Wings. [Supernatural/Liam Payne]

*slight bromance if you squint, not really a romance*
Liam panted heavily, lying on the cold concrete as a dark luminous shadow loomed over his body. Suddenly there was a flash of lightning, allowing him a clear glimpse of the figures face. Liam gasped, it was all too familiar. "Miss me, Payne?" He snarled, smirking at the lad. He grabbed Liam by the collar and pulled him up. And then the figure uttered three last words: "Good-bye, Liam Payne."


1. One.


January 3rd, 23:36 (11:36 p.m.) Abandoned Warehouse

                "Hey Liam, catch!" A young lad tossed a sleek, gold dagger his way, sending reflections of the moonlight while soaring through the night sky. "Thanks, Ed," he huffed, snatching the weapon from the air easily and turning back to the dark figure whose eyes were black as coal and was grinning deviously. The figure tutted at him, looking a bit amused, "Tsk, tsk, you think a puny little sword could kill me?" 

                Ed snorted from across the room, "So arrogant, these Lost Souls." Liam nodded, "Tell me about it" before delivering a quick jab into the figures side. "I'm gonna go for help!" His red-headed friend hissed into his ear before feathery white wings sprouted from his back (ripping a hole through his shirt) and taking off.

                Liam turned his gaze back the figure he stabbed, who was doubling over in pain. Suddenly, the figure stood up straight again and flashed a pearly white smile and then vanishing into thin air, "Well, wasn't that fun? Now it's my turn."

                Liam swore his blood ran cold as the words were spoken, "You wouldn't," he called nervously, bracing himself for the attack. "You're weak, Daryl" Liam called again, daring him to attack now. Cold hands suddenly gripped his shoulders and he could hear the ragged breaths of his enemy.

                "Weak, am I?" Daryl chuckled and then the next thing he knew, he was flying through the air. Liam heard an audible snap as his body slammed into the wall.

                He felt a surge of pain as he tried to move his arm, though Liam hardly ever swore, he felt this was a necessary time. "Freaking Ed had to leave," Liam muttered under his breath, he felt light headed.

                He felt the hands on his arm once more, but this time Daryl wasn't tossing him like a child play toy any more, he's somehow managed to get hold of Ed's dagger. Liam looked up, his vision blurring until he saw two of the man.

                He yelped in pain as the blade sliced through his arm multiple times. Liam's vision clouded a bit, feeling a bit confused and overwhelmed. Why hadn't Daryl just ended his life? He looked up at the ceiling of the abandoned warehouse, where was Ed? As if on cue, a part of the roof collapsed and standing there were two of his friends, Ed and Veronica. "Speak of the devil," he muttered.

                 He saw that Daryl was distracted, so Liam grabbed for the dagger with the arm that didn't hurt like hell, and stabbed it into the man's thigh. Daryl screeched in pain and whipped his attention back to Liam, "You little twat." He growled; Liam saw that Veronica and Ed were both swooping down to the ground.

                "Having some trouble, Liam?" she mused, hands on hips. "Ronnie, shut up." Liam glared at her. They both began bickering, unaware that Daryl took the time to flee.

                "Uh, no time for arguing guys, the little bugger is running off." Ed called, holding silverware in his hand. "Ed, is that - is that a spoon?" Veronica raised her eyebrow at him, "How are going to kill him with that?" Liam groaned, "Ed, only you. And the spoon thing isn't funny anymore!"

            Ed grinned at them both, "You'd be amazed at how much damage silverware can do." He sped over to Daryl, who was climbing a rope ladder, and forcefully jabbed it into his back.

                "I am officially scared of spoons again," Liam announced as Veronica looked at the falling figure; who was writhing in pain. "Not you again," she huffed. "You know him?" Liam asked; she nodded.

                "Yeah, he's that annoying guy I fought on a mission before, ran away like the coward he was. Any ways, Ed, Liam, I'll take it from here. I've got a little grudge against him, destroyed my favourite gun."

                Veronica sprinted over, her newest weapon gleaming in her hand. Liam looked away and then settled his gaze on Ed who was walking over to him, holding a small velvet pouch. "Isn't she wonderful?" Ed sighed, ignoring the pained screams of the Lost Soul.

                "Yeah, now heal me, dammit, my arm hurts like hell." Liam grunted, he'd swear up a storm right now if he wasn't losing consciousness.

"If only the media could get a load of this, 'Liam Payne swears, is this the end of the world?'" Ed mocked, before sprinkling a bit of gold dust from the velvet bag on his arm. Like magic, the cuts began to close, leaving thin white scars.

                "Now Liam, your arm is dislocated so I'm going to put it back in place, yeah?" Ed looked at Liam.

                He huffed, "Sheeran, just do it." There was a loud snap and he gasped in pain, "Ow!" He rubbed his arm and muttered a quick ‘thanks’ before looking over to where Veronica was. She was walking over with a limp body over her shoulders.

                "How's Payne?" She asked, dropping the body down on the floor.

"'M fine," Liam replied, standing up, "Let's go home, I'm knackered." He wobbled. Ed placed a hand on his shoulder, "Mission complete." The trio spread their wings and took off into the night.

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