Living A Lie

Melanie Jamestin Seems Like The Kind Of Girl Who Lives The Perfect Life . But In Reality Behind Her Smile And Laughs Her Life Is More Complicated Than The Averege Teen . She's A Sophomore At Brookella Highschool . She's Known Well For Dating The Captain Of The Football Team , Kevin . Her Bestfriend Is George Anderson . Melanie's Passion Is Writing , She Plans On Writing For A Living But Her Parents Don't Agree With That . Hmm Have I Forgot Anything ? Oh Yeah Her Parents Are Secret Agent Spies .


3. Kissy Faces

                              When we got to the game I dropped George off next to the locker room.

                              "Good luck hot pants, do good," I said with a little snip.

                              "I always do don't I?" He said as he pretended to flip his hair.

                               "After me of course," Said a new voice, Kevin. "Go get changed George it feels like a good game tonight," He said as George walked into the dressing room.

                              "Well, hello there," I winked. "Come give momma a little sugar," I said a little more sexually.

                              "Don't mind if I do," Kevin bent down and gave me a cute little peck on my lips. Our lips matched like puzzle piece; they were meant to be.

                               "Good luck babe, you're going to do great!" I said as he started walking away "Oh yeah go easy on George would ya?" 

                               "It's called tough love baby," he said as he ran toward the field. I parked my car next to the concession stands. I grabbed my purse and turned off the car than my phone beeped. It was a notification on twitter, Kevin had just posted 'The good luck kiss from Melanie <3' I smiled and slipped my phone into my purse. I walked to the bleachers which were already starting to get full. Then I see my friend Amber sitting there waving her arm indicating where she was sitting. Amber Right has been my friend since 6th grade. Sometimes it's so hard to be her friend because Amber is so gorgeous. She has light brown curly hair with a streak of light freckles across her noes and cheek bones. But the most amazing feature are her bright green eyes. As I walk over to her she smiles and sets out a blanket for me.

                                "Geez what took you so long?" She said before taking a sip of her hot coco.

                                "I was talking to Kevin," I responded. Her eyes lit up when she heard that.

                                "Ooooooh!" She made kissy faces. We both started laughing. 

                                "Haha," I said sarcastically,"Very funny! Speaking of boyfriends wheres Levi?" Levi Wilkins is Ambers boyfriend of 3 years now. Levi's the lucky man that has stolen Ambers heart.

                                "I have no idea, he was here a minute ago," She looked around to see if she could spot him. "Ohh there he is! He's already on the field, he must've snuck off!" 

                                Cautiously I brought up the subject, "So how are you and Levi?"

                                Ambers smile disappeared, "I don't know its better than it was before."

                                I hugged Amber and said, "Don't worry babes." 

                               She smiled and said, "Thanks." The game started and it past. We won by a lot (like usual). Kevin ran towards me and picked me up and kissed me.

                               "Good job!" I said as he set me down on the ground. He grabbed my hand and we started to walking. But than it happened so fast I didn't even know what to think or do or say! Amber was screaming and crying fist were being thrown and in all of it I was in the middle.

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