I'm Not Yours Anymore (FINISHED)

Kaya, Audrey, and Tianna are best friends. When Kaya get's One Direction tickets and invites Audrey and Tianna what will happen when Harry asks Kaya out. what will happen when Audrey falls for Niall and Tianna falls for Zayn. Will this have a Happy Ending?


25. John

Louis P.O.V

Eleanor is on her way here to help me with Kaya. I told Niall that she was coming. Me and Harry don't talk a lot anymore but I wish he would talk to me.

Kaya P.O.V

Even though I didn't really like Keanu I had to pretend to Love him so he wouldn't go after Tianna or Audrey. So I called Keanu.

"hello" He says picking up the phone.

"hey" I say "you want to come over later I'm with One Direction but they are all going to there concert but Tianna and Audrey aren't going with them " I say.

"um sure when" He asks.

"um an hour" I say.

"sure" He says then I hang up. I got out of bed and got in the shower. When I got out of the shower I got dressed. I sat on the couch. No one was in their with me. I was so hungry and skinny but I had no energy to eat. Then Louis came into the room. I got up and tried to walk away but Louis grabbed my wrist. I pulled my wrist away and howled in pain. I had been cutting myself.

"Kaya" Louis says.  He pulled my sleeve up revealing all the cuts. "why" Was all he said before starting to cry. I ran to my bed and started to cry. I never wanted anyone to find out about this especially My best friend. 

"were leaving" Niall calls. Then about 5 minutes later the door to the bus shuts. I fell asleep. About 30 minutes later I wake up with someones arms around me. I sit up to see Keanu laying next to me.

"hey Babe" I say. 

"hey " he says giving me a peck on the lips..


** Audrey's POV ** 

" This is so boring!" I scream out.

" Then go fuck a tree.." Tianna mumbles. Geez..

" Dam.." I raise my eyebrows and get off the bus. Im going on an adventure! Hah not really. I really like this John dude. He was nice, until Keanu came..

" TAXI!" i yelled out while pulling my sweater closer to me.

 The taxi pulled over and i got in.

" Take me to that starbucks please?" The taxi driver nodded and we drove off. I ruffled my ripped short shorts and smoothed out my pink tank top.

" How much?" I asked the driver when we came to a stop.

" 20." I gave him the money and got off. I grabbed my phone and called John.

" Hey?" John asked with his usual husky voice.

" Hey.. Want to meet at starbucks?" 

" Sure. I'll be right there." I smiled and hung up. I think I'm done with Niall. John, John, he just.. I don't know.. He's just so, so him.. I mean, Niall, he has thousands of girls over him. John, well, he's him. I think I'm falling for him. More than i did with Niall.

" A butterfinger shake?" I asked the waitress.

" Coming right up.." She smiled, and walked away.

" He sexy.." Kat heard a deep voice whisper in my ear and wrap me in a hug.. John.. I smiled and turned around.

" Hey," I smiled.

" Do you want to come over to much house after this?" I widened my eyes.. Heck no!

" Um.."

" Don't worry, that was Keanu's house mast time.. This time, lets go to my house." I smiled and nodded.

" Do you want anything?" I asked him.

" Um.." He ruffled his dirty blonde hair and smiled.

" Nah.." I giggled, and we both walked out. I ran back inside to get my shake.

" I'm so stupid!" I giggled. He chuckled and we got in his car.

" Nice car!" I admired.

" Haha, thanks!" He smiled and we drove off. It was a black Roger.

" So, how long will it take to go to your house?" I asked.

" Um, about 20 minutes.." He said, not looking away from the road.


** Tianna's POV ** 

Audrey's been gone for about an hour already. The boys are about to arrive in any minute. I really don't care what Audrey does anymore. She can't go burn in hell for all i care.

" Tianna?" Kaya asked getting out of her room. Keanu had already left. I hate him so bad.

" Yeah?" I asked getting up from the couch.

" No, I just wanted to make sure you were here." She giggled a bit then walked to the kitchen.

" WE'RE HOME!!" Another irish accent screamed.

" yay!" We fake cheered.

" Where's the 'hated' one?" Zayn asked.

" I don't know.. Probably getting laid or something." I shrugged.

" What?!" Niall asked.

" Yeah, she left like two hours ago.." I shrugged again.

" Where?" Harry asked.

" She really liked that one John dude, maybe she's with him.." Kaya half smiled and began to eat nutella.

" What?! I thought we were going out?!" Niall looked really confused.

" She told me you guys broke up.. Then that's when she suddenly met this John dude.." Kaya shrugged.

" Isn't he Keanu's brother?" Harry asked.

" Yup.." Me and Kaya said at the same time.

" She can be dead right now!" The boys yelled. Me and Kaya looked at each other, shrugged, and walked away.


Hey! This is Audrey! Well, Audrey, is going to be staying with John for a while.. Hope that ends up well!

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