Live While We're Criminals (Niall Horan and Justin Bieber)

"They say I'm a criminal. A theif. With no respect for anyone, or anything. Listen. I don't go looking for trouble... Trouble comes looking for me." - Allison


5. Chapter 4


CHAPTER 4!!!  As you guys know, we now update Friday and Wednesday! YAY!! xD keep commenting and vote, because we love you all! If that makes any sense! :P J I just wanna give a HUGE shout out to @tyleroakley because he is just… A legend! Check out his vids on youtube! And check out “Serving sizes and calorie counts” because that is my favorite video by him! J Well ok, hope you enjoy this chapter!!”
Chapter 4


                “What the do you mean by this fucking building is going to be bombed?!” I shouted into the phone. I started pacing around the room. How can this arena’s freaking security be so dumb? How the fuck did the Dark Knights get in here anyway? What did they just buy backstage passes to a Justin Bieber and those five guys’s concert!?
                “I mean, that the building is going to explode. Get out!” Kaidan shouted back to me. So what, I’m going to leave and let 300,000 and more people die? I may be a criminal, but I’m not that evil as to let them murder innocent people. And how about the kids? There must be well over 100,000 little kids here.
                “How about the people? I’m not gonna them die,” I said into the phone. The door squeaked open. I turned around and saw a black haired, tanned skin guy standing in the doorway, looking at me with a confused expression.
                “That’s too bad. Get the fuck out, before I come in there and drag you out myself! You hear me!?” Kaidan shouted. I was hypnotized by the guy standing in the doorway. He was pretty smoking, and his morning shadow was visible. He needed a good shaving.
                I pressed the hang up button and dropped my hand to my side. The guy opened the door more widely, and 3 guys walked in, laughing and talking to themselves. They were standing right in front of me when took notice.
                The guy in the middle, had straight brown hair, flipped up in a sort of quiff. It really showed his high forehead, and his cheakbones. He had sea green eyes, with a hint of blue. On his right, was a shorter looking guy. He had dyed blonde hair, with his brown roots showing a lot. Just like the first, his hair was in a quiff as well. His sky blue eyes, were piercing. I felt a tad pull to him. To the first’s left, there was a tall, broad looking guy. He had a short buzz cut, and brown eyes.
                All of them gave me weird faces, and then turned to look at the guy with black hair, who just shrugged.
                “Look you don’t know be, but something is about to happen. We need to evacuate this building IMMEDIATELY,” I said. They all turned to look at me. The black haired guy walked up to us, and stood next to the blonde.
                “What’s going to happen?” The blonde asked. He had a deep Irish accent. I gave him a pity look and lowered my gaze to the floor.
                “This place is-“  I got cut off by someone opening the door.
                “Hey guys, we have two minutes, until we’re on,” Harry said opening the door. He looking at of us, and then his gaze stopped at me.
                “What are you doing here!?” He shouted. I hinted a small emotion of anger in his voice.
                “I have something to tell you all! Get over here and listen, we don’t have time!” I shouted. Geez, Mr. Commando, no need to get mad that I’m in your dressing room!
                “Wait, you know her?” The guy with the brown quiff asked. He, just like Harry, had a British accent. Harry nodded and stood by the broad one. I rolled my eyes and continued again.
                “This place is about to blow up. Someone put a bomb somewhere in this building. I don’t know how, and I don’t know when. I also don’t know when the bomb will go off, I just know that it will. Basically, I know nothing. Just evacuate this whole building, there won’t be much time,” I rushed. Harry raised an eyebrow at me, and the rest of the guys just looked at each other. They didn’t believe me. How, could they not believe me?
                “Why should we believe you? I mean, you are the one wearing a prison jumper…” Harry whispered the last part. The four guys looked at me, up and down. The blonde bit his lip and looking at me with fearful eyes.
                “Because if you don’t, you and everyone else in this place, will die. Do you seriously want this?” I said, putting extra force in my voice. It seemed to stop them for a while but then Harry shook his eyes and grabbed my phone from my hand. He sat down in his chair in front of the mirror, and started working on his hair. Everyone else went to sit on the couch, except for the blonde one. He stood in front of me, and just kept looking at my eyes.
                I lowered my head again, and put my lips in a thin line.
                “You know what? Fine! Don’t believe me! I hope you all have a good time on stage when this place dies,” I said. Harry gave me a look of anger in the mirror. I looked at the blonde in front of me, and he had a tear rolling down his cheek. I felt bad for him. He seemed really nice, and if I had met him a long time ago, maybe I wouldn’t be as mean to him.
                I walked past him, and left their dressing rooms. They were gonna die. All of them. I walk pass the small room with TV’s that had the live concert on them. Justin was jumping around the stage, grinning from ear to ear. The crowd was going mad.
                All of them dead… I used to build myself. I kept telling myself before that no one else mattered. That as long as I’m safe and well, then everyone else can rot in hell. But I can’t be safe and well when the people I talked to will all die. The blonde one… I didn’t know his name, but he seemed very nice. His Irish accent just made him 20 times more of a hottie than he already was. They all were.
                “There she is! Get here!” A voice croaked. I turned around swiftly and looked to see four men dressed in police uniforms running towards me. I didn’t have time to think, I turned back around and started running. I ran as fast as my feet could carry me. If I get out of here alive, I probably would be arrested. If I kept running inside the arena, and the bomb goes off… Police is defiantly better…
                I followed the signs that read exit, and made way down a corridor. At the end of the hallway, there was a big door with a read blinking sign on top that read ‘Exit. Emergencies only.’ Well this is an emergency… I opened the door and a loud alarm started to beep.
                I ignored it and started running on the cold concrete. I didn’t have shoes, so it made everything so much worse. I ran around front, where there are a lot of cars. They probably won’t find me if I hide behind one.
                Big mistake. There were about 30 police cops and cars. They were each holding guns which were pointed straight at me. I turned around and saw the four cops that were chasing me, each blocking my path, and holding up guns as well.
                Shit, I’m screwed.
                “Come towards us slowly, and we won’t kill you. Move fast, and all of them guns will fire, you hear!?” One of the police men yelled at me. I turned around a showed him my middle finger. I heard a couple of laughs from the men surrounding me, and I grinned in return. The cop started yelling at them and telling them to shut up. I rolled my eyes and put my hands behind me head, showing that I’m bored.
                “Look you little, whore,” The cop said. I dropped my hands, and looked at the cop in interest. It didn’t bug me that he called me a whore, it just got my attention. Usually, when someone insults you, they have something interesting to say.
                “I don’t have time for your little schemes. I have places to be and people to see, so either start running so we can shoot you, or surrender like a smart ass person,” he said. I smiled slightly at him.
                “Ya, well I too have places to be and people to DO. So, how about you step aside, and we can arrange for you to fit somewhere in my schedule?” I asked him grinning. He glared at me, and some cops laughed again. He raised one of his hands, and I stared at it in confusion. I felt two hands grab my shoulders and then pushing me on the ground. Two more hands grabbed my wrists and put them together. I felt hand cuffs being put around my wrists. I didn’t move or say anything, cause I was so used to this.
                I saw the cop that talked with me, step forward. He walked up to me and started laughing when they pulled me up on my feet.
                “I guess maybe you can fit me in your schedule sometime when you’re in jail,” he said grabbing my face with his hands. He smelled, of liquor and cigars. You could tell from his hair that he needs a long shower. He lets go of my face and continues laughing.
                There was a loud gunshot, and I saw the guy falling to his knees. His mouth was full of his blood. He dropped to the ground, and I looked ahead to see who shot him.
                Ren was standing about 20 feet from me. The other cops looking at him and started raising their guns, but before they could even point it towards him, about 20 more gun shots were fired. The Adrissa gang stepped out of the bushes. The cops started falling one by one. I felt the cop holding me drop to the ground. Kaidan ran over to my and started playing around with my hand cuffs.
                “Good to see you again, Allison,” Kaidan whispered. I laughed miserably. The hand cuffs made a pop noise, and then seconds later it was off of me. I turned around and hugged Kaidan.
                “Thank you,” I whispered, in his shoulder. He smelled his usual cologne, ‘John Varvatos Artisan.’ I inhaled it, feeling safe.
                “You’re welcome. Now come on, we better go before the building explodes,” Kaidan whispered. I frowned again, and found myself thinking about the 6 guys. I’m going to miss them. I started running towards the Adrissans, and together we all headed into the nearby forest. Ren was running to my right, and Kaidan was running to my left. I’m not very familiar with this forest, so I let Ren lead. There was about 20-30 of us Adrissans. Most of them were probably back in our house.
                I felt the cold ground of the wet floor, from last night’s rain. It made my feet sticky, which caused a lot of leaves to stick. I stopped a couple of times, taking them off. Brendon (one of the guys from the Adrissa) covered our tracks by erasing our footsteps, and throwing a lot of wet stuff on the floor, to cover our scent.
                Five minutes later we reached our house. I was surprised at how fast we arrived, but then again, it was pretty deep in the forest. I threw myself on the couch, exhausted and felt some pressure being put on my legs, when Kaidan sat on them. He grinned down at me like a fool, and I removed them from under him. I sat next to him like a normal person, and we just stared into the fire of our fireplace. The rest of the gang, must have gotten up to their rooms.
                Just as Ren went up, I heard a loud boom in the distance. The bomb went off.
Long chapter huh? This covers the other 3 short ones lol!
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