Live While We're Criminals (Niall Horan and Justin Bieber)

"They say I'm a criminal. A theif. With no respect for anyone, or anything. Listen. I don't go looking for trouble... Trouble comes looking for me." - Allison


26. Chapter 25

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Chapter 25

Allison's P.O.V.


    Oral tape?! Did Justin record us doing that? He wouldn't… HIs career could get ruined… But how could someone record this? Maybe it is Justin. He knows that I'm a criminal, maybe this would be a great way for him to sort of show the police, instead of him calling them. 

    Justin was still sitting on his chair, playing around in his food. Why is he so down? Did he see that someone recorded us? No, he was the one recording us. Is this his way of feeling guilty? DID he feel guilty? My life is just going down hill. Why do I get involved with celebrities? I'm a criminal! Now the about 10 million girls will search me up on google, and see that I have a criminal record. This will ruin Justin. Wait… Why do I care about him? If he was the one recording us, maybe it is good that his life will now fall to ashes like mine is. 

    "What's wrong?" Justin muttered, barely looking at me. I didn't even blink as I continued to scroll threw my mentions. Maybe it was a bad idea for me to make a twitter. I have amazing timings for everything. 

    "Allison, what's wrong?" This time his voice sounded more demanding. I straightened up slightly and continued to scroll.

    "Like you care," I whispered. My eyes filled with tears when I pressed the video and I saw myself. Naked and being pleasured by the one and only Justin. As I looked at the comments, they were all saying something along the lines of "go kill yourself, whore" and "wish that was me, instead of a dumb slut, who just escaped Prison".  The tears pooling around my eyes, were starting to fall. A chair screeched, indicating that it moved. 

    Justin walked over to me, and grabbed a hold of my face. His eyes were full of concern, but I wasn't about to take any of his bull.

    "Look, we can go finish, if you want…," he said. My eyebrows shot up, and I tried so hard to contain my laughter. I couldn't hold the disbelieved expression from appearing on my face. 

    "Oh my god. You son of bitch. I can't believe you!" I hit his chest, forcing him to remove his hands from my face as I stepped away from him and whipped my face when the tears started to fall down my face. Each making the shirt I was wearing more and more wet. 

    "Then what's bothering you?! Why are you crying? Allison, answer me," Justin begged. His voice was full of despair. I kept on weeping. This is weak of me to do, and yet I continued to cry. This giant wall I've created around myself had gotten bigger and bigger, until finally it had turned into a building. Now as I was crying, I felt the walls of the building falling down, breaking apart, and destroying themselves. The hatred I've built and the anger, is all being washed away now. I haven't cried in so long, that I've even forgotten how it feels like. I'm mean and rude all the time, because I'm always trying to hide the fact that I am a girl, and I am weak. 

    In every situation there are two sides. The person who takes advantage, or the person who is being used. I'm always the person who takes advantage, because if I'm not, I will be used. I will be thrown away and forgotten. My heart would be shattered, and I don't think I would be able to repair it. 

    All of my hatred, has been a fake. I never thought that one day, I would be stomped on, but I guess the day has come. Justin had taken advantage of me, made me look like a fool, and then asked me if I wanted to continue it. Worst part is, he doesn't know that I know about the tape. He must think I'm crying over something stupid. Some girl problem. 

    Obviously he doesn't know me well enough. I hurt yes, but I will stand back up, because it's what must be done. When my parents beat me, I stood up and pretended nothing happened. I ran away from home, not because I'm weak and I couldn't take. I ran away from home because I was strong for to long. 

    Now that my soul has been hurt again, this time mentally instead of physically, it's time for me to stand up again.

    I whipped away all my tears, and looked at my reflection in the mirror by the sink. I tried my best not to look at Justin just yet. My eyes closed and I took a couple deep breathes, counted to five and reopened my eyes. This time, I focused on Justin's reflection in the mirror. He was staring at me with wide eyes. His hair was a mess, probably from him running his fingers threw it multiple times. Either with concern, or anger. 

    I turned back around and walked over to him. Youtube was still open to the video of the tape, now having way over 1 million views. 

    "Wanna know, what my problem is, jackass? You are. You made me feel pleasure in a way no guy ever has, and I've slept with many, trust me. Then, you decide to record us? Not only that, but you post it online, for your entire fan base to see? I don't know what you were trying to accomplish, but congratulations on your success," I snapped at him. I shoved the phone in his hand, then walked past him, making sure to hit his shoulder. 

    Justin looked at my phone, wide eyes and pressed play. The video was 10 minutes long, and on top it said Part 1. A part 2 must be coming out soon, and it was probably going to be a video of Justin and me finishing it. That was probably why he invite me to go "finish it". My thoughts were being clouded with anger. 

    Justin turned back around, after watching the video, his eyes looking slightly moist, but I just ignored it. He shouldn't have become a singer. Obviously, he was a much better actor. 

    "Allison… I…," he stuttered. Justin's lips were parted open slightly, shock written all over his face. Did he honestly not think I would see it? Is that why he's so shocked? Well of course he should have known that I would make a twitter and see it. If I hadn't made a twitter, I'd still have watched the news. 

    "Don't bother Justin," I muttered. I walked up to a frozen, shocked Justin, and removed my phone from his hands. 

    I dialed the first number I could think of. Niall's. I know I shouldn't trust Niall because of Louis, but honestly, Niall's my only chance of getting out of here, without being seen by people in nothing but Justin's T-shirt and boxers. 

    "Hello?" An irish voice asked. I sighed in relief. Just hearing his voice made me feel so much better. But Niall can't fix this, mess that his best friend made. 

    "Niall, it's Allison… I'm at Justin's place. Pick me up? Please. And don't ask questions," I whispered, on the verge of tears again. It took Niall a couple of moments to reply but when he finally replied with an 'ok', I could hear his car starting in the background. 

    I hung up, and turned around facing away from Justin. His lips were now closed, but his eyes were puffy red. Almost as if he had cried, but yet no tears had escaped from his eyes. Almost as if he had cried dry tears. 

    "You're leaving?" Justin whispered, barely audible. His voice was rough and it definitely didn't sound like his normal voice. I walked forward until I reached the end of the kitchen. 

    "Get lost, douche," I replied with no remorse. I wish I can throw something at him, but he'd most likely sue me, and if that happened I'd go to jail, because 1. I threw something at Justin Bieber and 2. I'm still a criminal. 

    I walked out of the huge mansion, which i had now memorized the exits to. Not all, since I haven't been in most rooms. I've just memorized the bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchen. 

    As soon as I reached the end of the driveway, a red car appeared in front of me. In the front seat, a small piece of blonde hair could be seen threw the darkness. Niall's trying to keep his hair brown now, but I personally like him as a blonde. It suits his Irishness better. 

    "You look like hell… I'm taking you to my place, and you're not objecting, otherwise I'll start questioning you," he replied as soon as I stepped in the car, and he looked at my face. Niall's car has a mirror that u pull down, but I don't feel like cleaning myself up. Being in this car with Niall, it made me feel as if I don't have to wear makeup. Being with him, just made me feel like I fit, as if he was a missing puzzle piece. The atmosphere between us made me feel warm, and it feels like home. It feels safe…


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