I'm Not Yours Anymore (FINISHED)

Kaya, Audrey, and Tianna are best friends. When Kaya get's One Direction tickets and invites Audrey and Tianna what will happen when Harry asks Kaya out. what will happen when Audrey falls for Niall and Tianna falls for Zayn. Will this have a Happy Ending?


17. First concert

Tianna's P.O.V

I woke up in Zayn's arm's.

"Wake up Love our concert starts in 2 hours" Zayn says. I pick up my phone and look at the time. 12:30.

"okay" I say getting up from the bed. "I'm taking a shower" I say.

"me and Niall already took a shower" Audrey says sitting on the couch with Niall.

"together?" I ask.

"No" Audrey says quickly. Then I walk into the shower with my favorite outfit. I brushed my hair and dried my body off when I was out of the shower. Then I got dressed. I opened the bathroom door and Zayn rushed in.

"I need to take a shower and do my hair" He says rushing past me. He closes the door and I sit on the couch next to Audrey and Niall. Once Zayn was out of the shower we went over to Kaya's room to see if they were ready. Liam opened the door and everyone was ready to leave. We got in the limo to drive to the place.

"were here" Audrey squealed jumping out of the limo. we all got out and walked back stage to the dressing rooms. Kaya went with Louis because Harry and Her aren't together or something. I was with Zayn and Audrey went with Niall of course. 

Audrey's P.O.V

"are you excited for your first concert on tour?" I ask Niall when we get in his dressing room.

"of course" he says taking of his shirt letting me see his toned Abs. Once he was dressed we left the dressing room to see Kaya, Tianna and the guys standing waiting for us.

"show Time" some guys says.

The guys walk on stage and everyond starts screaming. The boys sing Up All Night, Live While Were Young, Little Things, Kiss You, C'mon C'mon, and Gotta Be You then they start answering questions.

"so the first question if from @melovezonedirection and she wants to know who is single and who is taken? well I'm taken" Niall says.

"I'm Taken" Louis says

"I'm single" Liam says

"I'm Single" Harry says

"I'm Taken" Zayn says.

"In fact Niall and Zayn's Girl friends are here and my best friend is here come on out guys"Louis says. really. Tianna walks out and Kaya follows her and I follow then. Louis hands Tianna the microphone.

"I'm Tianna Zayn's girlfriend" Tianna says. Then hands the microphone to Kaya.

"I'm Kaya Louis best friend" She says then Hands the microphone to me.

"I'm Audrey Niall's girlfriend" I say then Hand the micro phone back to Louis.

"yes give then lots of love everyone" Louis says then Everyone screams.

"next question from @skyishigh do you guys know anyone who can sing other than yourself?" Louis says. 

Kaya's P.O.V

once they said that question I said shit in my mind because I knew he was going to look at me. He gave me a smirk and said "well my buddy over here might be able to" He says putting his arm around my shoulder.

"okay what shall I sing" I ask him

"umm how about that song from pitch perfect cups" He says. god I hated that dude right now.

"okay" I say

"I Got my ticket for the long way round"

"two bottle whiskey for the way"

"and I sure would like some sweet company"

"and I'm leaving tomorrow what do you say"

"when I'm gone when I'm gone "

"your gonna miss me when I'm gone"

"your gonna miss me from my hair your gonna miss me every where"

"your gonna miss me when I'm gone" then I finish.

"great job" Louis says. Then everyone cheers. The  boys answer a few more questions then we left.

Tianna's P.O.V

after the concert we went back to the hotel to get our stuff then we got on the tour bus.

"wow this place is so cool" Kaya says putting her bag on the floor. We all walk in and look around. Their were 4 bunk beds so 8 beds in all. "I call this on" Kaya says putting her stuff on one of the top bunks. Harry put his stuff on the bunk bellow hers. I choose the bunk across from theirs I slept on the top bunk and Zayn slept on the one under mine.Audrey and Niall had a bunk and Louis and Liam had a bunk. We all put our stuff away. I was Tired so I went to bed and Zayn followed.

Audrey's P.O.V

Kaya told me she forgave Harry but they aren't back together. We all say on the couch and watched Tv.

"let's play truth or dare" Louis suggest.

"okay" Kaya says  we all fit in a circle on the floor.

"truth or dare Kaya" Louis asks.

"truth" Kaya says. Kaya never really choose dare.

"okay have you and Harry gotten back together?" Louis asks.

"Louis " I say.

"no" Kaya says looking at the floor. "truth or dare Niall" she says

"dare" he says.

"okay you aren't aloud to have any food for the rest of the night" Kaya says.

"no no no Truth I choose truth" Niall says.

"too late" Kaya says. 

"truth or dare Liam" Niall says.

"truth " Liam says.

"do you have feelings for anybody in this circle" Niall says.

"well..um" Liam says scratching the back of his neck. "I kinda like .. umm Kaya" He says. I look at Kaya and she blushes bright red. I say Harry clinch his fists. He was really mad. then Harry stands up and storms off to his bed. 

"I guess the games over" Louis says. 

"good night guys" Kaya says getting up. the rest of us sit on the couch.

Kaya's P.O.V

Harry stormed out after Liam answered. I said I was tired but I Lied. I went into the room where our bunk was. their were curtains on every bunk for privacy. I opened Harry's curtain and crawled on to the opposite side of the bed he was on.

"you okay" I ask crossing my legs and patting down my dress.

"yeah" He says but I could see the tears forming in his eyes. 

"why'd you leave?" I ask already knowing the answer. I know he still loved me I loved him too but my mind wouldn't let me tell him.

"I was tired" ha says lying to me.

"your lying to me" I say.

"I know" he sighing. 

"well I'm going to bed tell me is you want to tomorrow" I say leaving. I climb up to my bed and go to sleep.

Harry's P.O.V

I was so depressed. I didn't have love any more. Kaya was my every thing. Now everyday I will have to see her face and be reminded of how I hurt her. She changed because of me. Management called when I was in the dressing room and they hired this girl to be my girl friend. I hated it. Her name is Kat. I haven't her yet but she is suppose to stop by here in the morning. Liam is probably going to go for Kaya when he meet's my girlfriend. this is horrible. The only person I told about Kat was Louis because I knew I could trust him.

Louis P.O.V

Harry told me about Kat. I was really mad at him. why would he do that to Kaya when we were in the dressing rooms Kaya told me she still loved him and then he is going to break her heart. I texted Kaya.

Me: Kaya u awake

Kaya: Now I am

Me: can I tell you something

Kaya: of course!

Me: um it's about Harry

Kaya: tell me...

Me: Harry has a new girlfriend

Kaya: WHAT!?!?!?!?

Me: yeah Managment hired her her name is Kat and she is coming over tomorrow morning


Me: sorry love but I was worried about what you were going to say.

Kaya:It's fine I just wanna go back to sleep

Louis:Ok bye love


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