a dream of dance with you.

pointe your feet more! stand straighter! be more graceful! i correct myself over and over again in my head. if im ever going to be on broadway i cant be such a, well i cant be such a me. slobbish ungraceful mess. i look im my mirror and stand straight smoothing my skirt out smother down my bun and go again. lilly the 18 year old phenomenon never believed she was good enough to do what she loved best, dancing. nut will five guys change that?


1. A dance studio to love.

i go down to my dance studio which may i say looks quite beautiful with the momentum marley flooring that  got put in just a few days ago. i slip my pointe shoes over one of the hooks and sit down. 18 years i've been doing this and nothing is coimg out of it i stare at the ground in sorrow. i pushed my crowded feet into the soft ballet shoes and start practicing pirouette's across the floor balancing everything out. lilly! i have a suprise for you! i hear my mother call as i slowly pull off my shoes to reveal by torn bare feet. coming ma i say as i make my way to the kitchen. yes ma? i say making my way to the kitchen. i think this envelope is adressed to you she says with a smile peeking across her gentle face. i swipe it and start to open into it. I look to see the letters j o f f r e y to my amazement i make a small gasp and then go straight to reading again joffrey world reowned ballet training center  would like for you to attend are summer program full scholarship. All i could do was was flop down the neat shiny paper infront of me and blankly stare at my mother. breathe lilly! mom, i, i, i stammered for a couple of tries. how did they know about me? the magic of the internet!.... and trying to contact them again and again. mom! i yelped. i pushed past the air in a flurry "your leaving in 2 months so you better be practicing that is if you want to go? she smiled at me sarcastically all ready knowing the answer to that question she said okay okay and hugged me lots. ma can i go for a walk i need to think i said swaying in excitment. so i slide out the door and start thinking about everything that just happenend.i started thinking why i started really wanting to be a dancer in the first place...... i lost my train of thought and started wondering over by one of the concert venues. All of a sudden i see a huge crowd of girls which seems like they were fangirling i dont even know either that or they were having a panick attack.... all 500 thousand of them. i didnt know if i should casually go check it out so i kindof just snuck around to the othere side which i guess they didnt understand there was a back and i saw some girls start to follow me first 1 then 2 then 5 they were multiplying i started to look behind me and run to see if i was getting away when i bumped into something or someone. i turn around to see a bright blue eyed blonde boy. he just laughed and acted as if it were a normal thing which i didnt understand why. "Hi im Niall" i didnt quite know what to say so i sputtered out "sorry i bumped into you!" he smiled and laughed a little bit. "No worries" he said calmy. I smiled and introduced myself Hi im lilly, would you know why its a hot mess out there? he laughed and said well you must know! i crinkled my head and he must of noticed i was confused because he said you really dont know who i am?.....

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