Living A Lie

Melanie Jamestin Seems Like The Kind Of Girl Who Lives The Perfect Life . But In Reality Behind Her Smile And Laughs Her Life Is More Complicated Than The Averege Teen . She's A Sophomore At Brookella Highschool . She's Known Well For Dating The Captain Of The Football Team , Kevin . Her Bestfriend Is George Anderson . Melanie's Passion Is Writing , She Plans On Writing For A Living But Her Parents Don't Agree With That . Hmm Have I Forgot Anything ? Oh Yeah Her Parents Are Secret Agent Spies .


4. Black Outs & Sirens Of Hell

                                Okay so let me tell you how it all went down. After the game when me and Kevin were walking to my car. I heard a horrible shrieking scream. It was Amber.

                               "Oh My God ! LEVI," Amber screamed Levi's name and dropped her purse. Levi was making out with Jamie Slant behind the consession stand. Jamie is the hoe of the school.

                               "What are you doing!?" Amber yelled.

                               Levi looked up and wiped off Jamies lipstick. 

                              "Oh Hey Baby Girl," Levi said as he slurred his words. He walked towards her almost stumbling putting his hand around her waist.

                               "Dont touch me you drunk bastard," she said with so much hurt and anger I've ever seen from Amber before.

                               "Geez whats wrong with you, your such a bitch you know that right? I don't know why i've been dating you for so long. Everybody says I'm the most lucky guy ever but  i'm really living in hell staying with you," he smiled and laughed "were OVER. You waisted 3 years of my life you little whore." 

                                After he said that Amber slapped him so hard that he might have forgotten his name. 

                                "I wish I never met YOU!" she screamed as tears fell from her green eyes. "I HATE YOU!" 

                                Than Levi did something I wish I didn't see, he pushed her so hard she fell onto the ground. She hit her head and was out like a light. I ran to Amber to see if she was okay, I told Monica Rosque to call the ambulance. Kevin ran toward Levi to hold him back, just as George came and punched Levi in the noes. His nose bled like red fireworks. Levi than shock off Kevin and went for George. George and Levi were on the ground punching each other in the face. When Levi was trying to get out of Georges head look he kicked me super hard in the rib cage. I screamed in agony. And if you didn't know Levi is a fucking soccer player.

                               "KEVIN!" I yelled as loud as I could. I was almost in tears the fight was getting to close to Amber. Kevin immediately came as he seen I was in pain. 

                                "What happened, are you okay?" you could see the sacredness in his eyes. And I loved him for it.

                                I said, "Levi kicked me, watch Amber I need to stop the fight."

                                "Be careful," he said. He knew there was no argument intended. I could hardly breathe but I managed to grab Levi's arm and pull him off of George but George wouldn't let him go.

                               I screamed "GEORGE LET GO, STOP!' I managed to get Levi off of George just so Levi could punch George in the stomach Kevin grabbed George. 

                               He wiped off the blood on his cut lip and said, "If you ever disrespect a girl like that again, I promise you that will be the last time you see light." And I knew George meant EVERY word he said. Levi left, Jamie gave him a ride home. My side was feeling worse than ever. Every time I inhaled air it felt like I was inhaling a bowl full of pins and needles. And than I fell. The last thing I saw was Kevin's face more scared than a sick puppy and than I heard the sirens of hell. My world was black.                               


Authors Note

So I Know You Guys Are Probably Like Where The HELL Does The Spy Stuff Come In But All Of This Leads

To It ! I Promise I Have A Vision And A Plan So Just Bare With Me ! 

BUT THIS CHAPTER WAS INTENSE ! Omg I Loved Writing This ! I Hope You Did 


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