Live While We're Criminals (Niall Horan and Justin Bieber)

"They say I'm a criminal. A theif. With no respect for anyone, or anything. Listen. I don't go looking for trouble... Trouble comes looking for me." - Allison


9. Chapter 8



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Chapter 8

                “Ha! Nice one!” Brendan laughed. He pulled his gun, and started heading to the north, falling some random tracks. I crossed my arms over my chest and followed slowly after him.
                “I wasn’t joking. I really want to leave. I have everything packed and ready, I just don’t have transportation… And I can’t really take a taxi, since I’m on every news report and radio station all over the country,” I yelled, so he could hear me. He was walking in a crouched position, probably to not disturb the ‘boars’.
                “Ya, sure. What kind of prank is this, Reed? Are you guys testing me or something?” Brendan whispered. I flinched slightly. I didn’t like my last name being used. It reminded me of my parents. The ones who should rot in hell.
                I looked around to make sure there wasn’t any kind of animal near-by. All I needed was an antelope to jump out… Not that there was any, in this part of the forest.
                “It’s not a prank, I’m serious,” I said. I get him for being suspicious, but why in the world would I trick him? Maybe he heard I was a great liar and an even greater bitch. Yes, I AM a bitch… when I want something. Which is most of the time, so that’s how I’ve gotten myself a big reputation.
                “Ok, whatever you say! Why do you think I’d believe you?” Brendan asked, turning around and glaring at me. I held my ground and took a step back. He took a step back, with wide eyes. I smirked.
                “Because I’m supposed to be leader, Brendan. And whatever I say, goes,” I say. The smirk was gone, but I was still smug. I’m 17, I’m the biggest criminal out there, I’m also supposed to be the leader of one of the biggest gangs in the U.S., and not only that, but I’m pretty strong. I can take down 5-7 men all on my own, OF COURSE he would be a little scared.
                “But you’re not, Reed. You’re just the second leader, and guess what? Ren still treats you like trash. He still treats you, like everyone else here. You’re no better than the rest of us,” He said. Venom spitting out of his lips. My jaw tightened. No one knows about my parents’ abuses, and when people talk shit to me or about me, I get flashbacks. One’s that I wish would get out of my head forever, but of course they just decide to come back and make my life hell.
                “Ya? Well guess what, Brendan? You’ve only been here for what? A month? You don’t know the first think, about me or Ren. So, why don’t you just go find your stupid ‘boar’ and fuck off?” I said. My lips pouted slightly. Here I thought Brendan was cute, but instead he’s one of those fish that pretend to be rocks… And when another fish swims by it, it jumps out and attacks it.
                “Hey, you’re the one that came for MY help, Reed,” Brendan raised his arms out in surrender. I guess, I snapped at him too hard… But he did deserve it!
                “Whatever, I’m stronger than you Brendan, don’t forget that. I know Karate, Jukendo, Kung Fu, Judo… And other dangerous words,” I smirked. Brendan tilted his head back, and started laughing. We were both soon on the floor, clutching our stomachs. I gotta say, sometimes I can come up with some of the most weirdest stuff ever.
                “Ok, Reed, you want my help, and I need yours… So track me the boar, and you’ve got a deal,” Brendan said holding out his hand for me to stand up. I took it, and gracefully stood up. I turned on my heels, and started walking the opposite direction of the way he was going.
                “Where are you going?!” Brendan yelled after me. I didn’t even pause as I responded back.
                “To track down your boar.”

                                        * * * *
                “One dead boar. That’d be $50, please,” I smirked as I threw the carcass of the boar on the table, in front of Ren and Kaidan. They looked up from their conversation, only to glare at me, and then continue to talk. I sighed and placed my knife and gun on the table.
                “Fine, don’t talk to me,” I muttered walking up the steps.

Ren’s P.O.V.            7 Hours Later
                “Wake up! Get up, Ren!” Someone shouted by my ear. I grabbed my pillow and hit the intruder. I turned on my night lamp and saw Kaidan, and a couple of the guys standing by my bed. Kaidan threw the pillow back at me.
                “Really, Ren? A pillow? If I was a murderer, you’d be dead five times already,” I grinned and picked up my gun from behind me back pointing it directly at Kaidan.
                “You sure?” I smirked, and put it down on my bed side table. I slowly straightened up on my bed and rested my head on the headboard.
                “What are you all waking me up this early for? Is there a fire or something?”I asked. I closed my eyes, and started drifting to sleep slightly.
                “It’s Brendan and Allison… They’ve left… And they’ve taken a lot of stuff with them. Clothes, money, food, a car,” Kaidan said, crossing his arms over his chest. I shut my eyes tightly and sank lower into my bed. I grabbed my pillow and slammed it into my face.
                “I’m going to kill them. I’m going to kill them, bury them, and then kill them again,” I muttered.

Allison’s P.O.V.         2 Hours Before
                I grabbed my backpack from behind the door of my closet and dragged it down stairs, quietly. Brendan was following behind me slowly, keeping his gun in one hand. I know he wouldn’t kill any of our members, but he would scare them off. At least for a while. Or until we leave.
                Brendan grabbed the Bentley car keys from our car key hangers on the wall, and he opened my door. I walked around the house and into the garage where I dropped my backpack by our car. I was going to bring a suitcase, but since it was the middle of the night, a backpack would be much safer, and quieter. I slipped inside the car and waited for Brendan. He walked around the car and walked inside, sitting in the driver’s seat. I glanced quickly around the garage.
                How am I bringing myself to leave this place? Will I stop being a criminal? No… I guess not… I just won’t live here.
                “Are you sure you want to do this?” Brendan asked me for the tenth time tonight. I rolled my eyes and nodded my head. He pressed his lips in a thin line, and started the car. He put it in reverse and we headed out on the driveway. I stole a quick last glance at the house of my ex-home and nearly cried. I’m going to miss this place so much.
                I turned on the radio, to distract me from telling Brendan to stop the car and turn around.
                “You’re on air with Ryan Seacrest. Normally, I do a daytime show, but tonight it felt different. So I called up the radio, and now here I am! Well we’re going to start of the night… err… morning I guess with a commercial free hour! Enjoy!” Ryan said. The song ‘Diamonds’ by Rihanna started playing. I bobbed my head up and down, as I listened to the song. It was catchy and I defiantly enjoy this. My eyes gleamed as I thought of something.
                “Hey, Brendan… I have an idea…” I said, smiling at me. He turned to look at me and laughed lowly. His head turned back to the road.
                “What’s your idea, Allison?” Brendan asked, smiling from ear to ear. I started shaking my leg to the tempo of the next song… Ke$ha, I think.
                “We should have a road trip one day… Just you, me, this car, and the radio. It would be so much fun!” I said, almost yelling with excitement. Brendan frowned but kept his eyes on the road. I watched his face in disappointment.
                “Allison… It’s just-,” Brendan stuttered a bit, so I interrupted him. I already knew what he was going to say.
                “No, no… I get it. You can’t see me after you leave me in the airport today. I get it. It’s not safe, and I’d probably risk being exposed to Ren.” I whispered the last part so low, I was even sure if he heard, “I was just joking around.” Brendan frowned more but didn’t say anything.
                “Yeah… Young Money… Nicki Minaj… Justinnnn!” Nicki sang. I turned up the radio, and started bobbing my head up and down. I didn’t feel like crying anymore. And honestly, I was sick of it. I stared out my window at the passing trees, and just remained silent.
                One hour later, we arrived at the airport. I didn’t have airplane tickets, but I do have a credit card. Me and Brendan walked up to the lady in the front. She wore the Chicago airport uniform, with her hair up in a ponytail. Her hair was brown, with pink highlights, that were barely noticeable.
                “Hello. I would like one airplane ticket to Los Angeles…” I wasn’t exactly sure how to finish the sentence, since some cops were walking behind me. I elbowed Brendan gently, and he looked behind me. His eyes widened, and he took of his sweater, slowly putting it on me, and then the hood. I hid my hair and tried to hide my body as much as possible behind Brendan.
                The airport lady was staring at me in shock. I clenched my jaw and glared at her.
                “Now, please!” I hissed. She snapped out of her stare, and started typing on her computer, looking very unhappy. Like I said before, I could be a real bitch.
                “Here you go, Ma’am. Enjoy your flight,” the airport lady said. She handed me the airplane ticket, and I snatched it from her hand. Brendan was already dragging me halfway down the airport, when my stomach growled.
                “Brendan, stop. The police are gone. Listen, I’m hungry, and we have over two hours to spare before I board. Let’s go eat somewhere,” I said, tugging on his hand. Successfully, I pulled free, and Brendan turned around staring everywhere at once. He finally looked down at me and noticed my miserable expression. He probably just wanted me to board safely…
                “Alright, fine. But quickly!” Brendan hissed. We started walking, well speed walking, through the airport when we found a small café. I pulled Brendan into it, and we sat down on the far right of the café where no one would notice us. Brendan took his time sweet looking threw his menu. I thought he was in a rush to get out of here?
                “May I take your order?” An old women came up to us, with a notepad in her hand. I just nodded and looked at Brendan who was still looking through the menu. I frowned and looked up at her sweet smile.
                “Um… Surprise me, with any kind of sandwhich you have, and to drink, I’ll have a banana smoothie, with whipped cream, please,” I smiled at her. She smiled back, revealing two dimples on her cheeks. Brendan started talking to her, but I wasn’t paying attention. I was paying attention to a curly hair teenage guy, sitting at a table with a blonde guy. No way…
                The blonde turned around, and I automatically knew who it was… I’d recognize his blue eyes anywhere.
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