I'm Not Yours Anymore (FINISHED)

Kaya, Audrey, and Tianna are best friends. When Kaya get's One Direction tickets and invites Audrey and Tianna what will happen when Harry asks Kaya out. what will happen when Audrey falls for Niall and Tianna falls for Zayn. Will this have a Happy Ending?


14. Talking

Kaya's P.O.V

Audrey and Louis walked in on me and Harry. That was awkward. I got out of bed without waking up Harry and took a shower. I was so Happy Harry and the rest of the guys were here but I knew they would have to leave soon. Their tour was starting soon. I French Braided my damp hair when I got out of the shower. I got dressed in a cute blue sweater with jean short shorts. I went down stairs and sat on the couch Next to Louis. 

"I heard you had some Fun with Harry " Louis says. I toll my eyes at him and continue watching Tv. Then Zayn comes through the front door. I run up to him and give him a big hug.

"so how did it go?" I ask.

"well He will be in Jail for 4 months" he says. "where is Tianna?" He asks.

"I don't know Liam were is Tianna" I say.

"she is in her room sleeping" Liam says.

"okay" Zayn says

"why didn't you wake me" Harry says walking down stairs looking nice and showered.

" I don't" I say shrugging. 

"good you down we need to talk" Louis says.

"about what?" I ask.

"you know we need to leave soon right" he asks

"yeah but I don't know when" I say.

"Wednesday" He says. What! Wednesday was in two days.

"two days" I say 

"yeah " Harry says. I walk over to Harry and He hugs me and I get on his back for a piggy back ride. 

"I can't live without you Harry I know we met like 5 days ago but I love you" I say Tears forming in my eyes. "and Thursday is Valentines day Your my Valentine" I add making me feel even more sad.

"you can come with us I'm sure management won't Mind" Harry says making me feel good Then I remember. Lyric. 

"I can't Lyric needs me My mom left yesterday to go to Hawaii and she won't be back until June" I say frowning. 

"oh yeah" Harry says.

"I can stay home alone with Lola" Lyric says walking down stairs. "she's 19" she adds. Lola was Lyrics best friend even though she was 15 and Lola was19 they were best friends.

"But you need me" I say.

"I'm almost an adult why don't you ever treat me like one at least I don't have sex so loud my sister can hear" she says. "wait I wasn't suppose to say that last part" she says. She could hear me and Harry. I blushed bright red.

"okay you can stay but I'll visit and if the house is a wreck you are going to be in huge trouble okay missy" I say getting off of Harry's back. 

"yeah!" she says. she runs upstairs to her room and I follow after her gong to the room Tianna was in and woke her up and told her we were going on tour.  I ran to my room and got packed and we headed for the door.

"what if fans don't like me?" I ask. What if they hated me Tianna, or Audrey would we be asble to live through it?

"I know they won't like you at first but when they get to know you they will love you" Harry say in the car. We get to the airport and board a plane to London.

Zayn's P.O.V

When Tianna came down stairs with her things she gave me a huge hug but I felt that their was something wrong with her. Like she was uneasy or scared. We all got in the car and boarded a plane to London.

Nobody's P.O.V

On The Plane. 

Seating chart.

Kaya, Harry

Audrey, Niall

Tianna, Zayn

Liam, Louis

Liam's P.O.V

"Stop kicking my seat Audrey" Kaya whined like a toddler.

"sorry" Audrey said.

"stop" Kaya said once more.

"both of you stop" Zayn said. "I need my beauty sleep" He added. I rolled my eyes at that comment.

"I'm bored" Audrey whines. I was going to have to deal with this for like 7 hours. ugh!

"seriously stop it!" Kaya yell's. she actually sounded ilk she had an accent. A british accent.

"um Kaya why are you speaking like that?" Tianna asks.

"like what?" Kaya asks like she had something to hide.

"All british and stuff" Audrey says.

"ugh okay I'm british Lyric is too but she doesn't have an accent" Kaya says using her full on british accent.

"why do you hide it?" Harry asked.

"I was bullied all through middle school people would say 'oh you talk weird' and 'look at her a her Fake british accent crumpets and tea' I started to hide it" She says. I get up and give her a hug and say.

"I think the accent is cute" She giggles and blushes. Man That giggle was addicting. Wait what was I saying. That's Harry's girlfriend. you can't take her away from him. Kaya gets up and sits in the middle of the plane.

"what are you doing?" Harry asks.

"Sitting on the floor waiting for someone to sit with me" Kaya says. I got up and sat next to Kaya. I looked and Harry who was glaring at me. "I expected my boyfriend but I guess my best friend counts too" Kaya says the she gives me a peck on the cheek. I blushed bright red. Audrey, and Tianna had fallen asleep and me and Kaya were playing patty cakes.

"Harry come on" Kaya says getting up. She tugs on his arm and he groans. "come on" she says over and over again.

"okay" he finally says getting up to sit on the floor. Me, Kaya, and Harry are in a triangle on the floor. Then Kaya leans on my shoulder.

"so bored" she says. "oh Liam I heard of this place in london um The London Eye will you take me their please please please" she begged. I didn't know what to say.

"ummm of course" I say without thinking. Harry shots a glare at me.

"Harry you can come with me and Liam since your my boyfriend" She says crawling towards Harry and then Giving him a kiss. She was so beautiful. He laugh, her body, her lips. all so addicting. Wait! what an I thinking! Stop it Liam! Then she gets up and sits in her seat Harry follows and She falls asleep. I get to my seat and sleep too Dreaming about Kaya.

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