Live While We're Criminals (Niall Horan and Justin Bieber)

"They say I'm a criminal. A theif. With no respect for anyone, or anything. Listen. I don't go looking for trouble... Trouble comes looking for me." - Allison


24. Chapter 23

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Chapter 23


                Justin approached me. His full pink lips seemed smoother as he bit down on his lower lip with his front teeth. He put his hands right next to my head. His cologne, Caroline Herrera, filled my nose as air passed between us.
                The distance between our two bodies is near inches. Justin covered the space quickly by pressing his body against mine, our foreheads touching.
                "Don't you dare to ever leave me hanging like that again," he whispered. His voice was full of a strong command filled with lust and need. He bent his head down and touched my lips to his.
                At first our lips were just dancing with each other, but as time grew, Justin's tongue skinned the bottom of my lip asking for entrance. I smirked as I pressed my lips together, denying him. My fingers reached out and weaved themselves in Justin's silk hair. A groan escaped his lips as I tugged.
                Justin's hands slowly started to decline from beside my head to my waist. His fingers tugged my shirt up slightly revealing a small portion of my skin. Justin's hands slowly eased their way under my shirt and up, behind my back.
                A small moan escaped my lips, and Justin took that advantage to push his tongue passed my lips.
                Justin as Justin was about to unclip my bra strap, I pulled my lips free, and brought my hands to his chest, to make him stop.
                "Not here..." I managed. For a second, I thought I'd lost my entire voice.
                Justin nodded his head and opened the door behind me, with a single flick of his hands, his eyes never leaving mine. I backed away from him slowly, and then turned around, looking at his mansion. The last time I was here, I managed to hit Justin and steal his car. Now, I'm here for an entirely new purpose.
                A soft, warm hand slid into mine and started tugging me towards the crystal stairs. My mind was blank, not thinking of anything. I'm not a virgin, so I obviously am not scared, but there's something different about Justin. Cheesy right? But he's not like all the other guys I've slept with. Most of them were either from other gangs, my gang, or even just rich kids. I'm no slut that goes around sleeping with every hot guy she sees. The only reason I've ever done it was to get something. Money... Weapons... Plans... Sometimes even secret information that our gang needs. Because I'm the only girl, I'm obviously the only one that gets to do this. Sometimes it's not that bad as I make it out to be.
                Today, I might be breaking some rules, and finally sleeping with someone who I wanted to. Someone who wouldn't be giving me something which I would then have to take to Ren.
                Justin led me down a longer hallway, and opened a large double wooden door.
                Inside, the room was entire cream colored. The wooden floors were made with large brown squares. In the far right side was a large plain cream colored carpet which matched the walls. The 2 walls in front of the bed were all made up of windows. Instead of having no privacy, there's cream colored window shades that match the wall colors, almost making them blend in with the wall and making the windows invisible. There is a white desk with once again, a cream colored leather bean bag. The lights for the room were only 2 lamp shaped ones that hang off the wall, and are besides the bed, as well as right next to the white bedside tables.
                The room looks very modern, and not very Justin Bieberish... Maybe it's just a guest bedroom, because honestly this whole cream colored room style, wasn't matching his childlike attitude.
                "Have you ever..." Justin said, scratching his head awkwardly. I nodded my head not looking at him. Our fingers were still linked together.
                Justin started walking until he hit the bed, and sat down. I climbed on his lap, my knees on each side of his legs. His eyes connected with mine, right before his lips smashed into mine for the second time today. Justin's hands reached over to my shirt, and tugged it, making some buttons fly off, and the shirt rip apart. I shrugged out of it, breaking the kiss and glaring at Justin. That was my only shirt! Bastard.
                "Oops," he smirked. I rolled my eyes and connected our lips again. Both of our tongues dancing in rhythm, his taking lead and mine fighting for dominance. Justin's hands found their way around my back and down the backside of my jeans. They couldn't get far because of me sitting.
                My hands reached up and took off his white T-Shirt, breaking the kiss for a moment, but only to have it reconnected once again seconds later. Justin leaned back, and I fell forward, my chest hitting his.
                My butt was slightly up in the air, which gave Justin the chance to quickly slide his hand inside my panties. I moaned against his lips and pressed my hands to his toned abs.
                After a while of Justin exploring around, he finally decided to unzip my jeans. I quickly got off of him, and took off my shoes, while kicking off my jeans. I didn't bother to throw them anywhere, since there's no point in that. Justin had also stood up and was now intensely eyeing my body. I crossed my arms over my chest and quizzingly looked at him.
                He patted the bed in front of him, indicating for me to lay down. I obligated.
                As soon as I sat down, Justin's warm hands pushed me to lay down on my back. I closed my eyes and let my hands engulf themselves in the fine silk matterial.
                Justin bent down to his knees, and put both of his hands on my knees. After a couple of seconds of checking me out, he reached over and pushed my panties to the side revealing myself to him. With his free hand, which was still on my knee, he opened my legs up further.
                No matter how many times I've had sex, it still get embarrassing. A small pink blush rose to my cheeks, warming up my entire face.
                Justin pushed his index finger in me, which took me by surprise and made me snap my eyes open. I've only ever had sex, never have I let anyone pleasure me. First time for everything, I guess.
                I gasped slightly for air, and felt myself getting wetter by the second.
                Justin's finger started to move around in a circular motion, feeling my walls.
                "You're a little tight..." he whispered, but I couldn't hear him. My head was pounding slightly. I've never felt such extreme pleasure before in my life. This whole thing was new to me, and I sure do enjoy it.
                Justin fully shoved his entire finger inside me, and then pulled it out quickly. Before I could process anything, Justin pushed his index finger and his middle finger inside of me, again moving around in full motion. He didn't wait for me to adjust to the size, and it left me wanting more as he pulled out his hand.
                He brought his fingers up to his lips, and slowly licked off the juice from my inside.
                I swallowed, loudly, and he smirked. I rolled my eyes at him, and brought my hands to his neck, slightly pulling down. His lips connected with mine, but before any tongue got involved, he pulled away. He stepped away from my legs, and I pouted at him. He laughed at my immaturity as he started to take off his jeans and shoes.
                He flicked them to the side, and walked back over to me. This time he took off my panties, and bent down once again. His hands pushed open my legs, and again it brought a crimson touch to my cheeks.
                "Aw, someone's blushing," Justin teased. I looked away from him, making my hair cover my face. A small laugh escaped his lips, and I knew he was doing his best to contain from laughing too hard.
                His head leaned towards my opening, and his lips started to place small light kisses on my clit, making me even more wet than I already was.
                "Justin," I groaned. My nails started to grab at the sheets, wanting nothing more than to pull out my hairs from the rising tension in my body. I was about to reach my climax.
                "I know, shawty... Shh..." he cooed, as his lips started to kiss in a circular pattern. His hand's were still at my knees, restricting me to close my legs.
                "Come for me, shawty."
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