Live While We're Criminals (Niall Horan and Justin Bieber)

"They say I'm a criminal. A theif. With no respect for anyone, or anything. Listen. I don't go looking for trouble... Trouble comes looking for me." - Allison


10. Chapter 9


Hey guys! Happy Monday!! Ergh :’( ya idk why im cheery, I’m not, my life is literally a mess right now :’( but I wont go into details, enjoy chapter 9!! – Denny
Chapter 9

                His bright sky blue eyes locked with mine. You know that moment when you lock eyes with someone and the entire world around you seems to have stopped and it’s only you two? … Ya… That wasn’t like that.
                “So, Allison… What made you change your mind about Adrissa?” Brendan asked. I continued to stare at the blonde, completely ignoring Brendan. I noticed that the blonde’s lips started moving fast, obviously talking to Harry. Harry was also looking at me, but I was trying hard not to look into his eyes. I knew it was probably filled with betrayal… Wait what am I thinking!? They’re dead! How are they here? It was on the news! I heard the bomb explode. They’re dead. They’re dead… I’m stupid, dumb, and imagining!
                “Allison?” Brendan asked, again. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed he looked up from his menu and looked around the café shop.
                “Allison,” Brendan said more urgently this time. I finally looked way from those heavenly eyes, and gave Brendan a cold glare.
                “What!?” I whisper-shouted. Geez, a person can’t look into another dead person’s eyes for a couple of minutes!
                “Cops,” Brendan whispered. Those four letters brought me back to reality. My eyes widened and I reached for Brendan’s hoodie which was lying on the table. I slipped it on, and put on the hoodie, trying my best to hide my hair in it. I took out two pairs of sunglasses, one for Brendan and one for me. Brendan smiled at me and we stood up, grabbing our stuff to leave. The old woman, that was our waitress, stared behind us, as she brought our food. We ignored a couple of stares and continued on our way through the tables. Just as I was about to turn the corner, I turned my head and looked at the table that was supposed to have the two teenage pop stars.
                … The table was empty… Not one human body, not a single plate, not even a single cup. It was as if they vanished… As if they were never there…
                “Sorry!” Someone yelled as their shoulder bumped into mine. The person laid their hands on my shoulders, and I tensed. No one touches me.
                I looked up slightly to see a black vest. I didn’t bother looking up the rest of the way, cause I know full well, that the person who bumped into me was a police officer.
                “Are you alright?” He asked. His voice sounded handsome, But I didn’t want to risk my identity, just to see how hot someone is.
                I nodded my head, and shoved off his arms. I could feel him tensing up, but I started walking slowly towards the exit. See if I had ran, he probably would’ve come after me, but walking slowly, he probably just thought I was mad at him. I caught up to Brendan who was by the door, holding the door open for people.
                I walked out, smiled and curtsied to him. He gave me a death glare, and I giggled.
                “Where the fuck were you!? You know how worried I was!” Brendan whisper-shouted. Some people don’t get the point of whisper-shouting, but I do. It’s basically where you shout at someone in a whispered voice so that you don’t cause too much attention to be drawn towards yourself.
                “I could tell, from the way you were holding open the door for half the building,” I said, rolling my eyes. I stuffed my hands in my pockets and we started walking towards the checking center. My stomach rumbled, but I lost all my appetite. If I see any food, I’ll literally throw up.
                “Well, um… I know you still have an hour, but I better go, before the guys wake up and see that I’m gone… You just want me to tell them you ran away?” Brendan asked. I nodded my head and gave him a quick hug goodbye. Brendan nodded his head, and gave me a puppy dog smile. I smiled back, and watched as Brendan turned around and started walking towards the exit. As soon as he was out the door, I shuffled along with a crowd to the checking center.
                I lined up in line 3, and automatically locked eyes with the guard there who was scanning people. He narrowed his eyes and I quickly glanced away. I took off my jacket, and put it and my backpack into the plastic box. The box moved inside the scanning machine, and I watched as the monitor by one of the guards displayed my items. I smiled slightly. This is probably the first time I didn’t forget my gun in my bag. I’ve been to many airports, and I always had to lie that I was an FBI agent. Since I was a well-known criminal, it’s pretty easy to simply kill an FBI agent, take their badges and identification, and bam, I’m with the FBI!
                I usually carry my badges with me, but I left them back in the Adrissa house… Only because I thought I wouldn’t need them.
                “Next!” The guard yelled. I ducked my head, so he wouldn’t see me, and walked through the scanner. The beeper started going off and blinking red lights. People gave me annoyed looks and I gave them death glares. They seemed to back off a little after that. At least they didn’t look at me anymore.
                The guard sighed and came closer to me. He asked me to spread my arms. His scanner hovered over my boot, but I noticed that it was turned off. He nodded me to go ahead and collect my belongings. I nodded and quickly gathered my stuff.
                Out of my leather backpack, I pulled out my airplane ticket and started searching for my gate.
                On my way through the airport I saw a small shop filled with sweats and candies. My sugar teeth, yes teeth, started to water. I dragged my backpack all the way inside, and started searching until I found favorite candies.
                I grabbed my basket full of 3 Musketeers, M&M’s, Sour Skittles, and Twinkies, to the checkout. The lady gave me the evil eye, as if she was expecting me to not have enough money. I was slightly smug as I handed her the 100 dollars, and walked out of the store.
                Right in front of me was gate 17… The exact gate I needed to be at. I sat down on the nearest chair and opened up a bag of Sour Skittles.
                Ok, so now that I have free time, maybe I should try to talk to my brain and figure out exactly why I saw Harry and his cute, blonde, band mate… Oh ya… I’m sane.
                I sighed loudly, and watched some program channel that was playing on the TV screen, by me. Except, I wasn’t really paying attention to it, I was lot in my memories. My memories of Adrissa. The bloodshed… The pain, the horror, the death… All of it was just hiding something special. A place where I felt safe. A place, where I could say ‘home’. I want to go back, but how can I? They practically let me kill 300,000 people! I don’t mind killing that many people, but all in one night? Most of them kids? No, I just will not let something like that go unnoticed. If I did, then next time, they’ll ask me to kidnap the governor! And then, kill the President! I don’t want to kill the President… Obama’s a good President!
                “You mind if I sit here?” an Irish accent filled the air. I didn’t bother glancing up as I said ‘sure, whatever’. The person sat down, and out of the corner of my eyes, I saw him pull out some jelly worms for himself. I smirked, but pretended to be giggling at the screen.
                “Are you laughing at the news?” He asked. His voice sounded amused. And slightly familiar…
                “Ya, it’s very enter-,” I turned around and couldn’t finish my sentence. The Irish guy? He was the blonde that’s in Harry’s band. That’s supposed to be dead. I closed my eyes and tried to relax my body.
                “You’re imagining. It’s not real. They’re dead. They’re dead…” I whispered. Every word I said relaxed me a little bit more.
                “Who’s dead?” the blonde next to me asked. I gritted my teeth, and felt my mood drop about 100%.
                “Shut up! I’m concentrating,” I said through my teeth. I could just sense him smirking. Like literally, every bone in my body just told me he was. I looked up and saw his smirk. A couple of cops passed by running, but it seemed they were heading off in the other direction. I trailed my eyes after them. Are you serious? Where are they going?
                “I’m Niall,” the blonde said. I turned back around to him. He looked real… I wanted to poke him, just to make sure he was real…
                “What are you doing here, Niall?” I asked, my head tilted to the side. He was wearing a regular white t-shirt, with some jeans, and white converse. He had only one bag, and I swear it was probably filled with food since I saw a bunch of wrappers sticking out.
                “Looking for you, actually,” Niall said, eating the last of his skittles.
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