Paranormal Romance

18 year old Estella Vale is not your average teenager. She's been seeing and wittnessing supernatural things her whole life. Her rich parents send her off to college and buy her a huge house that just so happens to be haunted and the ghost is angry and coming after her. But its not until she becomes best friends with her favorite band One Direction and ends up falling in love with Niall when things really get creepy. She cant tell anyone about the ghost and she is the only one who can see it but the boys wittness everything. Will the ghost end Estella's and Niall's romance? Only one way to find out....


7. I Saw It part 2

and we never want anything to bad to happen to you" Niall said. He walked towards me and and held out his arms to give me a big hug. His arms wrapped tightly aroind my waist as my arms wrapped gently around his neck. "We'll protect you" he whispered in my ear. There goes that warm feeling again. I felt it right in my chest. I felt safe atound Niall. He made me feel safe.

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