Loving You

Hay lovlies! This is my first movlla so please no hate. Laura was a normal 18 year old girl until she goes with her best friend Mary Anne to her uncles wedding. They stay at the hotel one directions staying at, there she meets harry and they slowly fall in love.


1. OMG!!!!!!!!!

       Laura P.O.V

      Beep! Beep! Beep!

     Ugh I rolled out of bed and picked up my phone to hear my extremly excited best friend ask " Are you ready? Make sure you tell Tiler youre leaving!" Oh yeah Tiler is my extremely short tempered jerk of a boyfriend, we were in this fight now about me leaving with Mary Anne for her uncles wedding. "Well" she said "oh sorry lost in thought Im getting ready now' "cool omg guess whos staying at our hotel?!?!?!" "Dont make me regret this but who?" "One direction!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Oh god Mary is extremely obsessed with them. I mean im not a hater but... yeah they are pretty cool. "oh god Mary Anne you are very passionate well i have to go bye" "Bye!"

   I changed into a black cami, orange lace top, black skinny jeans, and my favorite purple converse then i curled my hair and put light make up on

   I decided to call Tiler because if I didnt he would be freaking out. i grabbed my phone and called him

Tiler "where the hell are you?!"

Me "At home im going to go with Mary anne to her uncles wedding"

Tiler"If I find out you do any thing more then go and come back... well basically what happened last time" Tiler has sometimes broke down and hit me now i have bruises on my back and arms 

Me " you cant control me'

tiler "ill try my best"

Me " im breaking up with you i cant take it anymore im tired of all the hurting"

Tiler " Fuck you i only dated you because you are friends with Kylee Lybarger"

I just hung up then hes such a faget i cant belive i even dated him.

          Checking in

Mary Anne "Did you seriously break up?"

Me"yeah hes an ass" 

Mary Anne " I could of told you that" 

sudenly we heard these piercing screams and these 4 boys walk in i think they were the guys from one direction then this guy with curly brown hair and mesmerizing green eyes walked in. He looked kind of moody but he was really hot. He was checking in then the attendent said "you will be staying with someone is that ok?" he answerd "why yes love' then she pointed to me.

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