I'm Not Yours Anymore (FINISHED)

Kaya, Audrey, and Tianna are best friends. When Kaya get's One Direction tickets and invites Audrey and Tianna what will happen when Harry asks Kaya out. what will happen when Audrey falls for Niall and Tianna falls for Zayn. Will this have a Happy Ending?


2. Intro


   " Audrey, Kaya!" I screamed to my best friends. Kaya had Really Bright Blue Eye and blonde curly hair with pink, purple, and blue tips. Audrey had brown curly hair and carmel hazel eyes. I'm Tianna, i have brown wavy hair with purple and pink ends. I had a boyfriend Audrey and Kaya were single.

  " We're coming!" They both yelled running down the stairs. They were both giggling like crazy.

  " Are you guys ready?" I asked them getting my bag. We were going to the one direction concert. We all love those crazy boys!

 " Yeah." They both said walking out the door. We all got in the car, me driving, Kaya next to me, and Audrey in the back. Out of all of us, I have to say Audrey was the most childish one of all, like Louis. Kaya would be like Harry, cheeky and flirty. Well, we're all like that. Never mind, she is more like Zayn. Cute, mysterious, and sneeky. And me, I'm like Liam. But I can actually go party and not give a shizz.

 " How long does it take?!" Audrey whined from the back seat.

 " Sit back down!" I yelled at her. She was moving like EVERY WHERE!

 " We'll be there soon." I said turning down a street.

  " I need to pee!!" Audrey yelled. God. Help. Me!

  " J....K!!!" She giggled. We all sighed annoyed.

  " Dude, i only act like this when I'm bored!" Audrey chuckled.

  " Well then, fangirl!" Kaya said. Audrey began to giggle.

 " Yeah.. You guys too!" Audrey giggled pretending to talk to the boys. Me and Kaya looked at each other and rolled our eyes. We do love Audrey, but maybe she drank or something.

 " WE ARE HERE!" Kaya yelled unbuckling her seat belt. I quickly parked and we ran to the ticket place.

 " Front row seats.. Wow." The girl said checking our tickets. She giggled and gave us bracelets.

" Thanks." We all said and ran in. Kaya was wearing a girl version of Harry, Audrey a girl version of Niall, and me, of Zayn. We are directioners, not directionators.

" ONE, TWO, THREE!" Some one yelled and in came the boys! We all yelled super loud. They began to sing Little Things. We all sang along. Zayn began to sing his solo and got on his knee. His face pointed directly to me. His voice was just so perfect! His eyes sparkled as he sang. By the time we finished his solo, i was ready to faint! He winked at me and walked away. Kaya and Audrey looked at me shocked and screamed louder. I kept seeing Niall looking at Audrey's direction and Harry looking at Kaya's direction. This has to be my happiest day of my life!


 Sorry for the short chapter, favorite, like, comment,fan us?! This is Audrey writing!!  Sorry for the short chapter:) I'll update in a while:) But first I have to update Beaten, and Dare or Not, i love you. Comment on how good it is so far! Love yah all!!

 With TONS of LOVE,

     Audrey L.;)

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