Live While We're Criminals (Niall Horan and Justin Bieber)

"They say I'm a criminal. A theif. With no respect for anyone, or anything. Listen. I don't go looking for trouble... Trouble comes looking for me." - Allison


7. Chapter 6



Hey! Chapter 6 is out!! :) Sorry for the big delays! I know we were supposed to update on Friday, but we got caught up in a lot of stuff :/ sorry!! But to make it up, we agreed that we are going to update AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE!!! We will update EVERY Friday and Wednesday, and then IF we have time, we’ll update on the other days. But now school is starting so idk if we will get to stick to this promise. Just know that we will try our hardest to update every Friday and Wednesday :) xx – Macey and Denny
Chapter 6

                My bare feet hit the cold wet forest floor. Leaves were sticking to my feet, and making it uncomfortable to run. The air smelled of pine trees and wet morning dew. A lot of wild animals were scurrying around, trying to escape from what they thought was the predator. Me. But in truth, I’m not going to hunt them. My mood isn’t very killerish today. The only thing I can think of is getting far away from civilization.
                I made lots of noise as I pushed a bunch of fallen branches and leaves out of my way. I almost tripped, as I moved a log out of the path, but I didn’t stop. I kept running. Normally, I would mark all the trees so that on my way out I found the path I took, but now, I really don’t care about going back.
                This is all the Adrissan’s fault. All of them knew that a bomb was going to explode. Instead of killing the cops, maybe they should have let them take me to jail, and tell them that there is a fucking bomb inside the stupid arena. And this morning, all of them knew that about 300,000 people were dead, and all they could fucking do is shout at each other. None of them cared, and they still don’t. Not even Kaidan, the one person who I thought of as family.
                I stopped walking and bent down. My arms covered my eyes and wrapped around my head. I felt small wet tears drip onto the sleeves of my shirt. I let all of my frustration out into those tears. I cried for about five minutes, until I finally decided I should head back. But no way in hell am I going back to the Adrissans. Maybe… Maybe I could find a nice job that pays well. I’m only 17 but I’m sure I can find something decent. Start living my life as normally as I can, and maybe then all this suffering will stop. I guess the I really don’t care that much about the people inside the building of the bomb, as much as who they were. Each one of them had an identity with a future ahead of them. Each one of them was going to grow up and be something.
                I heard a twig snap, and I turned around. I didn’t do it, and an animal wouldn’t dare be this close to me. There aren’t any large animals in this forest, only a couple of boars, some rabbits, and other small critters.
                I bent down and grabbed the nearest rock. It was a medium sized, circle shaped, grey rock with a small pointy edge to one side. If I can throw it at the right angle, then maybe I would be able to get the sharp edge to hit whatever is in the bush, and hopefully knock it out…
                I threw it with all my force directly to the center of the bush. I smiled slightly when I heard a loud impact of the rock hitting flesh and bones.
                “Ow! What the fuck?!” A voice yelled.
                “Kaidan!?” Kaidan, slowly moved out from the bushes. He was holding his forehead which had a small gap. Blood was pouring out of it, but not enough to worry me. Kaidan’s strong, he can stand a cut.
                “Son of a bitch! What the hell are you doing?” Kaidan yelled at me. His eyes were full of anger and hurt. Kaidan isn’t the type to get mad at me. Even now, he may be yelling at me, but he would never go into the extremes where he would hit me or stop talking to me. He cares for me, even though most of the time he doesn’t show it. I guess the Adrissa gang has changed him just as much as it’s changed me and everyone else in it. That’s what it’s like being in a gang. You never know how you’re going to end up in the end.
                “What the hell are YOU doing?” I shouted back. I crossed my arms over my chest. Did he follow me all the way out here? What if he saw me cry? Even if he didn’t see me cry, he would assume I did. I probably looked like a mess standing in front of him like that. I was still in my sweats and tanktop. My hair was in every direction, even though it was tied in a side pony tail.
                “That’s my head! You practicly busted my head open!” Kaidan whinned. His eyes stared at me questioningly.
                “You stalking me now?” I asked. How come nothing ever goes according to plan? How come Kaidan didn’t just stay back at the house? I would’ve probably caught a taxi by now and made it take me to the nearest airport. How come when I got to the arena, the lads didn’t just perform and leave? No bomb, no nothing. How come when I escaped out of jail, I didn’t head in a different direction? If I did, then I wouldn’t feel one bit of pity for the people there. I guess standing there one second, and then the place blowing up, you start to feel different…
                “Stalking you? I was protecting you!” Kaidan flared his arms around as if it was the most obvious reason. If anyone was watching us from a distance, they’d probably be laughing. I looked as if I had just given birth to twins, and Kaidan looked as if he just returned from a deserted island. He had a brown cut up shirt with a big printed ‘A’ in front of it, and some shorts that needed washing. Just like me he didn’t have any shoes on. His hair looked good though.
                “From what? Alcoholic gang members?” I laughed. I was obviously referring to him. He just looked like he had a major hangover. Maybe he does.
                “Yeah, whatever. I can’t believe you!” Kaidan said. He started holding his head again, and trying to look up at his forehead. I laughed at how stupid he was.
                “It’s not that bad,” I said, looking at his cut.
                “It’s my forehead, I’ll tell you how bad it is,” Kaidan said. He frowned and then started glaring at me. I ignored his death glares and started walking in a completely different path than where he and I came from. I’m sure Kaidan realized that I was in no mood to head home, but he didn’t say anything. For once he made the right decision.
                We kept walking. Kaidan was prancing around, while holding his head and looking every direction, as if there was something stalking us.
                “You shouldn’t be out here alone. Especially after what happened…” Kaidan said, breaking the silence. I moved a couple of leaves out of the way, which smacked Kaidan in the face and made him shout in pain. Poor guy…
                “No, I’m fine. I can take care of myself,” I said, putting as much effort into showing him that he needs to leave as possible.
                “Oh, of course.” Kaidan continued in a girly voice, “I don’t need protecting. I can take care of myself.”
                “Me Allison. Me throw rock,” He said in his best cave man voice. I stopped, and turned around. My face was inches from his. I pressed my lips together and narrowed my eyes. My arms were crossed over my chest as I stared at him, sending death glares.
                “Listen, jacko, I don’t need your help. Why don’t you go play hero somewhere else!?” I said. My voice was using so much power that even I felt goose bumps on my arms.
                “Because I’m your brother, Allison. Look you may want to leave Adrissa, but you’re not leaving me,” He said. Kaidan’s eyes were filled with tears, but he was holding them back. He was good at that. Kaidan could always stop tears from leaving his eyes. I’ve been thought how he does it, but I’ve never really successfully done it before. I’ve tried so many times, but most of the time I just fail and burst out crying. I find crying sort of like releasing my own stress. It’s nice.
                “But you can’t leave Adrissa… You were born there. It’s your family. I can’t make you give that up,” I said. My own eyes were filled with tears, but unlike Kaidan, I let them escape my eyes and fall down my cheeks. Kaidan tilled his head and stared into my eyes.
                “Then don’t go,” He whispered. His voice was too low for anyone to here. I wasn’t too sure myself so I stopped to think. If I leave, I’ll never see Kaidan again… But I’m not that selfish as to ask him to come with me. But… If I leave, he’ll just follow me. And if I stay, I’ll just have to deal with more murders… Can I let go of my hatred for Adrissa for Kaidan?
                I nodded slowly, which cause him to beam. His smile stretched across his face, making his eyes squint. I loved that look on him. It’s one I haven’t seen in a while.
                Kaidan grabbed my hand and dragged me back to the house. We made small conversation about the future on the way there. About ten minutes we arrived in front of the giant gang house that lies in the middle of the forest.
                Kaidan opened the door for me, and I walked inside with him on my heels. Luckily no one was in the living room. I released Kaidan’s hand and started walking up the stairs. I heard Kaidan behind me so I turned around and faced him.
                “I’m just going to go cleaned up, ok? I’ll be back down in a little while,” I said. I smiled kindly at him and he nodded. I waited until he was all the way downstairs, before I made my way up the stairs and into my room, where I started packing my things.

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