Live While We're Criminals (Niall Horan and Justin Bieber)

"They say I'm a criminal. A theif. With no respect for anyone, or anything. Listen. I don't go looking for trouble... Trouble comes looking for me." - Allison


27. Chapter 26








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Chapter 26

Allison's P.O.V.


    The silence between me and Niall continued on for some time. He didn't put on music, and I didn't bother asking him to turn it on. The music, now a days is on repeat. Everywhere you go, you hear the exact same music, after a while it gets really annoying. I mean there are MILLIONS of songs out there, do the radio stations really need to reply only 5 songs? 

    "What were you doing at Justin's?" Niall whispered. He blinked a couple of times but kept his gaze on the road. When I turned to look at him, his eyes traveled to the other side of the road, making sure I couldn't see his face. 

    "I though we agreed on not asking me questions if I got in the car with you," I said. My voice sounded weak, almost as if I had been crying. In truth, I was crying, on the inside. This whole thing may blow over, but I will still be reminded of it. Tomorrow it could be off twitter, youtube, and all the other websites, but I'm sure it will make the news. By the time it makes the news, everyone would have heard about it. 

    Niall remained silent, not commenting about what I had to say. The car was warm, which made the awkwardness between us, even more tense. I started to sniff, my nose becoming stuffy. The corners of my eyes started to become teary, and my vision became burry. I wiped my eyes to stop the liquid from falling. After a couple of seconds, it wasn't just the corners of my eyes that were watering, but my entire eye was. The tears started to fall down my cheek, and I attempted to wipe them from my face. 

    "Are you crying?" Niall asked me, in a panicked voice. My cheeks started to turn red, but I managed to shake my head 'no'. I continued to wipe my face as the god damn tears continued to fall. Lately I've been crying, and I don't understand why. This whole new side of me gave me a weakness, a weakness I've never had to deal with before. 

    I felt the car turn solidly to the side, and then park. Niall hopped out of the car, and walked around to my side. The door opened, and the cool wind started to blow inside the car. I turned my face to the other side, and kept on crying. 

    Stop crying Allison! Now!

    I ignored the little voice in my head, and just let the water fall. The shirt that was already damp from when I fought with Justin and had let myself weep. 

    Niall bent down to my level, and placed his hand on my knee. His hand started to rub my leg in a smooth motion, relaxing me. Cars drove by us, but none of them bothered to stop. It only shows you how nice people can be. If I was about to be raped by someone, I doubt anyone would stop their car to help. 

    "Shh, it's alright Allison," Niall whispered, his sweet Irish accent making me feel warm. My breathing started to sound almost like a human again, and my eyes were barely crying. I wiped the stray tears, and turned my head to face Niall. His face is covered in tears, and his eyes are puffy red. The way he looked at me with his blue eyes, made him look like such a child. 

    I turned in my seat so I was facing him, and wrapped my arms around him, my face burying in his shoulder. This took Niall by surprise, and it was a while until he responded to my hug. His hand was removed from my knee, and he wrapped his hands protectively around me. 

    "You're such an innocent child when you cry, Niall," I whispered. My voice was muffled by his shoulder, and it made me wonder if he even heard me. Niall's laugh filled my ears. I started to laugh along with him. I removed my hands from him, and he followed suit. I wiped my face so I looked slightly normal, and Niall did the same. When I turned to look at him again, his eyes were puffy, and his entire face was red. My face most likely looks the same as his. 

    "You look like a tomato," Niall whispered. I cracked him a grin, showing off my teeth. He smiled back at me as well.

    "Hey! You don't have your braces anymore!" I exclaimed. I grabbed Niall's face, and brought his chin down, to reveal his pearl white teeth. 

    "Ya, I got them off this morning. It feels weird without them. Do I look good?" He asked. His eyes were shinning. The blueness in his eyes, was now so light, they almost matched the sky. 

    "You look perfect," I smiled. Niall smiled too, and then released my hand that I never noticed he had been holding. 

    "Well lets get back home," Niall stood up, closing my door, and walked back to the drivers seat. Niall started the car, and I turned my attention to the window. The car was moving so fast I couldn't make out the trees. 

    I shut my eyes, allowing my brain to think. Niall probably does't know about this, and if he does, he's acting really nice to me. If he doesn't know about it, then I'm positive he'll hear about this soon enough. The problem is, I don't wanna loose him, he's too nice to me. Why did Justin have to go and ruin my life? People keep thinking Justin's so nice. That even though he is famous he still acts normal. Well, now I have proof that no normal human being would release that kind of tape for the public to see. Anyone with TV, Phone, or computer access will see this. What's worse, is that since I am a criminal, everyone will know where I am, who I spent my time with (Justin Bieber) and now, because of that, no doubt many gangs will come looking for me. Gangs that I've angered in the past, who want revenge. 


    I opened my eyes. The bright sun making me cringe. My palms were hitting something soft, and silky. As I patted the fabric under me, I realized that I'm laying a bed. A hairy white blanket was covered on top of me. My head's resting on a pillow that melted my head in it. The mattress was one of those where when you put your hand on it and then removed it, it left your print on it. There's a flat screen TV in front of the bed, which was hanging on a tall circular podium. A large terrace was to the side of the bed and TV. It looked out to a lot of trees. Bellow the bed there's a furry, snow white, circular rug. Under the rug, a white carpet was lining the floor under all the furniture.

    "Hey," an Irish accent muttered, behind me. I turned my body around and faced a worried blonde popstar. His face looked tired, and there's purple bags under his eyes. He's sitting on a red chair, which was facing me. 

    "Hi. How long were you sitting there watching me?" I whispered, my voice hoarse. I felt my hair being in all directions, and I grunted at how lame I probably looked, compared to Niall who looked amazing. 

    "Ugh, since you were asleep. So about 14 hours," Niall scratched behind his head, and avoided my eye contact. 

    "I slept that long!" I exclaimed. I sat up in a sitting position, and leaned up against the thin leather white headboard. My head started spinning, making all the white in the room seem even more white. 

    "It's ok, I'm sure you needed that sleep," Niall smiled. The warm smile that was usually on his face, now didn't even reach his eyes, as he looked at the floor. His fingers fiddled with a small object I couldn't identify. 

    "Niall, are you ok? You don't look like yourself," I muttered. My head started to return to normal, clearing up my vision. Niall nodded his head and looked up at me. Even though he cried about 14 hours ago, his eyes were still puffy. Actually, they were the exact same color they were since the last time I saw him. 

    "How did I get here?" I whispered, my voice cracking. It pained me to think that Niall had cried while I was asleep. I wish I had woken up earlier, so I could cuddle with him and make him feel better. 

    What's wrong with me? I've never felt the need to make anyone feel better before. Not even Kaidon. That says a lot…

    "We're at my house. I carried you here when you fell asleep in the car," He whispered. He didn't look at me once, making me even more guilty than I already felt. 

    "Where did you sleep?" I removed the blanket from me, and I crawled to the edge of the bed where my legs dangled from the bed, and I starred at Niall, my eyes surely full of concern. I don't want to be heartless anymore. If someone hurts my Niall, then they mess with me. 

    My Niall? He's not MY Niall! And how do I know he's not the cause of his hurting. 

    I blocked my thoughts out. Sure he isn't my Niall, but maybe he is hurting because of me. 

    Niall stayed quiet, not answering my question, which I completely forgot I asked. His eyes were still on his fingers, and it bugged me. Why was he acting this way? Almost as if he was mad at me or something. 

    "Niall, what's wrong? What did I do?" I asked. I stood up and walked over to Niall. I ran my hands threw his hair, and grabbed the ends of it, tugging slightly up so he would finally meet my gaze. 

    "Please, Niall," I whispered. Bending down, I pressed my forehead against his. He closed his eyes, and tilted his head up, our lips touching each other. He parted his lips, and started to breath from them. HIs exhale, hitting my face. 

    "I saw the tape…" He whispered. His brown eye brows, were scrunched together, as if he was in pain. I stopped breathing for a couple of seconds, letting the information reach my brain.

    I knew this would happen, yet it's still a shock to hear it. If Niall saw it, that means the tape must not be down yet. 

    A small knock on the door, made me jump back a couple of steps, hitting the bed. Niall turned towards the door, his face still looked in pain, but at least the redness from his crying was gone. He muttered a low 'come in', and the door opened. 

    "Is she awake yet?" A british-accent whispered. Louis. 


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