a dream of dance with you.

pointe your feet more! stand straighter! be more graceful! i correct myself over and over again in my head. if im ever going to be on broadway i cant be such a, well i cant be such a me. slobbish ungraceful mess. i look im my mirror and stand straight smoothing my skirt out smother down my bun and go again. lilly the 18 year old phenomenon never believed she was good enough to do what she loved best, dancing. nut will five guys change that?


2. As if they were some boy band or something

boys come over here! Niall said i stood there just feeling plain awkward. 4 others boys run over to where we were. boys this is Lilly, Lilly this is Liam, Zayn, Harry and louis. hi they all say smiling and wave at me. hi i said shyly. liam is kindof cute i thought to myself not really thinking anything of it. boys, she has NO idea who we are, We should fix that. they all kindof stare in amazement for someone not knowing who they are. then in sync like they practice saying it they all said we are one direction which was still confusing me. look, we are a boyband, we're kind of a big thing harry announced then he puts the cheesiest smile on. i smiled. now, this is the part where you fall in love with me and he winked. i rolled my eyes and laughed a little bit. so, if your such a big thing why are you here? zayn looked at me and said well we've been trying to go to places we havent been before to see our fans. ahh, so are you really as good as you guys say you are? or all you all hype? i sarcastically say and then they laugh. we are better than good!  guys let show her louis says and then they start to sing some songs i was actually kindof blown a way not that i was going to tell them that. I smirk at them and say Eh, your alright. then i smiled. How did you find us? i hear liam chime in. well, i kindof was getting chased and just endend up her. same they all agreed. we smiled at eachother. so do you have any talents that we should know about? niall said. Well im not a big thing like you guys i smirked and then said but im a dancer... who just got accepted to jofferey i smile. they looked happy for me which made me go into a huge smile. thats fantastic lilly! liam exclaimed. i think im kindof falling for him i thought. they all congratulated me and i thanked them. would you want to go out for a celebration dinner? i heard harry say.  Ever heard of stranger danger? i said smiling and laughing. come one get in the tour bus and we'll give you candy! they all say laughing.  sure! i say sarcastically. so we all got on to the tour bus. I openend my mouth wide. liam started giggiling. his giggle was so adorable. never been on a tour bus before? he smiled. no, not really, its not everyday you meet a big boyband you know? they all laughed including me. so we all went to nandos which wasn't my idea  even though it was my celebration lunch but it's okay considering they are paying. they are really sweet though and are really funny too. but the minutes I spent with them the more I started crushing on liam which I try to snap myself out of. so lilly. I hear zany say when I come back from zoning out from dreaming. I didn't know they let amatures in to professional ballet schools he smiled. BURN! Louis screamed I didnt know they let  guys with voices that sound like dying walrus's in bands I said laughing. EVEN BIGGER BURN! Louis screamed. tushay zayn said laughing. No, but really what can you do? Niall said well, many things I'm guessing that's how I got in! You should show us, please!? *they all did puppdog eyes. I guess I nodded in agreement. We can go back to my house.

Okay guys, be calm. Harry busted out laughing and the rest of us just rolled are eyes. Hi ma these are my friends Liam Louis harry Niall and zany, we're going to the studio for a bit. Hello boymake yourselves at home. She said gleaming. We walked down to the studio. Wow Liam said it must have took forever to build this. Its amazing. Thank you I said happily it did take a long time but it was worth it. Okay, don't laugh I said smiling. I started my routine. I finished with arobesec. That was beautiful Liam said walking closer to me. Absolutely beautiful and he meant it quietly and pressed his lips against mine. 

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