I'm Not Yours Anymore (FINISHED)

Kaya, Audrey, and Tianna are best friends. When Kaya get's One Direction tickets and invites Audrey and Tianna what will happen when Harry asks Kaya out. what will happen when Audrey falls for Niall and Tianna falls for Zayn. Will this have a Happy Ending?


19. Pretending

I heard knocks on the bathroom door. I got up from the toilet and unlocked the door.

" Look Bitch.." Kat said walking in and locking the door.

" i'm not a dog." I said coldly.

" whatever. Anyways.. Will you be my friend?"

" hell no! You just pretty much insulted me back there!"

" Look. You either become my friend or I tell Niall you cheated on him.."

" You have no proof.." I smirked. She held up her phone and revealed pictures of me kissing my ex like months ago.

" That was months ago!"

" So. He'll never know." She locked her phone and put her hands on her waist.

" Now. We need to change your look.. You're already crazy and bad ass. Right?"

" yeah.." i was a bad ass.. More than you imagine!

" Okay. Well. You'll have to hang with me. Not your lame friends. And protect me and I'll protect you. Bffs?" i weakly nodded.

" No harm done?" she giggled. Hey, she wasn't that bad.. She grabbed my hand and walked me out.

" Now, if you see your lame friends.. Give them a snotty look.." She whispered.

" Hey Audrey!" Kaya said avoiding Kat.

" What?" i tried to sound annoyed.

" Geez.. What's up with you?" She asked surprised.

" You. That's what happened with me.." I laughed and high-fived Kat. Hey, this is kinda fun..

" Oh my god! Stop changing my friend!" Kaya yelled at Kat.

" I didn't change her. She just got sick of her lame ratchet friends.." Kat smirked.. Oh.. Burn..

" What?!" Kaya yelled and stormed off.

" Hey honey!" Kat yelled for Harry.

" What?" He asked annoyed.

" Me and my bff are going out.. So. Bye." Kat wrapped her arm behind my neck and led me outside to her car.

** Harry's POV ** 

What's wrong with them?! Just a second ago they were sworn enemies..

" HEY GUYS!" I yelled.

" What?" The all said walking down the stairs.

" Couch. Now." i said walking over to the couch. They all sat down on it but me.

" So, what the hell is up with Audrey?!" I asked angrily.

" She's like a bubbly angel! She's so fun to hang out with! And now.. She changed.. Who knows what happened?!" i was pissed. I don't want Audrey to change.

" She was so mean to me today! She just walked out of the bathroom with Kat and.. BOOM! She was meaner than ever!" Kaya said.

" I wonder how she'll act with me.." Niall asked.

" Whatever it is.. I'm scared... She's like me best friend!" Zayn whined.

" Yeah.. We won't let her be changed.." I said pounding my hand with my fist.

" hey. What time is it?" Niall asked.

" Its like 3:50.. Why?"

" because i haven't seen them since this morning.." Niall, answered.

" They said they were going to leave somewhere.." I answered.


 It's like 10:59 pm! And no sign of Audrey or Kat.. Every one was up waiting for them. Niall was the one that was worried the most. With every noise he would jump up and scream Audrey's name.


  We hear hard high heels slamming against the tile floor and the lights turn on.

" AHHHHHHHH!" they both yell when they see us. When they notice its us they begin to laugh.

" Oh my lord! I thought you were Santa Clause for a second!" Audrey laughed.

" Girl, i can feel your body rock!" Audrey laughed while singing. She rubbed up against Kat. They were drunk. Kat had a black mink dress and red high heels. Audrey had a red SUPER mini dress with black high heels.

" You guys should have been at that party!" You could hardly understand Audrey.

" They're was smokey guys! Oh and the beer! Don't even get me started! Mwahh!" She kissed her fingers.

" Is there any beer here?" Kat asked helping Audrey stumble her way to the kitchen.

" No! No more beer for you guys!" Niall said grabbing the beer out of their hands. God what has Kat done?!

" Niall!" Audrey said pouting.

" Maybe next time.." Niall said helping Audrey stand up straight.

" Let's go to bed.." I said to every body.

" No! We need to PA-R-TAH!!" Audrey giggled uncontrollably.

" No.. Lets go to bed.." Niall said picking her up.

" Kat!" Audrey giggled holding her hand out so Kat could grab it.

" I'll see you in the other side!" Kat giggled. What are they talking about?!

" Bitches!! Let's do to sleep!" Kat yelled. She struggled her way to my room. Yeah right I would help her.

" Good night guys.." I said and walked away.

** Niall's POV ** 

  Is this the girl I fell in love with?! It doesn't seem like it! I want the old Audrey.. I want her back.. 

" Niall.. Do you love me?" Audrey asked when we were in bed.

" Yes i do." I mumbled. I hugged her from behind.

" I love you too." She giggled and cuddled next to me. Oh god.. I think this whole Kat thing is terrible!

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