Wings. [Supernatural/Liam Payne]

*slight bromance if you squint, not really a romance*
Liam panted heavily, lying on the cold concrete as a dark luminous shadow loomed over his body. Suddenly there was a flash of lightning, allowing him a clear glimpse of the figures face. Liam gasped, it was all too familiar. "Miss me, Payne?" He snarled, smirking at the lad. He grabbed Liam by the collar and pulled him up. And then the figure uttered three last words: "Good-bye, Liam Payne."


2. Two.


January 4th, 09:24 (9:24 a.m.) One Direction's Hotel


                Liam woke up to the sound of his annoying alarm in the morning, only to find that every part of his body ached and his head was pounding. And to add to his headache, Louis was in the kitchen cooking something that smelled bloody horrible and was singing one of their songs, Gotta Be You, loudly and off–key. Liam groaned and fumbled to find the source of the alarm (which was coming from Louis's mobile).

                He lazily (and painfully) moved his hand and slapped the older lad's mobile many times before purposely knocking it off the nightstand and breaking it. I'll tell him later, Liam thought, still half–asleep.  "Liam! Liam Payne! Are you awake?" Louis shouted, followed by a loud crash (he probably kicked the door open with his foot). "Go away," he mumbled into the pillow, the pounding in his head getting worse.

                "Hey Payne, we've got a signing in about an hour, and you really need to – wait what is that on the floor? That better not be my new iPhone!" The feathered hair boy threatened, placing whatever he was holding on the nearest surface (before hopping onto the bed). 

                "Louis, shut up. I've got a bloody horrible headache and you are not making it any better," Liam snapped. 

                "Well damn, you could have said it a little nicer," Louis pouted, looking hurt. 

               "And to think I made – and brought! – you breakfast in bed," he grumbled.

Liam rolled over onto his stomach, wincing as his arm brushed up against Louis's leg. "Hey Liam, what happened to you last night? After the concert you just disappeared," The older lad asked curiously. He shook his head, "It's nothing. Just went to a friend's house, that's all." He felt Louis roll him over back onto his back, then placing his cool hands on his forehead. 

               "Are you okay, Li? You seem to be burning up," Louis asked.

               “‘M fine Lewis, leave me alone," he groaned, dragging out the last syllable. He wanted to tell his mate that every part of him hurt, and that he didn't think he would be able to make it to the signing, but he had to stay strong for the sake of the band. Who knows what they would be doing if he wasn't there (Liam's sure that Louis would prank the employees of the hotel).

               "You don't sound okay," Louis replied, not believing him, "And you called me 'Lewis'". Liam struggled to sit up, "I am fine! Honestly! Oh, and sorry, Louie." His mate pulled his hurt arm as an attempt to pull him up, causing him to gasp sharply. "What's wrong?! Did I hurt you?!" Louis panicked, inspecting his arm before Liam pulled it away. 

               "What are those marks on your arm?" The older lad asked suspiciously, furrowing his brows. Liam widened his eyes before quickly responding, "Oh, my friend had a really vicious cat..." Louis shrugged in reply, still not believing him, and got off the bed, taking a few strides over to the nightstand and picked up the tray he had set on it. "Here, it's the breakfast–in–bed I mentioned earlier, sorry I suck at cooking." He held out the tray with one hand, the other scratching his neck nervously. 

          Liam took it gratefully, wincing as his arm overtook the heavy weight of the platter. He looked down at the burnt bacon and the under cooked eggs, "Um, thank you?" Louis bit his lip and replied shyly, "You're welcome."

          He took a bite of the bacon (not wanting to try his luck with the eggs) and faked a smile so he wouldn't hurt his mate’s feelings, "I–It's really something, Lou." Louis grinned and chucked a nearby t–shirt at him, "Hurry, we've got a signing to go to!"

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