Live While We're Criminals (Niall Horan and Justin Bieber)

"They say I'm a criminal. A theif. With no respect for anyone, or anything. Listen. I don't go looking for trouble... Trouble comes looking for me." - Allison


29. Chapter 28

Ok, please don't said Nazi's after me! I do greatly apologize for taking like more than 3 weeks to update! I know i said i would try to update faster, but honestly i have SO much hw and the teachers don't even care thats it like the end of the school year, they're just giving us HW after HW after HW! I have so many stuff that I have to do and honestly I have no time for anything! After May 22, we don't have any more classes and no hw! That means more free time! Let me get threw these last few weeks of prison, and I promise you I guys I will catch up on the updates! SO ya! Oh and also, we got a TON of people who signed the petition thingy, so THANK YOU to everyone who voted! I gotta tell you, I wasn't expecting that many people to vote!! and The vote was VERY VERY close! It was just a 1 vote difference, so Live While We're Criminals WONT be getting an end date, so for now whenever it ends it ends! :) ok well Enjoy chapter 28, and don't shoot me ok? -Denny xx


Chapter 28


    Niall closed the door behind him, holding my hand. He had led me all the way back up  to his room. On the way up, my mind was completely blank. I couldn't think about wether or not Niall was gonna film me or what. I mean who cares? My life is already a living hell. 

    Niall spun my around so my back was pressing against his front. I could feel his erection pressing up against my thighs. His arms snaked around my waist. One of his arms moved my hair to one side, allowing his lips to press against the cool skin of my neck. His warm lips left me goosebumps as they left a trail. 

    Niall's hands, swiftly grabbed hold of my shirt and lifted it above my shoulders, only breaking his trail for a second. My breasts were out in the open, since I had no bra on. Thankfully I wasn't facing him, otherwise my face would be crimson. 

    His hands traveled from my waist, to my breasts, each cupping one, and softly squeezing. My mouth opened and i et out a soft moan. Niall formed a small smirk that I felt on my skin. His hands traveled down to the waist-band of Justin's boxers that I still had on. Niall's cool lips traveled to the side of my jaw, leaving wet kisses every couple of seconds. One of his hands pulled on the waist-band of the boxers, allowing enough room for his hand to slide in. His palm rested right on top of my clit, making me feel anxious down there. 

    I moved from one leg to another, not being able to stop myself. Niall lift his head up, his lips now by my ears. 

    "Shh…" he whispered. As he whispered, his hand started to rub in a soft motion. I opened my legs slightly, allowing him easier access. As his hand worked down, rubbing my pussy, I leaned my head back, resting on Niall's chest. His head was buried in my neck, sucking my neck and leaving love bites all over. 

    "Niall… Please," I gritted my teeth. There was an overwhelmingly a lot of pressure down there, as Niall continued his motion. If he continues this, he'll be torturing me onto I eventually let go. 

    "What do you need?" He smirked. I closed my eyes, squeezing them shut. 

    "Please, Niall!" I muttered, not being able to say anything more. I closed my legs slightly around his hand, trying to get him to understand. His hand didn't budge, it just kept going in the slow motion. 

    "Tell me what you need," He muttered, his voice muffled since his head was buried in my neck. 

    "You," I said threw my gritted teeth. Niall exhaled heavily, allowing his breath to hit my face. His hand stop going in the up and down motion. 

    His free hand that was until now on the waist band, slided it's way up to my right breast, cupping it and squeezing softly. He started to play with it, but I didn't concentrate on that hand. 

    His other hand by now had long seized to move. Except for his index finger which he had managed to slide inside of me. 

    I arched my back, and spread my legs, asking for more. He took his finger out of me, and I snapped my eyes open, disappointed. He laughed slightly realizing that I was discouraged. He took his hand out of my boxers, and slowly sank them down to the floor. I kicked the boxer at the far end of the room, leaning my head back again on Niall's chest, looking at him from the corner of my eye.

    He walked in the front of me, releasing his hand from my waist and grabbed my hand. Niall started walking towards the bed, his lips in a smile. I followed after him and he dragged me by my hand. 

    "Lay down," he whispered, his voice hoarse. I let go of his hand, and laid down on the bed. My feet dangling from the edge of the bed and my back on the soft white sheets. Niall took of his t-shirt, and shorts, standing in only boxers. I eyed his muscular body. 

    "Enjoying the view?" he laughed, his lips in a smirk. I rolled my eyes, but smiled up at him. 

    He bent down, grabbing hold of my knees. His lips started to put small kisses up and down my thighs, not reaching my pussy. My fingers buried in his hair, pulling slightly. He opened up my legs more, burying his head further up. He planted small kisses on my clit. I opened up my lips, allowing a soft moan to escape. I don't get what it is with the celebrities having these weird tactics. Whenever I had sex with a regular guy, they never fucked me with their tongues. 

    Niall, opened up my clit with his fingers, allowing his tongue to glide in. I closed my eyes, suddenly feeling my climax. 

    "Niall…" I whispered. Feeling my climax almost there. 

    "Cum for me," he whispered, as he took his tongue out. He pushed it back, in further up then Justin ever had. I arched my back, as the warm sensation finally released. Niall pulled his tongue out, licking me up. I blushed slightly. 

    He pulled away from me, turning his back from me, and walked over to one of the drawers. Niall slide down his boxer, and I heard paper ripping. He turned towards me, his condom now on. 

    I backed away, so there was room for us to lay, without my feet dangling off. Niall laid on top of me, his arms on either side of my waist, holding himself up. He spread my legs open with his knees. 

    "If you don't want to, it's not to late to quit," he whispered, his breath hitting my face. I closed my eyes. 

    "I'm fine, Niall," I whispered. He nodded understanding. He lowered his waist, and I felt him on my clit. Niall took a deep breath in, and then I felt him inside of me. I turned my head wanting to bite something from the fast sensation. 

    "You ok?" Niall asked, his voice full of worry. I nodded my head, reassuring him. He pulled back, and then pushed back into me, fast. He kept the tempo going like that for a while. His lips on my bare stomach and his fingers, playing around each of my breasts. I breathed heavily.  Niall's lips left a small trail of kisses from the bottom of my breasts to my belly button, and then back again. 

    I twirled my head to the side again, feeling my climax almost reach. Niall found my lips with his, making me turn my head towards him. His tongue fought with mine for dominance, neither one of us backing down. 

    I felt my climax, hit and I arched my back, letting go of Niall's kiss. I felt myself release and so did Niall. I laid down, my head resting on one of the pillows. Niall laid down on top of me. He was still inside of me, and it made full, but it was a nice sensation. I opened my eyes, and found Niall's eyes asleep as well. I closed my eyes, burying my fingers in his hair again. With him still inside of me, we both drifted off to sound sleep. 


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