Loving You

Hay lovlies! This is my first movlla so please no hate. Laura was a normal 18 year old girl until she goes with her best friend Mary Anne to her uncles wedding. They stay at the hotel one directions staying at, there she meets harry and they slowly fall in love.


4. Falling for the flirt

"LAURA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Mary Anne was pounding at the door interrupting me and Harry's conversation. He was really nice I thought he was going to be one of those guys who is kinda a player. He has beautiful eyes and hair and the most mesmerizing voice... Oh god am I falling for the flirt?!?! Harry unlocked and opened the door she looked at him the at me and finally said "am I interrupting something?" I said " nooooo!!!!!!!" Mary Anne " you sure" she looked at Harry he said "actually you were love but it can carry on later" Mary Anne " good c'mon Laura dress rehearsals for the wedding wear something nice" then she left Me "what should I wear?" Harry "The least clothing as possible" Me "Are you flirting Mr. Styles?" Harry " Maybe I just think that you deserve a compliment once and a while" the there was yet another long pause of silence : /. Harry " Would you like to go out with me tonight after your rehearsal?" Me " Yes if you promise there will be clothing" Harry " no promises but most likely. So Ill pick you up after the rehearsal?" Me "sure Styles" Harry " well I have to go meet up with the boys bye!" Me " bye babe" and winked
Harry's POV
OMG I can't believe I actually asked her out an she said yes. She was pretty fit and I must say she looked damn hot in a dress. Louis saw that I was happy an asked " what's up with you?" Me " I asked this girl out and she's really hot! Shes also the one I'm sharing a room with" Louis " If I hear anything suspicious I'm running in there!" Me " You won't! She's good and I'm perverted not a player who f**** any girl that comes around" Louis " When's the date?" Me "Tonight she's at a wedding rehearsal of her friends uncle" Louis " where you guys going?" Me "erm... I don't know?" Niall" oooh!!!!! The club is having a ball tonight you should go!!" Me " Thanks Niall!!!!" I left because I wanted to find something nice to wear I decided on a dark blue blazer white v neck and black skinny jeans I texted her and said * hey love we are going to a " ball " at the club so get ready to dance* I then left to go pick her up.
Laura POV
Harry picked me up and we were I our way to the ball when he reached over the console of the car and held my hand then he looked and me and have the biggest grin ever. We got inside I thought by ball he meant slow dancing but it was the exact opposite there was people dancing dirty every where. He grabbed my hand and said "may I have this dance?" Me " why YESS you may" it was now a slow song and we were dancing. After we danced we saw Paul and the boys walk in obviously looking for Harry so we had to bolt. We got back to his car and sped out. Harry "sorry I didn't think they would call me into work now I'm not going to go but sorry" we then got back to the hotel and we sat down I my bed.
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