Live While We're Criminals (Niall Horan and Justin Bieber)

"They say I'm a criminal. A theif. With no respect for anyone, or anything. Listen. I don't go looking for trouble... Trouble comes looking for me." - Allison


25. Chapter 24

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Chapter 24
"Justin!" I screamed. My back arched, and I felt a small burning through my veins, as I reached my climax. My breathe hitched slightly. Justin leaned up, and smiled at me proudly. My eyes glared into his, trying to mentally burn him alive.
                "What?" he asked, amused. That little cunt. How dare he?
                "I can't believe you..." I whispered. My head fell back on the soft sheets, and I stared up at the ceiling, my eyes focusing on every detail. Justin climbed on top of me, holding up his weight with his elbows.
                "I know, amazing, right?" He smiled, showing off his white teeth. My hands reached up, and grabbed a hold of his hair pulling slightly. He closed his eyes, and his lips were slightly parted. Justin's breathe seemed to slow down slightly. I pressed my lips together to contain my laughter, but finally managed to, when I felt a small bump on my thigh, automatically realizing it was Justin's friend.
                "Justin... Justin... Can you please... Uh... Remove yourself from my thigh?" I stuttered. Justin's eyes opened. His mouth pulled up in a slight smirk, and he stood up from me. I sat in an upright position and watched Justin put on his boxers.
                "Going somewhere?" I asked, a small hint of teased at the end of my sentence. Justin didn't bother to look at me as he walked out the door.
                "Hungry," he muttered. I stood up and went to put on some sweats from Justin's closet, and grabbed the first T-Shirt I could find. Unluckily for me, it was white... which meant see-threw. Exactly what I needed to make this day, SO much more perfect.
                Justin was already out of sight. I walked out of the room and tried to find my way to his kitchen. I used to remember the way, but now I'm completely lost. If you were to send Einstein here, he would get lost as well.
                After a couple of wrong doors, I found the correct one. When I walked inside, I found myself staring at a shirtless Justin cooking some eggs. He had one of his legs crossed over the other, while one of his hands worked at mixing the eggs. I'm glad he can cook. I was never one, to make food. I would always eat it all up, but I would never actually cook it. I was horrible, and I would always end up destroying it. It's not that I burn the food, it just turns out uneatable. Not even a starved person would want my cooking. That's why, whenever I would go to Adrissa, the guys always expected me to cook whatever we caught, but things end up completely different. Whenever I walk in with a boar, or a rabbit or something, they would always scream for me to cook it. I would get pissed off, and I would grab the nearest person by me, pull them to the kitchen and start hitting them with something until they would cook. It always turns out fine. Food is food, after all... except when I cook...
                "Hey, why'd you leave?" I asked, leaning up against the door frame. I walked in from the opposite side of the door from the last time I was in here. It made the room look smaller, but that's probably because I'm looking at the room from the back. If I looked at it from the front, it would look big again.
                "I told you I was hungry," He whispered. His mood suddenly changed so fast. Bipolar much? Maybe he just gets upset when he doesn't eat.
                Justin pulled out two plates from the over head cabinets, and dumped the eggs on the plate. By the looks of the food, I could tell Justin wasn't a better cook than me. The idea of actually eating that brought vile up to my mouth. He turned around and place the two plates on the counter, then sat so I could see him. His head was bent low, and he was already focused on his food.
                I sighed, and sat down across from him. One glance at the food, and I made up my mind that I would rather eat chicken eye balls. I pushed the plate away, trying very hard not to make a face and insult Justin.
                "You don't like it?" Justin glanced up slightly. His eyes were filled with sadness and sorrow. The lustful and happy little kid was now replaced with a stressed out teenager.
                "No! I just... I'm not hungry," I whispered. Justin nodded his head and continued to look down at his plate. After a couple of minutes, I decided to break the awkward tension by opening up my cellphone. It's a pretty cool Galaxy S. 3, and it's definitely my favorite phone, in the world.
                The one problem is, I don't have any apps, or any social media to check up on. Maybe it was time that, that changed. I mean, I do want to start a new life, don't I? I went to the market store, and searched up "Twitter". While I waited for that to download, I searched up "Facebook". I'll start off with these social medias, and then as I start to understand more and more about technology I'll join the other socials. Maybe make some new friends.
                On the very top of my phone, it displayed that Twitter had downloaded. I opened it up, and pressed on register. I filled out the entire list and then pressed next. The next page showed many celebrities, and on top it read "Let's get started! Start to follow some people". The first person on the list, was none other than @JustinBieber. I rolled my eyes and pressed the follow button. Next I typed in  One Direction, since I wasn't sure of their first and last names. @NiallOfficial, @Harry_Styles, @Louis_Tomlinson, @Real_Liam_Payne and @zaynmalik1d showed up. I followed each one of them, and then started to put names with faces.
                "Hey, I just made a twitter. I followed you," I said, scrolling through twitter and looking at more celebrities to follow. Demi, check. Taylor Lautner, check. Kristen, check. Jennifer Lawrence, check. Anne Hathaway, check. Orlando Bloom, check. Johnny Depp... no twitter... damn him. Well, I guess lucky him. He's not addicted to any social networks, like I have a feeling I will be.
                My phone vibrated, twice, and I checked on the small icon with the @. When I pressed it, the top read 'Mentions'.
                JustinBieber followed you

                @JustinBieber:  Follow my good friend @AllisonReedOfficial! RT

                Right after that, I think my phone started to reproduce. It kept on going off every millisecond. I groaned out loud, and glared at him. Great, now because of him my phone will die, and he's gonna have to buy me a new one.
                @AlexSTr12:  What's up with this bitch, @AllisonReedOfficial? @JustinBieber's   "friend"   I think not. Get lost.
                @Colleen99:  Aww, nice pic, @AllisonReedOfficial! Follow me? Xx

                @RachelP78:  @AllisonReedOfficial You look very familiar... do i know u?

                After reading a couple of negative comments, I decided to tweet for the first time in my entire life. Should I brag? Well, I do want to start a new life... But at the same time, starting a new life doesn't mean that I have to change my personality, and the old me would brag. Bragging it will be. I snapped a quick pic of Justin eating, without him noticing and decided to tweet it.
                @AllisonReedOfficial:  Aren't you such a cutie!? @JustinBieber

                I scrolled threw my mentions, waiting for Justin to see the picture. I didn't bother to look up at him and see if he was even looking at his phone. He would eventually see it.
                My eyes zoomed past a couple mentions, each saying the exact same thing. My eyes widened and I felt them focus on every single word on my mentions. They were each saying the exact same thing.

                Nice oral tape
And with that we end on a cliffy... P.S. the picture that Allison tweeted is F-A-K-E! The link doesnt work, I even tried it out for myself just in case. :) So too short, perfect? Awesome? AMAZAYN!? COMMENT!!!!!! :) and dont forget to vote! :) luve you all :) xx -Denny xx

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