Paranormal Romance

18 year old Estella Vale is not your average teenager. She's been seeing and wittnessing supernatural things her whole life. Her rich parents send her off to college and buy her a huge house that just so happens to be haunted and the ghost is angry and coming after her. But its not until she becomes best friends with her favorite band One Direction and ends up falling in love with Niall when things really get creepy. She cant tell anyone about the ghost and she is the only one who can see it but the boys wittness everything. Will the ghost end Estella's and Niall's romance? Only one way to find out....


6. I Saw It part 1

Estella's P.O.V: (2 weeks later) Me and One Directipn have become best friends in such a short period of tim! They were amazing friends! I knew everything about them and they knew everything about me execpt the fact that I see things because I've always had a bad feeling that I should never tell anyone about that besides my family. The boys did almost everything with me. They were so loyal and thoughtful. But I was the closest to Niall. He understands me so well and I've always needed a friend like that because no one ever understood me. He's always there for me. All the boys say he likes me but I dont think so. A loud ring filled my ears as I quicklygot of the couch and went up to the door. I slowly opened it to see my 5 best friends smiling at me."Hey guys! Come in" I said greeting them. They all walked in and Harry asked "so how's are favorite girl in the whole wide world doing?" I felt my cheeks tingle as I was blushing like crazy. "Amazing!" I answered cheerfully. I hugged all of the bous. Tjey all gave great hugs but I felt like Niall gave the best. I saved Niall for last as I ran up to him with his arms wide open. I ran into his arms as they protictively wrapped around me. A warm feeling came across my body. I laod my head on his chest as he barred his head in my neck. He stroked my long hair that was falling on my back. His hugs felt so warm and comforting. I didnt want to let go but I pulled away. He smiled brightly at me and I couldnt help but smile back. I had feeling for Niall, strong feelings. Suddenly a cold feeling took over my body as I heard a voice whisper "stay away." I felt something tugging at my hair as I turned to my right to see a dark shadow figure next to me. It looked just like the shadow I saw when I was 7. "Are you okay Estella? You look frightened" Zayn said sounding concerned. "Im fine I just....nothing" I said not being abke to describe what I just saw and felt. "Are you sure you're okay?" Liam asked. I wasnt okay. "If something's bothering you then you can always tell us" Niall said. I wanted to tell them but I couldnt. I felt like if I did it would cause something. Something bad. "Nothing's bothering me" I said trying to make it seem like I wasn't lying. "Really because it looks like you just saw a ghost" Louis said. Ghost. Was it really a ghost? Was it really that thing I saw in the backyard 11 years ago? That thing that "wanted me." "No Louis! Don't be ridiculous!" I said trying to cover up my life time secret. "Sorry! You jus looked terrified!" Louis said. I was terrified. I've seen and heard a lot of creepy thing but nothings ever said that they wanted me. "Its okay Estella. You're our best friend

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