last night but I love you extremely unconditionally in love with you." Hmm tiler was smart he disabled my outgoing systems so I couldn't call anyone or txt. I went downstairs to find him sitting on the couch. "Hey beautiful" tiler said "What do you want with me?" I replied " hmm everything" I didn't realize the time till now it was 5pm tiler" go upstairs now or I will hurt you go!" I walked upstairs into his room ill be honest I was dead scared I had the feeling he didn't do anything last night but he might now. He walked I and said "lay down" I just followed because he had a knife on the dresser. He got undressed pinned me down on the bed he tyed my hands and legs down again. He took off my top and everything else. Then he started to thrust into me. I started to cry because it hurt so much and I hated him I wanted my first time to be special like with s
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