Valentine surprise

Brittany Drew got the shock of her life when her boyfriend Harry Styles surprised her with the late Valentines day surprise.


1. Valentine Surprise

I woke up to Valentine’s Day alone, wishing Harry was here with me. It’s just so hard to stay annoyed at someone who is just so adorable! Within minutes of day dreaming about how attractive he is, I got a text from Harry.

‘Morning beautiful I’ll pick you up at 6pm. I’ve got a surprise for you ;) HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY BABY!

Instantly I had a smile on my face not just at the fact that he was absolutely adorable but I knew his face held that sexy smirk of his. I didn’t bother to reply knowing id see him soon. After watching romantic movies all day I looked at the time, it read 4:30. I jumped up from the lounge and went to have a shower letting the heat of the water consume my body. When I was finished I wrapped a towel around myself and walked to my wardrobe, pulling out a red flattering dress and some black heels, I then dumped them on my bed. I went back to the bathroom and straightened my short brown curls and applied some lip gloss, mascara, eye liner and some foundation. I finally got out and ran to my room and put my outfit on. I grabbed my phone and looked at the time, 5:50pm just enough time to relax before Harry arrives. Just on time there was a knock on the door, I grabbed my phone and ran to the door. I am so excited to see Harry he’s just undescribable. Opening the door slowly I let go of the breath I didn’t realise I was holding.Harry instantly smiled and gave me a quick kiss. “You look stunning, my love” he said showing his dimples they were my weakness he was my weakness. “Thankyou” I said shyly feeling my cheeks reddening. He knew what affect he had over me and he liked that, he entwined his fingers with mine and we walked to his car.


“Keep your eyes closed baby, are they closed?” His voice was serious but still cheeky. “Yes Harry” I was laughing and I felt him come close. He stood behind me holding my waist guiding me where ever he wants. He then stopped me and rested his head on my shoulder and whispered into my ear “Hang on I’m going to open the door then you can open your eyes". He kissed my ear lobe gently which made me shiver slightly, I then felt his touch disappear and I suddenly felt disappointed. I heard the door unlock and felt Harrys fingers retwined with mine. I then slowly started to open my eyes. I was in complete shock. “It’s beautiful” I stuttered. It was a restaurant with only one table in the middle it had two chairs either side. The table wasn’t small but it wasn’t large either and it held a vase with red roses in the middle with lit tea light candles on either side.

There was a light on, it was dim but still bright enough to see around the rest of the room. As I looked closely there was a disco ball hanging highly on the roof. “You hired a restaurant for us?” I said in shock. “No for you baby”. His smile was unsure if I was happy with his choice but I was. “I love it, it's perfect its a great surprise thank you Harry” with a smile I slowly moved closer to him and kissed him deeply with appreciation. When we finished the kissed we entwined our fingers and walked inside. He pulled a seat out for me to eat dinner, seconds later a man with a black tray came out and placed tacos in front of us. I giggled and we started to eat. When we finished harry got up and reached for my hand, I kindly accepted and gave him my hand. We walked over to the other end of the room underneath the disco ball, harry let go of my hand and clapped his hands and within a second soft music started to play and the disco ball lit up leaving spot lights everywhere around us.

I looked at him in awe as he pulled me close to his body placing his hands on my waist as I rested my arms on his shoulders and played with his hair. We were silent for a while just staring into each other’s eyes moving slowly to the music.  He treats me like a princess, he makes me feel wanted and loved, I’ve never felt like this over a guy before but I know I care for him more than I ever had a guy. I think I love him, do I? I looked down at my feet for second scared to say the words that were going to come out of my mouth. When I looked back up to Harry’s face he looked at me in confusion, “Are you ok?” he asked. But I ignored his question. “I… I think I love you Harry” He smirked at me showing his sexy dimples once again, he put a strand of my hair behind my hear and moved his face close to mine our lips brushing against each other, “I know I love you” he whispered. We both smiled and we kissed once again but this time it was more passionate more meaningful. We soon parted and he held me tight. “come on I’ll take you home beautiful” he walked me out hand in hand the moon shining brightly.

This was the best Valentine’s day and Harry’s the Best Valentine.


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