Paranormal Romance

18 year old Estella Vale is not your average teenager. She's been seeing and wittnessing supernatural things her whole life. Her rich parents send her off to college and buy her a huge house that just so happens to be haunted and the ghost is angry and coming after her. But its not until she becomes best friends with her favorite band One Direction and ends up falling in love with Niall when things really get creepy. She cant tell anyone about the ghost and she is the only one who can see it but the boys wittness everything. Will the ghost end Estella's and Niall's romance? Only one way to find out....


1. Moving Out

Characters:Estella Vale,Alexa Vale,Niall Horan Louis Tomlinson,Liam Payne,Zayn Malik,and Harr Styles Estella's P.O.V: I stared out of my bedroom window admiring the thick greeen forest,huge water fountain,flower garden,pool,mini waterfall,and tulip trees in the backyard. Yup thats my backyard!i walked over to my bed and fished paking up the rest of my things.I was moving out of my parents' mansion to start college and my carrer of being a hair dresser. I've wanted to be a hair dresser since i was 4! when i finished paking my bags, i walked over to my huge mirror on my door and stared at my reflection. A girl with bright green eyes and really wavy long light brown hair that goes all down to the middle of her back was staring back at me. I am 18 years old and just graduated from high school. I couldnt believe that i finally graduated high school! I stood there still stating at my reflection as i felt a cold shiver down my spine and heard a soft voice whisper "Estella...." I ignored it because im use to this kind of thing. I've been seeing and hearing things my whole life. My mither says its just my imagination but I think its more than that. It happens more and more often as I get older.Its seems so real. The memories of the paranormal events that have happened in my life gave me chills throughout my whole body. The thought completely erased out of my mind as I heard my parents shout "ESTELLA!" I looked around the pink bedroom I've had sinceI was a baby one last time before closing the door and running down stairs. I saw my parents sitting in the dinning room in the fancy chairs under the diamond chandeleir. "Are you ready?" my mother asked sitting up and taking my bags. I nodded as me and my parents stepped outside. I took a good look at the beutiful mansion I've been living in forever. My parents are flithy rich. My family has been rich for generations because of the oil perserve my ancestors started in 1922 in London. We've always lived in the country side of London which is very peaceful.I love living in London because its so nice and I meet a ton of celebrities. But the celebrity that I havent met yet and always wanted to was...One Direction. I've been in love with them since I first saw them on X Factor. I like Niall the most but I love the others too. My parents got all my bags into the trunk and got in the frony seats. Of course I had to sit in the back. My father got in front of the wheel and my mother sat in the passenger seat. I suddenly felt the car drive away. I said one last goodby to the place I've called home since i first came into the world. Until now....

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