My One and Only

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3. chapter 2

Gillian's POV

I swiped the sweat off my brow as I slipped my heels on feet. Checking the clock, I groaned. Only two minutes left in my break.

"Gillian! We got a special order! Room 8!" my manager burst in, tossing me a slip of fabric and ushering me out of the dressing room.

"Special order?" I looked down at the fabric, wondering what it was for.

"Blindfold," the man said, leading me down the long hallway to the last room. "These are good paying customers. So give them their money's worth. Put the blindfold on."

I looked at him, baffled. "Me? Doesn't it go on him?"

He shook his head impatiently. "No! He has one on already. Here," he snatched it from me, tying it tightly to my head, obscuring my vision. I heard a creak as the door was opened.

"Go," he growled, pushing me in and shutting the door behind me.

I stopped in my tracks, blindly waving my hands, searching for something, when I heard laughter.

"Lou, get ready! She's here! She looks nice too," a voice laughed.

"Really? Hello?" another voice called.

These boys were drunk.
I groaned in frustration before plastering on a seductive smile. "How many are here?" I asked, moving forward slowly.

"Four," replied a voice, snickering.

"Four?" I asked, confused. The manager only said one! I better get extra.

"Yeah, but our mate here is the only one with a special here," another voice said, breathing down my ear. I shivered, shying away from him.

Three of the boys laughed drunkenly, while the other just groaned in frustration.

"Guys, what's going on! Why can't I see anything? And why am I tied up?"
Tied up? What was I supposed to be doing here?

"He just got cheated on, so try to make this fun for him, yeah?" Someone whispered to me, patting me gently on my back before heading back the way I came, the other two snickering and following behind.

When I heard the door shut, I realized I was alone in a room with a man I've never seen before. I slowly slipped off my blindfold, blinking a couple times to focus on the view before me.
A guy was wriggling on a chair in the middle of the room, hands tied behind his back and blindfold tied tightly across his eyes.

"Hello? Is anyone there?" He called, flicking his head from side to side, listening for a noise.

"Yes, I'm here." I answered, walking over to him and sitting in a chair beside him before throwing off my heels. "What's your name?"

"Louis," he replied, smiling widely, turning to face me. His head bobbed slightly as he tried to shake the blindfold off his head.

"Well Louis, what did you request?" I asked, standing up.

He shrugged, still wriggling slightly in his seat. "I just want to be untied," he whimpered. "I want to know what I am dealing with!"

"Nope! No cheating," I joked.

He stopped wriggling, sniffling slightly. "Someone should have told that to Eleanor," he whispered, before he began to sob.

I backed up slightly, appalled at the scene playing out before me. I had made a man cry. That's never happened before. Self-consciously, I sniffed myself. Was it me?

"H-honey?" I asked, moving closer cautiously. "What's wrong?"

Louis sniffled, trying to regain his composure, only to break apart again, slumping in his seat. I walked around quietly behind the chair and untied the knots confining his hands.
He quickly removed the blindfold, wiping his eyes harshly. "Thanks."
I smiled sadly, sitting back down awkwardly. He turned to me fully, looking me up and down, and finally settling on my face.

"Man, Harry wasn't kidding. You do look nice," he mumbled. I blushed, hiding my small smile.
Usually my clients weren't this... Nice.

"So, what is your name?" he asked, settling into his chair comfortably.

"Oh, erm, Gillian." Why is he asking my name?

"That's a very pretty name." He smiled at me.

Okay, this is getting weird. This is my special order, right? "Yeah. Thanks."

He shifted, clearly uncomfortable. "Look, to be honest, I don't want to be here. Not to put you down or anything, you are a beautiful girl, but I just don't like doing this. So how about we make a deal?" He gushed, smiling at me slightly.

"What kind of deal?" The last time I heard those words, I got myself landed in a job here.

"We stay in here, make a few noises, and I'll leave looking content. Get it?" he smiled.

Before I could agree, Louis began moaning. "Oh, Gillian!"
I laughed, burying my face in my hands. This. Was. Awful.

"Come on! I don't want them to think you are doing all the work," Louis urged me, making the chair drag across the floor.

"Oh, Louis! This is amazing! This is the best I've ever had!" I shouted. He looked at me skeptically. "What?"

"Don't oversell it! They'll know you're lying!"

I laughed loudly. He quickly threw his hand over my mouth, silencing me. "Do you want them to think you are laughing at, well, me?"
I shook my head, smiling widely.
He nodded, releasing my mouth.

"Oh, Louis! You're so small!" I shrieked, laughing at his shocked reaction.
We both turned towards the door as voices were echoing in the hallway. Louis turned to me quickly, pulling my shirt a bit off my shoulder and mussing up my hair.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"Nobody comes out of that looking sexy," he mumbled, fluffing up his hair and tossing off his shirt. "Except for me, of course."

Right as the door swung open, Louis pretended to be zipping up his pants, throwing on a smile. "Hey, lads."
The boys were all silent as the looked between the two of us, before bursting into laughter and collapsing on the floor.

"What are you laughing at?" Louis asked, grabbing his shirt off the floor.

"You're so small?" gasped the blonde, clutching his stomach.

"You're the best I ever had?" questioned the dark-haired one, gasping for air.

Louis shot a look to me, making me laugh. I nodded. "It's true."
They all became serious, looking at Louis. He nodded.
Seeming to forget what they were laughing at, the boys all picked themselves up and walked over to me, introducing themselves.

"I'm Niall."

"I'm Zayn."

"I'm Harry." He took my hand in both of his, winking slightly.

Louis stood between us, patting Harry's shoulder. "Okay, mate. We should be getting back to the flat."
Harry looked at me, pouting, before letting himself be led out of the room by Zayn.

Louis gave me a quick hug, whispering in my ear. "Thanks, love."
I nodded, watching him walk out the door. Niall was following after him until I called out his name.

"Yeah?" he asked, smiling and facing me.

"How are you guys getting back?" I asked, suddenly remembering that they were all, well, plastered.

Niall waved my question off. "Oh, Louis drove us."

I groaned, before following Niall out the door. "Well, he can't drive you back."

 I drug Niall down the hallway and back into the main room, scanning for my manager. When I found him, I waved him over, struggling to hold up Niall.

"Hey, Phil, I'm driving these boys home."

He looked between the two of us, squinting his eyes. "Okay, but this is coming out of your paycheck."

I huffed angrily, pulling Niall out the door and into the cold streets.

"Gillian? What are you doing here?" I looked up to see Louis sitting in the snow, smiling up at me.

"You can't drive like this. I'm going to take you guys home," I replied, hoisting Niall's arm back around my shoulders.

"Well, whatever you say," Louis said, smiling, before tossing me the keys. He walked us over to his car, unlocking the doors for me. "Here," he took Niall from me, laying him in the backseat before climbing in after him.

I looked around curiously. "Where are Harry and Zayn?"

Louis smiled cheekily, his eyes fluttering shut. "They ran off somewhere."

"Where did they go- Louis?" I shook his shoulder, only for him to let out a loud snore.

Slamming the door shut, I turned around, desperately searching for the missing two boys. Walking to the other side of the car, I heard a loud voice.

"Yep! And we went to a strip club! I didn't go to rehearsal, no! We went to a STRIP CLUB."

I ran toward the voice, finding Zayn on the side of a building, laying down, and yelling into his cell.

"Zayn, what are you doing?" I whispered to him.

He looked up, smiling when he recognized me. "Oh! Here's one of them now! Say hello to my girlfriend, Gillian!" He waved the cellphone in the air, expecting me to say something.

"H-hello?" I called awkwardly.

He brought the phone back to his ear. "Okay, so call me when you get this message. Love ya!" he blew a few kisses into the phone before clicking the 'End' button.

"Okay, come on Zayn." I walked over to him, discreetly slipping his phone from his hand and into my pocket.

"Where are we going?" Zayn asked, yawning.

"I'm taking you back to the car, alright? I'm gonna take you home." I pulled him around the corner, the car coming into view.

He nodded, shutting his eyes as he struggled to keep himself upright. We finally reached the car, flinging open the bak door.

Zayn crawled in, squeezing between the already passed out boys, and laying his head in Louis' lap and scattering his legs across Niall.

"Zayn, wait! Before you fall asleep: Do you know where I can find Harry?" I shook him gently, careful not to wake the other boys.

"Urm," he yawned again, rubbing his eyes tiredly. "He took a real liking to you, love. He might have gone back looking for you."

 I kicked Louis' leg aside so I could shut the car door, stomping through the snow, and back up to the building.
Once in, I saw Phil talking to two of the main dancers near the bar. Before I could reach him, one of my coworkers grabbed my elbow, pulling me to face her.

"Oh, Gillian! There is a, uh, guy looking for you. He seems to be determined to request you," she said, as if shocked.

"Where is he?"

She nodded her head back to the dressing room before heading over to talk to Phil. I pushed past all the drunk men, even swatting a few away, before I got out.

"Gillian! I found you!" someone slurred from across the room.
I looked around until I spotted Harry, in between Alyssa and Martia, collapsed on the couch. I smiled, relieved at finding him.

"Come on, Harry. I have to take you lads home." I grabbed his hand and pulled him up, only to have him flip me around into his chest.

"Why the rush, Gillian?" he warm breath washed over me, smelling strongly of alcohol.

"Because," I struggled for an argument. "I have a surprise for you in the car!" I blurted.

He raised his eyebrows, quickly taking my hand and pulling me towards the front door, stopping only to address Alyssa and Martia.

"Bye, ladies!" he smiled cheekily, winking, before he drug me back outside and straight to the car. He pinned me against the passenger's side door, hands on either side of my head.

"What's my surprise?" he asked, leaning closer so he was level with me.

"There is no surprise," I admitted. "I just really need to take you guys home so I can get back to work."

"Guys?" Harry and I whipped our heads to see Louis peeking out of the door. "Niall doesn't look too good..."

I sighed, sliding out from Harry's containment. Opening the door for him, I shoved him in. Pouting, Harry crossed his arms and squeezed his eyes shut.
Once I buckled myself and Harry in, I started the car, turning to face Louis, who was curled up in the backseat, not looking too good himself.

"Where do you live?"

Rubbing his temples, he quickly gave me directions to their flat a few blocks down. Carefully driving, I tried to hurry before any of the boys had an accident.

 I pulled up in front of a large building, parking the car off to the side. "Ready to go inside?"
All four boys were passed out cold, mouths slack and heads tilted back. Damn. Well, Harry looks the lightest.
I reached over, carefully unbuckling his seatbelt, only to have him snatch my hand.

"Gillian? What are you doing?" he asked, raising an eyebrow. I pulled away from him, leaving the vehicle and moving to the opposite side.

"I have to get you boys into bed." Harry smirked, but let himself be led out of the car and up the stairs to the flat number Louis had told me.

Once in, we practically fell onto the floor, Harry wrapping his arms around my waist to catch me just in time. I smiled slightly.

"Thanks. Think you can get to bed by yourself?" His smirk faded, being replaced with a pout. "Oh, fine."

I followed him down the hall and into what I presumed was his bedroom. He turned to me, smiling seductively.
"Gillian, how about we-" he was cut off with a yawn, stretching his arms widely. I gave him a small smile before gently pushing him onto his bed, covering him up.

"No, but-" he protested weakly, shutting his eyes.

"Just go to sleep, doofus."

He nodded, rolling over to his side, curls flopping over his face. "Night, Gillian."

"Goodnight, Harry." I whispered, backing out of the room and quietly shutting the door behind me.

1 down, three to go.
I bursted through the front door, dragging in Zayn with me. "Come on, Zayn. Help me out at least a little," I groaned, straining to keep his body upright.

When something in my pocket began ringing, his head automatically snapped up. "That's my phone! Where is my phone?" he patted his pockets, searching for it. Confused, he looked at me for help. "Where is my phone?"

His eyes zeroed in on my ringing pocket. "You have it!" he jumped on me, reaching into my pocket for the cell. "It's Perrie!"

"Hello-" he began, before I snatched the phone from him, turning it off.

"You are in no condition to talk to... Anybody." I stood up, brushing myself off, and pulling him down the hall. He ran ahead, straight into a room.

"Ooh, look at that sexy face." I walked in to see Zayn staring into a mirror. (Hehe just kidding.)

I walked in to see Zayn pulling off his shirt, getting it stuck when trying to pull it over his head. He struggled, falling backwards, before he finally yanked it off.

"Thanks, Gillian," Zayn mumbled, collapsing onto the bed, face planted into the pillow.

I laughed. "You're welcome."

"Come on, Gillian!" Niall whined, trying to break from my grasp.

"No! You need to get in bed!" I yelled, trying to drag him away from the kitchen.

"Please, please, please make me a sandwich?" Niall fell to his knees, looking up at me.

I groaned, before giving up and going into the kitchen. Niall whooped in joy before following me.

"What kind of sandwich do you want?" I turned to face him, only to burst out laughing.

Niall had grabbed my heels, that I had kicked off when I brought in Harry, and shoved them on. "How do I look?" Niall asked, strutting around the kitchen.

"You could do my job for me," I laughed.
Niall's face brightened before he slowly stripped his jacket off, doing a strip tease. I laughed again, before turning back to the fridge.

"Here," I slapped together a bologna and cheese sandwich, and gave it to Niall, who stared intently at it. "Is there something wrong with it?"

He shook his head, shoving half of it in his mouth. "You are officially my new sandwich maker," he sputtered.

I shook my head before leading him down the hall and into one of the rooms. "Is this your room?"

He nodded, kicking off my heels and stripping off his shirt, careful not to drop his food. Niall, after gulping down the rest of the sandwich, sat down on his bed, running his hands through his hair.

"Is something wrong?" I asked.

He shook his head, smiling slightly. "Just a headache. Thanks, Gillian. Without you, I don't think we would have made it home." He laid down, covering his head with a pillow.

I flicked off the lights, shutting the door. Sighing, I rubbed my eyes sleepily. These boys are a handful.

 I shivered, wrapping my arms around myself, trying to cover my exposed skin, as I made my way to the car. Finally, I flung open the back door, only to find Louis laying face down in the cushions.

"Louis?" I question, climbing in to better see him.

He groaned, rolling to look at me, clutching his stomach. "I don't feel good," he moaned, squeezing his eyes shut.

"Here, let me take you inside. It's freezing out here." I carefully helped him out, wrapping an arm around his waist to support his weight.

"Y-you must b-be cold," he shivered, trying to shed his jacket.

I shook my head vigorously, refusing to take the jacket from him. "No, I'm fine. You need it." While I said that, I gave an involuntary shiver.

Louis sighed impatiently, putting the jacket on for me, zipping it up to the top. "Stubborn," he murmured.

The sleeves hung way past my hands, so I had to push them up. Once I finished, I looked to Louis, noticing his face had gone very pale. "Lou-"

Before I could finish my question, he turned around and threw up, coughing. I gasped, coming next to him and patting his back gently.

"Go... Inside," Louis gasped, coughing more.


I stayed as he threw up pretty much his entire stomach contents, brushing his hair back occasionally.

He looked up, face still pale, but not as sickly. "I think I'm ready to go inside now."
I smiled, leading him up the stairs. Once inside, I sent him in his room to get cleaned up as I got him some water. Searching the cabinets and finally finding the glasses, I filled a glass with water and grabbed some aspirin.
I brought Louis his supplies, only to find he was asleep on the couch. Going over, I placed the drink and pills on the table beside him, jumping when I looked back and saw his eyes focused on me.

"What?" I asked, smirking at him.

"Oh, nothing." He continued staring, make me shift uncomfortable in my position standing over him. Seeming to notice, he hopped up quickly, only to get dizzy.

"What do you need, Louis?"

"Those clothes must be uncomfortable. Let me get you something to change into-"

"No! I'm fine, honestly. I must get back to work anyway," I interrupted.
When I tried to head toward the door, I felt something snatch my hand, pulling me back.

"No, please. Stay." Louis pleaded, looking me straight in the eyes.

I sighed inwardly, giving him a slight nod. He smiled, looking down. Smile fading, he took a better look at my arm.

"Gillian, what's this-" I snatched my arm away quickly, backing up.

"It's nothing, really. Just a, erm, did you say you had clothes for me?" I gushed, a blush creeping onto my face.

He looked as if he wanted to continue the conversation, but dropped it. I followed him into his room, getting some pants and a Tshirt tossed to me.

"Bathroom is down the hall, on the right," he instructed, pulling out clothes for himself.

Tossing my old clothes in a corner on the floor, I quickly dressed, looking quite small in his oversized clothes. I rolled up the sleeves and pant legs do I could move, and left the bathroom.

Walking into the living room, I see Louis setting himself up on the couch.

"Oh, I will sleep on the couch!" I said, shooing him off.

"No, take my bed." He stated, turning the lamp of, ending the conversation. I sighed.

"Night." I called, going back to his room.
"Night, Gigi."

 Gillian's POV I woke up disoriented and... Squished. Squinting through the darkness, I wriggled into a sitting position to see what was going on.

Harry was next to me, arm flung across my stomach. Louis was in my other side, holding my hand. Niall was laying in the space between my head and the top of the bed. Zayn was at the foot of the bed, our legs intertwined.

I shivered, sweat running down my face. Trying to escape the boys' firm grasp, I managed to roll on top of Louis, waking him up.

"Gillian? What's going on..." he rubbed his eyes slowly, trying to make sense of the situation.

"I need to go," I stammered, finally rolling off the bed, shaking.

He followed me out to the door, grabbing my shoes from Niall's room along the way. "Okay, just calm down-"

I spun to him angrily, snatching my shoes from him. "I can't calm down! I'm late for work! I need..." I trailed off.

He came up to me, wrapping his fingers around both of my wrists. "What? What do you need? Whatever it is, I'll get it for you. Just let me help you."

I shook my head, pulling away. "You can't help me, Louis."

Taking one last look at Louis, looking lost, I stomped out of the flat and down into the snow covered streets. I shook my head, trying to make the sudden dizziness disperse from my mind.

It has been too long since I've injected. The street suddenly became smaller, each corner looking dark and threatening. Failing at walking, I fell to my knees in the snow, face falling to the cold pavement. Squeezing my eyes shut, I welcomed the darkness that overwhelmed me.

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