Paranormal Romance

18 year old Estella Vale is not your average teenager. She's been seeing and wittnessing supernatural things her whole life. Her rich parents send her off to college and buy her a huge house that just so happens to be haunted and the ghost is angry and coming after her. But its not until she becomes best friends with her favorite band One Direction and ends up falling in love with Niall when things really get creepy. She cant tell anyone about the ghost and she is the only one who can see it but the boys wittness everything. Will the ghost end Estella's and Niall's romance? Only one way to find out....


2. The Flashback

Estella's P.O.V: I looked out the windw as the car raced down the lonely street. I couldnt wait to get to my new house my parents bought me in the city side of London. The house is old but it's very nice and huge. The car ride was in complete silence until my mother back at me and asked "are you okay sweetie?" "Im fine its just moving out is....hard" I answered with a tone of saddness in my voice. "Well honey you're not the only one who has to deal with it but once you are free you will never want to come back to your parents! Just ask Alexa" my father said. Alexa is my older sister and my only sibbiling. She's 21 and moved out 3 years ago at the same age as me. Living in the city side would also mean that I would be a lot closer to Alexa because she licpves near the house I am moving into. I am also going to the same college as her! Alexa is an amazing sister because she's the only one who really understood my whole "seeing things" issue and didnt think I was crazy. We finally got to the house. We drove through this big black gate that led us to the long drive way that stretched until it meets the large stone steps of the huge brick house. I got out of the car as my parents helped me with my bags. I slowly walked up the stone steps and took a deep breathe before entering the house. I slowly opened the door and took careful steps inside. My jaw droped in suprise as I stared around the front rooms of the house. It was beautiful with many antiques and unique furniture. "Wow!" is all I could say. "Its all yours!" my mother said. My parents stayed a while to help me settle in. A few hours later they were getting ready to leave. They were standing in the drive way next to their fancy sliver car. I gave my father a big hug as he said "you better come visit us." "Dont worry daddy I will" I said still hugging him. "I cant believe my lotte girl is all grown up" he whispered. "You said that when Alexa left" I said as we pulled away from the hug. "Because you two are both of my little girls" he said. His words made me smile. I walked over to my motjer and hugged her tightlynas she kissed my forehead. We said are last ggodbye before they got into the car. "Goodbye sweetie!" my mother said getting into the passenger seat. I watched them pull out of the long drive way as I waved at them until I couldnt see their car anymore. Suddenly a flashback came running into my mind. I was 7 and picking white roses in the backyard. I slightly looked over and saw a dark shadow coming out of the woods. I couldnt make out its figure or even tell what it really was!  It made weird sounds and I heard it whisper "Estella...we want you." I was frighten. I idmediatley droped what I was  doing and ran into the house crying in fear. 

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