Curly (A One Direction Fan Fic)

A normal day on the slopes turns into a not so normal day when Bryn skis with a perfect stranger. And who does it turn out to be? A member of One Direction? And what happens when she has feelings she can't ignore...


1. A Perfect Stranger

I took a deep breath and exhaled. The fresh air was incredible. Tucking my skis in, I got in line for the ski lift up the blue hill. The scenery was incredible: evergreen trees with snow speckled on them and mountains covered with white powder. It doesn't get much better than this. Someone came up on my left and got in line next to me. "Mind if I join you?" A husky voice questioned me. 

"No, be my guest." I smiled. I don't usually have someone offering to go up the lift with me. We both walked forward and prepared to sit down on the lift. After we were in the air, I turned to the stranger. His face was covered in a mask and he was wearing goggles and a helmet but I could see a couple locks of curly hair poking out. I couldn't tell his age though... I am guessing he was about 18/19 although I wasn't for sure.  His voice interrupted my thoughts. "Do you ski much?"  "I am ok I guess. I haven't been skiing in a while though so if I fall getting off don't mind me." The stranger chuckled.  "What's your name?" He questioned me.  "Eh I kinda don't even know you. Why would I tell you my name?" I was getting suspicious.  "Oh sorry love, I didn't mean to creep you out. I meant it purely conversational." He apologized, sounding sincere.  "Alright, I am Bryn. Nice to meet you." We were coming to the end of the lift where we had to jump off.  "May I ski a run with you?" He looked me straight in the eye. "U-u-uh sure, I guess. If you want..." I had no idea why I was stuttering I don't even know this guy.  Halfway through the hill it got really steep and I fell, rolling down a ways. He pulled up next to me.  "OMG are you ok? Here, I will give you a hand." He put his hand out in front of him and I held on tight beginning to get up when he accidentally toppled onto me. His warm breath tickled my face. "Oh sorry. I didnt mean for that to happen." He looked down at his ski shoes only to give me another help up this time being successful. Why did that voice sound familiar... I think I had heard it before.  ---------------------------------------------   K GUYS. BEGINNING OF THE STORY TELL ME IF U THINK I SHOULD CONTINUE IT. COMMENT PLZZZZ LOVE YA PEEPS!!!<3<3 and ignore the stupid font. i was having difficulties... haha


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