Wings. [Supernatural/Liam Payne]

*slight bromance if you squint, not really a romance*
Liam panted heavily, lying on the cold concrete as a dark luminous shadow loomed over his body. Suddenly there was a flash of lightning, allowing him a clear glimpse of the figures face. Liam gasped, it was all too familiar. "Miss me, Payne?" He snarled, smirking at the lad. He grabbed Liam by the collar and pulled him up. And then the figure uttered three last words: "Good-bye, Liam Payne."


3. Three.


January 4th, 10:16 (10:16 a.m.) One Direction's Hotel

About an hour later, Liam was finally ready. He was excited to meet the fans, but not so excited about signing hundreds of CD's. Unfortunately for him, his injured arm was the arm he wrote with. Louis had left their room to go to Zayn's, since he was a heavy sleeper.

Liam walked over to the window, pulling up the shades so the warmth of the sun can warm up the room. Just as he began to walk to the loo, he heard soft scratching at the window; he turned around and saw that it was a ginger tabby (though it was mostly white).

It was pawing at his window whilst standing on the ledge of the balcony, trying to get in.

He chuckled and took a few step backs to open the window, wincing at how hard it was to open with a hurt arm. Liam watched as the cat slink into his room, tail raised and eyes narrowed.

"Well hello there," He mused, bending down to pet the cat. It purred and brushed its head against his leg. Suddenly, the cat jerked its head away and padded over to the other side of Liam's bed, disappearing from view. 

Liam craned his neck to see if he could still see the cat. There was a whoosh of wind and a faint smell of leaves. He curiously walked over to see what had happened and saw that his friend, Ed Sheeran, crawling on all four.

"Ed?!" He half–shouted in surprise. Ed looked up at him sheepishly, "Hi Liam, fancy seeing you here."

"I have no words for what just happened," Liam remarked, "Anyways, was this what you wanted to tell me last week? That your pure form is a cat? Harry would love you." He joked. Ed made a face, "Shut it, Payne. And you never told me yours yet."

Liam chuckled, "I'm not telling you yet, but just so you know, my form is much better than yours." He ruffled Ed's mussed orange–red hair, causing him to swat his hand away.

"Listen, Liam I have to tell–" Ed was cut off by the slam of the hotel door and Louis's voice, "Honey, I'm home!" he called in a sing–song voice. Ed widened his eyes and sprinted to the window, he stuck one leg out and told Liam that several Lost Souls were going to be at the signing in a hushed tone,  

Then there was a blinding light and a cat stood where Ed had been. The cat waved its tail as if to wish him good luck, and leaped away onto the roof. 

He groaned, these past months had been nothing but attacks from their enemy, he had a tour, he had to look after his band–mates, and to add to the stress, he had broken up with his long–time girlfriend. Liam couldn't take it anymore, it was all too much for him to handle.

He stumbled over to his bed and flopped down face first, allowing himself to cry for the first time in weeks.

"Liam! We're leaving now, do you – Liam? Are you okay?" Louis walked into his room and sat on the edge of the bed. Liam could almost feel those icy–blue eyes looking at him with such intensity and concern. The older lad shifted closer to him, placing a hand on his back, "Li, what's wrong?" 

Liam felt embarrassed to cry in front of his mate, he was sure that Louis would tease him. He felt Louis's arms wrap around him and enveloping him in a hug, hushing him in a soothing tone.

Liam felt like a child again, warm and protected.

"You know, you could always tell me what's wrong." Louis mumbled into his ear whilst petting his short hair.

Liam looked up at Louis, sniffling a bit. Louis cracked a smile, “I meant what I said.” Liam shook his head, I wish I could tell you, he thought. “Louis, I’m ready to go now.”

The feather–haired lad’s smile faded a little, “Are you sure? You could stay at the hotel. I could tell the lads you got sick; you don’t have to go if you’re not feeling well. “

“No, shut up.”

“Liam – “

“Louis, be quiet. Let’s go to the signing,” Liam glared defiantly at the older lad. Louis bit his lip and finally sighed, “Fine. Let’s go to the signing, and I’ll pretend I didn’t see you crying. Okay?”

Liam nodded and slid out of Louis’s grip and looked at Louis, whose arms fell limply to his side. “Okay, we’ll go.” And with that, they both left the hotel room.

meanwhile in the lobby…

            “Baby you light up my world like nobody else!” Harry screeched on the top of his lungs at the fans. Zayn looked at Niall and raised his eyebrows, “Louis’s corrupted him.” Niall shrugged, “He’s corrupted everyone, except Liam.”

            “Speaking of Liam, where is he?” Zayn shouted over the roar of the fans, glancing at his watch.

            “Louis and him are taking a long time,” Niall shouted back, looking Zayn and Harry. Harry shrugged and yelled, “Louis said Liam was feeling a little ill, so we might be a little late!”

            “Let’s just keep on keeping the crowd entertained!” Niall suggested. The three nodded and split, each taking a third of the crowd’s attention.

            “Niall! I love you! Will you marry me?” One fan screeched.

            “Zayn, you’re so beautiful!” Screamed another.

            “OMG! Harry I love you!” Cried another fan, flinging herself at Harry.

            Niall bit his lip and forced a smile, I wish Louis and Liam would hurry up. We’re going to be late, and these fans are going mad!

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