I'm Not Yours Anymore (FINISHED)

Kaya, Audrey, and Tianna are best friends. When Kaya get's One Direction tickets and invites Audrey and Tianna what will happen when Harry asks Kaya out. what will happen when Audrey falls for Niall and Tianna falls for Zayn. Will this have a Happy Ending?


7. The boys House

Kaya's P.O.V

We all got into Louis car and he drove us to their Hotel room. Audrey was running in the hall way.

" Audrey. Stop running. You're going to get hurt-"

" Ow!" Audrey groaned. She had fallen straight on her face! I couldn't help but giggle.

"my ankle" she cried. I look at Niall.

"Help her" I said. Niall runs up to Audrey and picks her up Bridal style. They Looked so cute! when we got to the room Harry opened the door and Niall put Audrey on a bed. Harry took a look at her ankle. Luckily her ankle wasn't broken she just hurt it.

I sat down in between Harry and Tianna. Zayn was on the other side of Tianna. Louis was behind the couch standing up playing with my hair. and Niall was with Audrey talking to her on the bed.

"Tianna you okay" I whisper to Tianna.

"I'm good sill a little bummed though" she whispers back. I smile.

"I'm bored" Louis whines.

"you don't seem so bored messing up my hair" I say. Then he tugs on it.

"ouch That actually hurt!" I say fake crying.

"I'm sorry"Louis says. I get up and go in the bathroom. I get out my brush and brush my hair.I look down to put my brush away then when I look back up at the mirror and see Harry's reflection behind me. I jump.

"Oh Gosh You could have gave me a heart attack" I say breathing heavily.

"Did I Scare You" He asks.

" Maybe." I smirked.

" Will this scare you?" He suddenly leaned in, puckering his lips.

" HARRY!" Louis yelled, breaking our moment.

" What?" Harry groaned.

" COME." Louis yelled. Harry sighed and walked out.. Holy Shizz!! I walked out as well.

" Hey, I never knew Audrey was mexican.." Louis said. I nodded my head. (its true, #nohate!)

" I can also speak Spanish but not as well as her." i said.

" Then how come Audrey isn't as dark?" Louis asked. It's true, Audrey's pretty white to be mexican.

" Because she wasn't born in Mexico, but she is mexican." (that's true)

" Oh, cool, can you speak some for us?" Niall asked.

" What do you want me to say?" Audrey asked.

" Say, hi, we're one direction!" Harry said. Audrey nodded and began.

" Hola, somos Una Derecsion." The boys laughed and tried to re peat it.

" wow, that's cool." Liam smiled.

" Yeah, but Kaya can speak like 20 languages, that's cooler." Audrey giggled. 

** smack! **

 I looked over to where that sound came from, Tianna....  She had fainted. Holy shoot! Zayn swinger up and picked her up. He rested her on the bed.

What happened?!


 Sorry for the short chapter:p half of it was done by I believe Kaya, but this is Audrey:) please no hate cuz I'm mexican! I'm Italian as well, that's why I'm not that dark,  I'm actually pretty white:p You can just look at my profile picture. It's Monday over here in California. I'm sick so no school for me!! Yay!! Whatever.. Bye!!

 With TONS of LOVE,

     Audrey L ;) 

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