Average Girl

Vanessa Evans was so normal. Brown hair. Blue eyes. Pale skin. She has a few friends and a few enemies. She never thought her life would become special. But she was wrong. The day she met Liam Payne, her life changed. The way he smiled, laughed and acted made Vanessa feel special. She and him shared something different that could never be broken.


1. Normal

Vanessa's Point:

I tap my pencil against my desk during literacy. Mr.Hans class is probably the most boring. I turn and see Jeremy Jones with his head on his desk. He probably fell asleep again. I look to the front and see Mr.Hans explaining a book report. I sigh and tap my pencil again. Suddenly, the bell rings. ''That's all for today.'' Mr.Hans tells us. I stand up, grab my books and stuff them in my bag. ''Ready?'' I ask my friend Natalie, who just came to stand beside me. She nods and we exit the classroom. ''Jeremy fell asleep again.'' I tell her. She groans, ''Again?'' ''Yeah.'' We stop at our lockers. I unlock mine and grab my sweater and hat. ''Let's get out of here.'' she moans. I nod and we walk side by side outside. The chilly February air blows against my cheeks causing a slight tingling sensation. ''Brr.'' I mutter. ''I know.'' Natalie agrees. ''Hey, wanna come over tonight?'' I nod. ''Just let me ask first.'' We walk to Natalie's house and I say goodbye. When I reach my house, the warm air that greets me is beautiful. "Mom! I'm home!'' I call out, taking off my boots and sweater. ''Kitchen sweetie.'' my mom calls back. I head to the kitchen and see my mom helping my younger sister Carla bake cookies. She was 11 and having her first bake-sale at school. I on the other hand, have had a few bake-sales in my 17 years of life. ''Hi Vanessa.'' Carla says. I wave. ''How was school?'' my mom asks. ''Boring'' I answer. ''Another book report.'' She sighs, ''Oh. Too bad.'' Then she turns back to the bowl of cookie dough. Just then, the front door swings open and we're greeted by my older brother Kyle. ''What's up!'' he yells. What an obnoxious 19 year old. ''Shhh!'' my mom loudly shushes him. That means my 3 year old sister Lilly is napping. Yes that's right, 3 siblings. I wave to him as I jog to my room. I open and close the door, and then plop down on my bed. ''Ahhhh.'' I blurt out. ''Comfy.'' I roll onto my stomach, reaching for my laptop. I grab it and turn it on. I check tumblr, facebook and twitter. Nothing new. Then, my phone rings. ''Hey Natalie.'' I answer. ''No I didn't ask. I will.'' I forgot to ask my mom. ''Mom! Can I go to Natalie"s?!'' I half yell. ''Yes. And be quiet.'' she answers. I pick up the phone and tell her I can come.


''Wanna watch a movie?'' Natalie asks. ''Sure. How about ''The Notebook''?'' I answer. She nods and puts it in. Like usual, we  lost interest. ''So, do you think Mitchel Stevenson likes me?'' she asked. I shrugged, ''No idea.'' That answer causes her to sigh. ''Cause I sure like him'' she giggles. I laugh, ''She should ask him.'' her jaw drops, ''Are you kidding me? He'll make fun of me.'' ''Maybe, maybe not.'' I tell her. She sighs, ''Oh he will.'' then turns her attention to the movie. ''I'm booooored.'' she says, straining the o. ''Wanna dance?'' she suggests. I nod. We kinda just dance to no music for 20 minutes. ''That was awkward.'' I say sitting down. She nods, ''Very.'' Then we both lay down on furniture and try to sleep. I almost fall asleep, but I'm startled my the door. ''I'll get it.'' Natalie says, walking to the door. She opens it and stumbles back. ''H-hello.'' she stutters. I rush over in time to see One Direction standing in the doorway. ''Hello loves.'' they say. Then, I pass out.

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