Live While We're Criminals (Niall Horan and Justin Bieber)

"They say I'm a criminal. A theif. With no respect for anyone, or anything. Listen. I don't go looking for trouble... Trouble comes looking for me." - Allison


30. Chapter 29

Hey guys! Don't throw pies at me or anything ok? I'm sorry, I didn't updated :( BUT I MET LITTLE MIX AND I WENT TO A ONE DIRECTION CONCERT, AND I WENT TO A CHER LLOYD AND DEMI LOVATO AND MACKLEMORE concert as well!! :D But i think meeting Little Mix, and going to a One Direction concert was the best part! NIALL WINKED AT ME!!!! And Zayn waved and smiled at me! :D I was the only 1 in the concert he waved at, lol ik that cause I was staring at them all at once, it was amazing! :D P.S. I'm going to Europe for 1 month, so IDK when I'll update, hopefully I'll find time! :) ENJOY!! - Denny XXXX


Chapter 29



    As my eyes fluttered slightly open, I realized I wasn't resting my head on a pillow, but on Niall. I moved my body to the right to try and get off of him, but I couldn't. My lower part of my body was full… I looked down to see Niall inside of me. My eyes widened and realization hit me, when I remember last nights events. We had fallen asleep with him still inside of me. 

    "Niall," I whispered, my mouth dry. I could hardly speak, and I know can't hear but I tried calling him a few more times. His blue eyes, buried under his hair, never opened. God I want to watch him sleep all day, he was so peaceful. His bare six pack chest moved as he breathed. 

    I shook grabbed hold of his chin and shook his head to wake him up. I breathed a sigh of relief when his eyes opened and he focused on me. He winced slightly and I knew he could feel himself inside of me. I spread my legs slightly giving him more of an easier way to get out. I closed my eyes, sucking air threw my clenched teeth. It hurt badly, feeling him exit out of me. Once he was fully out, I rolled on my side, and breathed in heavily. My bottom part of my body felt so empty now without him. Over the night that we slept together, my body had gotten used to his size. Now I'm starting to feel so small, and the need for him was overwhelming. 

    "Let's go take a shower," Niall whispered, his voice husky. His morning voice was so sexy, it can make any women crumble down to her knees. I nodded my head although I'm pretty sure I couldn't move. 

    Niall got out of bed, and the bed shifted slightly. He turned around and waited for me to get out of bed. 

    "Niall… I can't move," I whispered. My voice still rough, but I managed to get my sentence out. My legs in-between hurt so much. I was in so much pain. It almost felt as If I had been riding a horse for an day without stopping. Except this pain was on the inside. 

    I heard a low chuckle from beside me, and I pouted. I can't believe he's laughing at me. This is not a situation to be laughing at. He came into view, carrying a small wet cloth. Niall sat down by my feet, and pulled them up, then spread them apart. I blushed a bright red, and tried to cover myself with my hands while closing my legs. Niall growled, and I stopped moving, but my hands where still covering my parts. 

    "Stop that. Don't make tie you up," He warned. He took both of my hands in both of his, and he pulled them over my head. I was still blushing, so I turned away. 

    The wet cloth came in contact with my clit, and I jumped in surprise. Niall's hand that had mine above my head, let me go, and held me still by my waist. He rubbed the towel on me in soothing circles. I guess it really did help to ease the pain, but I knew not even that towel could get me to walk.

    I moaned as the towel kept on rubbing me in all the right spots. 

    "Ok, I think your all good," Niall smirked, as I really got into the moment. I groaned at him, disappointed. He put down the towel, and then he lifted me in his arms, carrying me to the kitchen. He set me down on one of the stools, by the bar. I looked at him confused. 

    "I thought we were gonna take a shower?" I asked him. He looked at me, with a genuine smile. Niall refocused on taking out some pans from the cabinet and turning on the stove. He placed some vegetables, eggs and milk from the fridge. 

    "Actually I'm going to make you breakfast… I hope you don't mind…" He whispered. I nodded my head and rested my head in my hands. 

    "Breakfast's ready!" Niall shouted at the top of his lungs, after a couple of minutes of cooking whatever it was he was cooking. 

    "What am I having?" I smiled at him, with a confused look. I didn't see the food anywhere… He walked towards me, his light blue eyes now a storming blue of lust. He finally reached my so close that I could smell his scent. I ran my hands up and down his chest, thankful that he didn't dress. I loved watching naked Niall work his way in the kitchen. 

    "Me," He whispered, kissing my right cheek. "Me." He kissed the other. "And a side dish of me." He placed a soft kiss on my lips. 

    I giggled at him. This playful Niall was fun to have around. Louis as a secret spy had completely left my mind, and I'm not sure if that's what Niall wanted. But since he was acting playful, I might as well. 

    I stood up slowly, turning myself away from him. "Well if that's all you made…" 

    Niall's strong arms captured me and I giggled once again as he pushed me up against his chest.

    "Although," his Irish accent filled my voice making me quiver, "if you insist on a proper breakfast, I did make an omelet." 

    I turned around in his arms, running my hands up and down his chest. I don't think I'll ever get tired of his chest. "No, thanks. I'll just take the Niall." 

    A smile formed on my lips, showing him I was merely kidding. He smiled down at me and kissed  me on my lips. His soft plump red lips brushing against mine was the best feeling in the world. 

    "I better let you eat before it gets too cold," he said in-between kisses. I frowned at him. 

    "Aren't you going to eat?" I asked. I knew my voice showed disappointment but I tried my best to not let it show on my face. I mean we practically sleep inside one another during the entire night, and he doesn't even wanna join me for breakfast?

    "I'll eat later, and I really should be getting ready for rehearsals. I'm late enough as it is," he whispered as he gave me one last kiss. I pouted as he walked off towards the bathroom. 

    I sat down on the cold metal bar stool, and glanced at my omelet. I wonder when Niall had the time to slip that past me. Probably while I was seducing him by slowly walking away from him.

    I took a bite out of the omelet. As expected, the omelet was pure heaven on a plate. Fluffy eggs, tang sharp cheddar cheese… One decadent bite after the other. The sound of running water came from the bathroom. Niall. Naked and in a hot shower.

    Now that was pure heaven. No plate needed. 

    I ate the rest of the omelet, drank the fresh orange juice, and set the plate down in the sink before walking into his bathroom. I'll probably clean up his dishes later, although I'm pretty sure he has his own people for that. When I walked inside his bathroom, I wasn't expecting what I saw. It was HUGE. Niall's bathroom was the size of an apartment. He could probably host a small cocktail party in shower if he wanted to. 

    He stood in the shower, barely visible from all the steam. I could tell that two overhead and six side shower heads pounded his body. 

    Niall had his back towards me and couldn't hear anything over the running shower. 

    I quickly brushed my teeth, then opened the shower door and stepped inside, breathing in the misty steam. He spun around at the click of the door. I walked to him, wordlessly, and slipped my arms around his neck. Our lips came together in a soft kiss.

    "Good morning," I said against his mouth. 

    "Good morning. Was something wrong with breakfast?"

    Yes, Niall, I wanted to say. I'm standing naked in your shower because I want to complain about breakfast.

    "Actually," I said. "There was something missing."

    "Really? In the omelet?" He asked, his voice full of shock. God how I want to roll my eyes at him. 

    “Not in the omelet, but I didn’t get the you.” I kissed one cheek. “You.” I kissed the other. “Or the side dish of you.” I kissed his lips. 

    “Can’t have that now, can we?” He smiled at me.

    "I guess not," I pouted. He smirked at me.

    He pulled out the bodywash from its place inside the shower and started soaping up his hands. Within minutes I was covered in suds and I started washing my hair with some of his hair shampoo. When my hair was rinsed, I smiled up at him, and opened the door. Stepping out, I took a towel, and wrapped it around my self. Just as I opened up the door to the hallway, I heard a knock on the door. I groaned, but headed over to the massive wooden door. Quite aware that I was only covered in a towel, I unlocked the door, and opened it slightly. 


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