Living A Lie

Melanie Jamestin Seems Like The Kind Of Girl Who Lives The Perfect Life . But In Reality Behind Her Smile And Laughs Her Life Is More Complicated Than The Averege Teen . She's A Sophomore At Brookella Highschool . She's Known Well For Dating The Captain Of The Football Team , Kevin . Her Bestfriend Is George Anderson . Melanie's Passion Is Writing , She Plans On Writing For A Living But Her Parents Don't Agree With That . Hmm Have I Forgot Anything ? Oh Yeah Her Parents Are Secret Agent Spies .


1. Daydreaming & Tippy Toes

                            "Alright I got the suspect, he's in the court yard." I said through my ear piece to head quarters. "I'm going in. I loaded my gun and crawled out the window of the building I was waiting in for his arrival. I slide down the edge. There he was, Marcenhoff. 

                            "Ah, you showed up." Marcenhoff said with a wicked smirk right below his twisted mustache. "I thought you might bail, but then again thats not part of a special agents job is it now?"

                            " Marcenhoff you know why I'm here. Hand over the chip and no one gets hurt." I tried to say with more confidence than I was feeling. 

                            "So you want the chip?" He walked in circles. " Well my only request is that I get my dear friend John Rackle."

                            The name of John Rackle seemed to echo the courtyard. John used to be part SPAA ( Special Agent Association ) until he fell in love with the leader of the Anti SPAA ( Original right? ) . He's locked in our agencies hold down cells. Him and I used to be partners. I needed to focus I was here for one thing only and that was to get the chip and to leave. "Well, your request is denied. Rackle is in lock down and you know that. So Im going to ask you one more time to hand over the chip Marcenhoff. Now."  Marcenhoff stopped and looked up he seemed surprised. Than that evil smirk that sickened my stomach wiped across his face. 

                             "Hmm , No" he said. 

                             "No? And why is that" I Asked just a little puzzled. 

                             "Because honey , I'm the bad guy" he laughed as he threw the disk up and said "Melanie did you hear me? What would be the circumference of this?"

                             "What?" I said very confused.


                            "Melanie did you hear anything I was just talking about?" My third period teacher Ms.Harken had said very annoyingly.

                           "Umm . . . " I could feel my cheeks warming up.

                           "Thats what I thought. Now put away your journal and pay attention." I closed my journal and sunk into my desk. A chuckle went through the classroom and you could hear whispers like "What a nerd," great job Melanie. Ms.Harkens lessons are always boring. Math has never and will never be my subject. For the rest of the period I just zoned out and daydreamed about how better my life would be without knowing stuff. RING RING RING RING. Everybody got up to leave "Alright everybody don't forget that test tomorrow! Melanie can you come up here for a minute?" Ms. Harken asked.

                           I grabbed my stuff and walked to her desk "Yes?"                      

                           "Melanie, Im concerned about you. You used to be an A+ student and in all HP classes. But now you've dropped to regular classes and have a C- in this class. Is there anything going on at home that I need to know?" 

                           "No , everything fine ! I think it's just the getting used to the new situation" I lied. I gave a pretty convincing smile and said "I promise by mid quarter they'll be up" I Smiled and grabbed my books and bag and started walking out. 

                           "Okay Melanie have a good day" She said. I mouthed bye bitch. My friend George was waiting outside the class for me. I've known George since before we were born! Our moms were yoga buddies and lived right across the street from each other and ever since then we've been BFF's. 

                           "Oh, now the princess decides to show. What were you doing? Kissing butt?" He joked.

                           "Oh shut up George!" I punched him playfully on the chest. 

                           "Oww. Damn my baby got arm" he said. I Flexed my muscles and we both started laughing. "So what did Ms.Harkens want anyway?" George had asked me as we walked to my locker.

                           "She wanted to know about my grade drop." I said mocking Ms.Harken. 

                           "What you tell her?"

                           "I said the transition thing." I grabbed my geo book and shut my locker. Than I felt two hands on the side of my hips and felt his warm cheek against my ear. He brushed his lips right over my shoulder and whispered "Hello gorgeous." I turned around and saw Kevin, my amazing and wonderful Boyfriend. 

                           "A gorgeous girl? I wonder who this could be" I said bitting my lip.

                           He gave a cute little chuckle and than said, "You baby." I stood On my tippy toes and touched my lips to his. Oh how much I loved kissing Kevin. He didn't stop, our lips kept moving. The feeling was electric, you could almost see the sparks coming off our body. I wrapped my arms around his neck. His arms wrapped around my waist.

                            "Umm time to go see you later Kevin." George grabbed my arm and dragged me through the hallways to Geo.

                            I shook his hand off my arm and said "What The FUCK George?" I said still a little dazed from the make-out.

                            "Why can't it ever be like a normal people kisses? Like hmm I don't know a PECK!" George walked into the class and sat down at his seat.

                            "Because were not normal" I answered with a cute girly smile. I could smell his cologne on my sweater, Mmm. A lot of people only talked to me because I'm dating Kevin. I wouldn't say I'm popular, just well known. He's captain of the football team so I kind of guessed it was going to be like this. Only 2 months with Kevin and it feels like years. He's just amazing. After geo School was kinda just a daze. More writing, less learning. I just don't wanna go home. Thats when my life gets really complicated.

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