I'm Not Yours Anymore (FINISHED)

Kaya, Audrey, and Tianna are best friends. When Kaya get's One Direction tickets and invites Audrey and Tianna what will happen when Harry asks Kaya out. what will happen when Audrey falls for Niall and Tianna falls for Zayn. Will this have a Happy Ending?


5. Kaya's Date

Kaya's P.O.V
"So tell me about your self Kaya" Harry asked me as we walked down the street
"We'll my full name is Kaya Lee May (Kaya is my real name but Lee May are not my middle and last name) I speak fluent French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Dutch, Korean, Greek, and Swedish. I was quite popular in High school I met Tianna and Audrey at a party and we automatically became friends um I can play almost every instrument there is except the bagpipes I've always had trouble with those. I wasn't an A+ student like Audrey. Got B's a lot but I always got a A in math because Audrey was my tutor I was born on October 22" I say
"Wow I can speak French too" he says
" tu es très belle" he says (you look very nice)
"merci vous ne regardez pas mal du tout vous-même" I say back (thanks you don't look half bad yourself)
"nous allons aller à la tour eiffel" he says (let's go to the Eiffel Tower)
"bien" I say (okay) I grab his hand and we walk to the Eiffel Tower. It was amazing! "Wow" I say. We get into the elevator to the top and walk into the resultant. The resarant was beautiful! It wasAmazing! We ate some food and started walking.
I had a lot of boys drooling over me before but I have only dated. 4 people and they were long term relationships. But I felt something for Harry. He was special.
"We should go out again tomorrow?" He asks
"Sure" I say. We went to a local coffee place and Harry got Tea and I got Hot Chocolate. it was very cold outside.he told me about his past. We laughed and talked it was a lot of fun. I told him how in fourth grade I dared my friend Derek to go in Victoria's Secret pick up a perfume and ask a random lady if his boyfriend would like the scent. And he did it. It was hilarious. We where at the door when Harry decided to smash his lips into mine. To be honest it was the best kiss in the world. Then Audrey opened the door.
"Oh sorry" Audrey says quite embarrassed. I roll my eye's and we all walk in and sit on the couch with the boys they were watching the Alan Carr Chatty Man show. I loved that show!
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