Live While We're Criminals (Niall Horan and Justin Bieber)

"They say I'm a criminal. A theif. With no respect for anyone, or anything. Listen. I don't go looking for trouble... Trouble comes looking for me." - Allison


6. Chapter 5



Chapter 5
                I scooted closer to Kaidan, and hugged his chest. His arms wrapped around me, and he pulled me closer to him. I inhaled his cologne and closed my eyes. That’s it then… They’re gone. I’ll never hear Justin’s voice again. I’ll never see the blonde one’s blue eyes again. I’ll never see Harry and his curls again. I’ll never see the hot, black haired one. I’ll never see the one with the high cheek bones. I’ll never see the one with the cute brown eyes. Six guys, six deaths, with four unknown names.
                I felt a tear drop to my chin. I quickly whipped it before Kaidan could see. I’m supposed to be the strong second leader, but instead I’m crying because of six deaths, and not only that, but I’ve just met them! What’s wrong with me?!
                I felt more tears coming out of my eyes. I sprang up from the couch, and hid my eyes. Kaidan will NOT see me like this. I’ll look like a fool!
                I raced up the stairs and ran down the long corridor, until I reached my pink wooden door that read, “Allison’s.” I opened the door and locked it behind me.
                My feet followed the familiar path to my bed.
                I jumped on the bed, and met my familiar comfy covers. I scooted under them, and laid my head on the feathery pillow. My eyes began to shed tears again. I closed my mouth so none of the boys could hear, and just kept silently sobbing. Hours probably passed, and I was in no mood to stop. My head hurt like a bitch, but I couldn’t be bothered for a pill.
                I head some footsteps hitting the wooden floor at the end of the hallway. I immediately closed my eyes, and prayed that I stop crying. Hopefully, whoever it is goes away and doesn’t start knocking on my door. I don’t think I would be able to get up and face the person. They kept walking and after a couple of seconds, they passed my door. The person opened the door next to mine and walked in. The door made a loud noise as it shut.
                After about five minutes, I made sure no one started moving around the house before I start crying again. But no matter how much I tried to force myself to, I couldn’t bring myself to release a single tear.
                I started hitting my pillow in frustration. My knuckles hit the soft feathery pillow and made absolutely no noise.
                I hate my life! My entire existence has been to kill people for money. People, that were a waste of space. Sometimes I even trade weapons to other gangs for money, and what do they do with those weapons? They kill people. Exactly, what do I need this money for!? I don’t have a family, I don’t have anyone to call my own. All I have is about 30 guys that do exactly what I do every day. The difference? Every single one of them have families. When things get rough, they can go home to their families, where they know it’s safe. While I can’t.
                When the Adrissans took me in, they made me feel as if I had a family. They loved me, and they took care of me. Everything started changing when I hit age 13 though. The Adrissans forced Julius to teach me to fight and rob. Of course, I already knew how to do all that since I was fending for myself for 3 years before the Adrissans took it upon themselves and let me live with them.
                When Julius started teaching me how to fight, he was surprised by how much I knew. In a couple of months, I was ready to prove myself and become a true Adrissan. Julius gave me my first task. It was my first time completing any task given to me, and I was sure to complete it with no complications, even if I was supposed to kill someone. When I returned, with blood and my hands all of the Adrissans congratulated me. They said it was an honor, and I believed them. Since then, I’ve always accepted any mission to kill anyone. Thinking it was for honor.
                I fell asleep thinking about all my mistakes as a young teen.

                                                                                *    *    *    *

                I would love to say that the morning sun woke me up, along with birds chirping, and a nice smell of pancakes. But of course, this isn’t a movie. You go to sleep with a dark cloud, and you wake up to another big cloud. An even bigger one.
                There was a bunch of commotion downstairs that echoed throughout the entire house. I searched for my pillow, that was by my side, and dropped it on my face. God I hate mornings in this house. There is ALWAYS someone fighting. Like seriously, you guys? Grow up and let me sleep!
                I heard a loud crash, like glass breaking, and then that followed up with a bunch of yelling. I pressed the red button by my lamp connected to the wall. It was designed to communicate with one another without having to go to the rooms, or shout.
                The speakers that are literally in the ceilings started making a noise and then stopped, indicating for me to speak.
                “Send this message to the lads, downstairs. ‘SHUT THE FUCK UP, PEOPLE ARE SLEEPING! DON’T MAKE ME COME DOWN THERE AND THROW YOU ALL IN A LAKE!’” I shouted at the microphone by the red button. The speakers made a loud noise and then stopped. I slumped in my bed. And put my pillow to my face. I haven’t had a good night’s rest in over a week. The beds in the freaking prison were horrible!
                A couple of seconds passed, and I heard my voice being played downstairs. The boys all became quiet as they listened to me shout at them. I grinned under my pillow, and gave myself a mental high-five. THAT is how you shut up 30 annoying boys.
                Just as my eyes were finally shutting, and I felt sleep overtake me, the boys started yelling again. This time, much louder. My eyes snapped open and I threw my covers on the floor.
                I opened my bedroom door, and walked down the hallway and down the stairs to the living room. The boys were all standing up and yelling at each other. Some of the guys were pointing to each other and swearing.
                “Oh my god! SHUT IT!” I yelled. None of the boys heard me, since they were practically shouting on top of their lungs. Kaidan was sitting alone on the couch looking threw his cellphone. I sighed and passed by the boys to sit next to him.
                He looked at me, and quickly shut off his phone. I raised an eyebrow at him but didn’t say anything. Kaidan was staring at me weirdly, but I just focused my attention on finding the TV remote. I saw Ren walking down the steps of the stairs and into the living room. As soon as he walked in, all the boys quieted down. I wish I knew his secret to make them all quiet this fast. He waved his hand dismissively and all the boys started scattering around. Some of them went into the kitchen, while others sat down on the couches. Ren sat down next to me and handed me the TV remote. I flashed him a smile in return and flipped the TV on.
                It was already on the news. Most of the time our gang would watch the news to see if we had made it, or if there was any business to take care of. There usually was.
                The volume was down, and the news reporter seemed to be talking fast. I couldn’t lip read what she was saying, but images flashed by fast. My body tensed as I recognized the faces. The faces I saw not only 12 hours ago.
                Names were listed under the pictures. A picture of a brunette flashed, under it listen Robin Plum. Another picture showed with a blonde women. Next was a hairy old man. Image after image.
                After a while, it showed the news reporter talking again. She seemed down, and when they showed the next image, I couldn’t help but whimper.
                It was a picture of Justin. He seemed all happy. After him, it was Harry. He was smiling and showing off his dimples. Next it was the blonde. Under his name it read “Niall Horan.” Liam Payne was next. Then Zayn Malik, and finally Louis Tomlinson. I mentally memorized their names.
                I felt a cold hand brush against my cheek. When I looked up I saw Kaidan whipping away a tear I didn’t notice. More started coming, and I knew it was too late to hide it. Everyone had already noticed.
                I got up, off the couch, and shook off Kaidan’s hand that was trying to pull me back. I ran out the door, hitting a couple of people on my way out. I was still in my PJ’s but I couldn’t give a fuck at the moment.
                All of this is way too familiar. Me running. Me running from the people that I love, because they’ve hurt me. The people that promised they would care for me. The same ones that couldn’t be bothered about me right now.
Hey guys. I’m sorry this chapter is crap, I feel litteraly like crap. I feel like I’m gonna throw up, so I know I made you guys a promise to update so I rushed this chapter. SORRY! Please still vote and comment tho! –Denny

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