I'm Not Yours Anymore (FINISHED)

Kaya, Audrey, and Tianna are best friends. When Kaya get's One Direction tickets and invites Audrey and Tianna what will happen when Harry asks Kaya out. what will happen when Audrey falls for Niall and Tianna falls for Zayn. Will this have a Happy Ending?


26. John's House

Audrey's P.O.V

We went to Johns house. 

"This place is nice" I say.

"thanks " John says. John was a nice guy. I m done with Niall.

" Do you want a tour?" He asked. I smiled and nodded. He grabbed my wrist and pulled me upstairs.

" Where are you taking me?" I giggled.

" To your room." He smiled. 

" Nice place.. So fantastic!" I giggled a bit more. Everything was so fantastic! (his house looks just like Edward Cullen's on twilight!!)

" Thanks." He chuckled. He led me to a really pretty room with light chocolate colored walls and a queen sized bed.

" This will be your bedroom.. Temporarily." He winked. He brushed his dirty blonde hair with his fingertips and rubbed his light green eyes.

" Sounds legit.." I smiled.

" Well, enough of that! You hungry?"  

" Um, kinda.." I smiled and followed him back downstairs.

" Chicken, pie.. What?" I giggled and shrugged.

" Cook for me." I smiled.

" Like what?"

" Surprise me.." He chuckled and nodded.

** Kaya's POV ** 

" Where can she be.." I heard Niall walk back and forth in his room.

" Niall?" I asked getting in.

" Give it a rest.. You're the one that's responsible for her leaving. You let her go.." He sighed and sat down on the bed.

" Look Niall.. If you loved her. You would have fought for her. And you didn't. Maybe, maybe you still have a chance.." He rubbed his eyes, wanted to prevent tears, but failed.

" Its okay Niall.." I smiled and rubbed his back.

" Where does John live?"


** Audrey's POV ** 

" It smells REALLY good.." I giggled from the couch. 

" Im almost done hold up!" i heard john yell. It smelled like pasta, with bread, and salt.. It smelt like olive garden, kinda.

" Done.." John yelled. I clapped my hands and walked to the kitchen.

" What is it?" I asked getting closer to the table.

" pasta with Alfredo sauce." He smiled placing bug bowls of pasta in the table.

" Mm.." I giggled. He held out a chair for me to sit. Such a gentle man..

** Niall's POV ** 

I need her. I need her with me. Right now. More than ever. I got up and looked at the paper with John's address. Should I go? If you love her, let her go.. Kaya's voice ringed through my ears. I can't let her go. I did once, and I'm not doing it again. I grabbed to paper off my bed and ran off the bus. I passed Kaya who smiled to ear to ear. She nodded and encouraged me to keep going.


I reached John's house. Wow, it's pretty big! I walked up the stairs to get to the door. Ah what the heck, I'll just walk in. I open the door, slowly. I keep walking down the house when I hear laughing in what I'm guessing the kitchen. I follow the laughter that sounded like Audrey's. I peek my head out, not wanting them to know I was there.

I watched as John out some pasta on a fork and romantically fed Audrey. Her eyes filled with love. She never looked at me like that. I did wrong in coming. I really did.

" Why aren't you dating Niall anymore?" I heard John ask. I have to stay for this!

" Promise you wont tell?" Audrey asked him.

" I promise.." John chuckled.

" Well, Kat, Harry's new girlfriend. She took a picture of me and my ex kissing. But it was before md and Niall began to date! She changed the date of the picture to make it seem like she took it the day before that. Then she black mailed me to be her friend and to be mean to my friends. I lost them.." I heard Audrey sniff a bit.

" And what does Niall have to do in this?" John asked.

" Well, he went with my friends.. He ignored me. He wouldn't even talk to me!" She began to cry harder. John frowned and hugged her.

" A good boyfriend doesn't do that.. If he really did love you, he would have stayed with you.. I know I would've.." John said while rubbing Audrey's back. He backed away and held Audrey's chin up so she could look at him in the eyes.

" Kiss Me." He mumbled. Then, it happened. They kissed. Not a plain kiss. But a passionate kiss. Like the ones she used to give me. But now, she's giving them to him. Him.

I wish I was him..

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