Living A Lie

Melanie Jamestin Seems Like The Kind Of Girl Who Lives The Perfect Life . But In Reality Behind Her Smile And Laughs Her Life Is More Complicated Than The Averege Teen . She's A Sophomore At Brookella Highschool . She's Known Well For Dating The Captain Of The Football Team , Kevin . Her Bestfriend Is George Anderson . Melanie's Passion Is Writing , She Plans On Writing For A Living But Her Parents Don't Agree With That . Hmm Have I Forgot Anything ? Oh Yeah Her Parents Are Secret Agent Spies .


2. Donut Buns

                        When Marcenhoff through the disk up I didn't even think I dove right for it. Just as it was about to hit the ground my hand slid right under it. I caught it. Marcenhoff said "You got lucky this time." He started walking but then ever so subtle he dropped something. It was a small circle shaped piece. It had looked like a little clock or timer. There was a slow flashing red light. Than I realized what it was. The flashing had started to speed up. I didn't even need to think ; I ran. But it was to late BOOM! The bomb went off and I went flying

                           I shut my journal and looked at the time, 5:03. George would be coming over soon. We were going to drive to the football game. George's the teams top lime-backer. George wouldn't seem like your typical lime-backer. But he's really good at it ! George has dark, wavy, brown hair that matches his dark and mysterious green eyes. He's pretty tall 6" but I'm 5'10 so I'm not far away ! Ding Dong. There he was, I ran downstairs. "I got it mom" I yelled. She was in her "Work Office" I opened the door.

                           "Why'd you ring the doorbell?" I asked. 

                           "I don't know I thought I might try something different" he shut the door and laid on the couch. 

                           I laughed "Okay whatever floats your boat! You excited for the game?" I grabbed grapes from the refrigerator and sat at the counter facing the living room where George was laying.

                           "Hell yeah! I'm pumped!" He said. He got off the couch and sat across from me. "You excited?" He asked. He opened his mouth and I threw a grape in it.

                           "Eh I guess so." I said as I got a glass of water from the fridge.

                           "Your just excited to see your boyfriend" he said in that annoying 3rd grader crush voice. 

                           "Well, seeing him is just a bonus" I said smiling.

                           "Okay you ready to go?" He said as he was staring at me in my sweatpants and sweatshirt.

                           "Really!? I'm not even dressed! Come help me pick out an outfit!" I grabbed George's hand and ran upstairs. He basically lives at my house. He dropped his bag on my bed and sat on my pink bean-bag. Now my style is very chill and cool but I can also rock a pair of heels ( Which is very rare ). I grabbed my ripped skinny jeans and my white shirt thats sleeves are lace. With my black and white converses. I have thick medium length hair, about down to the middle of my back. Its wavy and brown.

                            "Down or up?" I asked.

                            "Hmm do a bun." He answered.

                            "What kind?"

                            "I don't know, that thingy that looks like a donut?"

                            "What the fuck!? What the hell is a donut bun!" I started dyeing! "You mean a SOCK Bun!?"

                            He started laughing too "Same difference! Why is it called a sock bun? It doesn't even look like a sock!" 

                            "True true! I said as I put in the last bobbie pin. "C'mon were gonna be late donut boy!" I grabbed my purse and keys and ran downstairs with George following me. I knocked on my parents "Work Office" door. "I'm leaving bye mom!" 

                             "Bye honey! Have a good time!" She yelled back. George was already in my car. I shut the door shut and got in and drove off to the game. I had a good feeling about this game ; Only if I knew how wrong I was.


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