My One and Only

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5. Chapter 4

 Gillian's POV

I sat across from Louis, helplessly thinking of something I should say. He sniffled, finally coming out of his reverie, and wiped his eyes.

"Louis..." I trailed off, my words stuck in my throat.

He looked down, playing with his fingers. I reached over, interlocking my hand in his. "I'll tell you, Louis."

Looking up, Louis gave a small smiled, squeezing my hand in response.

"Well, in high school, I had a boyfriend. Daniel," I spat his name, anger and sadness filling me completely. Louis seemed to notice, stroking my hand with his thumb unconsciously.

We both jumped as we were interrupted by an abrupt knock at the door. Giving me an apologetic look, Louis hopped up, jogging and opening the door.

Before I could ask who it was, Louis began to shake with anger.

"What are you doing here?" he yelled, backing the person back out into the cold.

"Just thought I would tell you that Eleanor is a great shag," the man retorted. Louis growled in response before I heard a low grunt.

I scrambled up and out the door, seeing Louis standing over someone. He turned to look at me, anger fading from his features. Before I said anything, my eyes fell down to the figure below Louis, a small gasp escaping from my lips.


Louis' POV


I looked between the man, unconscious, on the ground and Gillian, piecing things together.

"Daniel?" I asked her, confused.

"T-this was the boyfriend I had in high school," she mumbled, rubbing her face, sliding down to a sitting position against the wall.

Sliding down next to her, I waited for her to begin explaining things.


Scrambling to pick up the papers that had fluttered to the floor, someone stepped on them.

"Please," I begged, pulling on the papers the person was stepping on.

"Please what, bitch?" I looked up to Alexis.

"Please get off my papers, Alexis."

She shrugged, stepping off my paper, but slamming her heels into my fingers. I shrieked in pain, tugging them out from under her. "Damn, how much do you weigh.." I muttered under my breath.

She gasped, kicking me in the stomach. Lowering herself down to my level, she grabbed my face, making me face her.

"Nobody wants you here. Why don't you just go kill yourself?" Alexis sneered, shoving me before sashaying away.

Trying to keep the tears from falling in front of everyone, I dropped the rest of my things, sprinting across the campus and into an abandoned bathroom. I reached into my pocket, pulling out a razor.

Shaking, I pressed the cool metal to the skin of my wrist. I've thought about doing this for a while. Pressing hard, the razor dug into my skin.

The door creaked behind me, making me drop the razor, the clatter echoing in the dank room.

"Gillian? What are you- what are you doing?" Daniel, Alexis' boyfriend, asked.

"Why can't you guys leave me alone?" I screamed, tears streaming down my face.

Calmly, he walked over to me, dragging me to the sink and washing off the blood. "Gillian, what are you doing?" he muttered under his breath.

Yanking my arm away, I glared at him. "Just go back with Alexis, Daniel."

He shook his head, a small smile forming on his face. "I broke up with Alexis. I love you, Gillian. She won't hurt you anymore. I won't let her. Now, you want to go get a drink with me?"

(Few Hours Later)

I struggled against Daniel, trying to push him off me. We were in his van, parked in a secluded corner of the local park.

"Daniel, don't."

"Come on, babe. I said I loved you," he moaned, trying to run his hands up my shirt.

"Daniel, no!" I groaned, weakly trying to push him off me. Luckily, before he could go further, we were interrupted by a knock on the van's window.

"Daniel!" a voice shouted, followed by loud snickering.

Daniel clambered off me, reaching to open the back door, letting Alexis and three other boys climb in with us.

"Daniel?" I asked weakly, things beginning to blur. "What's going on?"

Everyone laughed before one of the boys asked, "Damn, Daniel. You must have slipped a lot into her drink."

Daniel just smiled in return, climbing back on top of me. "She still is fighting though. Give me the stuff," he demanded, holding out his hand, keeping his eyes trained on me.

Another one of the men dug in his bag until he pulled out a needle, tossing it to Daniel. Smiling at me, he stuck the syringe into my arm, a warming sensation filling me, along with a dizzying effect.

"Okay guys, she's all yours." Daniel winked at Alexis, leading her out of the van giggling, leaving me alone with the three random men.

One immediately began stripping me down while the other two went to work on stripping themselves. Writhing around weakly, I tried to fight them off to no avail.

"Help.." I called quietly, images popping in and out of my vision.

The guys laughed snarkily, each towering over me. Finally, before I blacked out, I was forced to witness everything the boys did to me, while I could do nothing about it.

(The Next Night)

Shaking, I wandered through the dark streets, sweat running down the sides of my face. Images of last night constantly flashed across my vision, making more tears spill across my cheeks.

I searched every shady alleyway and every menacing corner of this neighborhood, looking for someone to give me whatever Daniel had stuck me with last night.

Everything began distorting, making me dizzy and confused. I fell in between a building and a dumpster, my whole body numbing.

A sharp pain in my arm made me open my eyes, focusing on a short man kneeling beside me. Casting a glance to my arm, I saw a needle.

"What..?" I wondered aloud.

"I'm Phil. I've seen withdrawals before, but not quite this bad. When was the last time you shot up?"

"L-last night," I stuttered, struggling to sit up. "I didn't know where to get... That."

Phil's eyes trailed me up and down, an idea forming in his eyes. "Hey kid, you wanna make a deal?"



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