Loving You

Hay lovlies! This is my first movlla so please no hate. Laura was a normal 18 year old girl until she goes with her best friend Mary Anne to her uncles wedding. They stay at the hotel one directions staying at, there she meets harry and they slowly fall in love.


2. Harry the flirt

We took his stuff to I guess our room now. When he sat his stuff down on the bed he almost immediately said " Well lets get to know each other I'm Harry from one direction obviously a singer I lived in Cheshire for the majority of my life now I live in London I'm also single now I'm very interested in you"
Laura "Well I'm Laura Petonic I live in PA my mom and dad are split I live with my grandma and I'm single"
It was almost complete silence which is very awkward considering I really don't know who he is. Harry" want to watch the telly beautiful" and with that I knew he was going to be one of those guys who just wants to get in your pants then leaves. Hope fully he wasn't one of then
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