Live While We're Criminals (Niall Horan and Justin Bieber)

"They say I'm a criminal. A theif. With no respect for anyone, or anything. Listen. I don't go looking for trouble... Trouble comes looking for me." - Allison


22. Chapter 21

DONT YELL AT ME!!! I didn't mean to not update :( I was just having some friend and family problems :/ And I couldnt bring myself out of bed. Seems like most writers who write fanfiction do have a hard time with life :3 wish it was Summer again so that the only thing I have to worry about is if I made my chapter for the fanfiction too long :P and yes it was one of my concerns! lol :D ok, well here it is you guys! Don't hate me if it's shit! I just... I dont feel good about myself anymore :3 Hopefully that doesnt reflect on my writing! -Denny xx
Chapter 21

                Louis turned around in his seat and waved me forward with a huge grin on his face. Across from him sat the person who I most despise. The person who hasn't stop chasing me around the world, no matter where I go. There is no escaping him, and now that I want a normal life, he has to come and ruin it. I get that it's his job, but doesn't he get a year vacation off or something? I mean I would get so pissed off if I was hunting down a criminal who always escapes from prison. No matter which one.
                I slowly walked towards Louis and Chris. Chris was looking directly at me with a mischievous smirk on his face. There's only one seat available at the near end of the another table, which I took and sat next to Louis, as well as being as far away from Chris as possible. Right now, he could have any plan in mind, it's best to stay far away from him.
                "So, Allison this is Ch-," Louis began to say. His voice filled the air with enthusiasm. Does he even know? How do they know each other? I interrupted him.
                "Ya, we uh... We know each other, Louis. No need for introductions," I gritted my teeth, when Chris took sip out of his coffee with a grin plastered on his face. I doubt Chris will want anything to do with me today. Mainly because it's not his job anymore. Maybe it's his job to spy on me... Certainly not arrest me though.
                "Oh, you do... How?" Louis asked. He took a bite out of his biscuit and stared at me seriously. The fans were now at the far right corner of the bakery, with the perfect site of us. They even had camera which were snapping pictures and recording us. No doubt this will be on YouTube.
                Back when I was little and still living with my parents, I'd used to dream of becoming famous. At first, I wanted to become a singer, but as I began to grow up I realized my singing is plain awful and that would never happen. So I started dreaming of becoming an actress. Sometimes I'd go back on those days and still wish that maybe just maybe, one day my life will turn around and I'd become an actress. I even wonder if I had stayed with my parents, would my dreams become reality? Would I have been a good enough person to be worthy enough of a job so powerful? The thought sometimes still brings me to tears. When I was little, I never imagined my life would become this messed up. I never imagined I would kill people, keep running from the cops, and always doubt people. What went so wrong?
                "Um... Work...," I muttered, drinking my hot chocolate in one gulp. The hot liquid burned my throat, but I could care less in the situation that I'm currently in.
                "Tell me about your job, Allison! I've never actually heard you talk about your life before," Louis turned his chair towards me, becoming suddenly more interested in my life.
                "Ya, Allison. Why don't you?" Chris beamed. I gave him a cold glare, which made him grin even more. His straight, black, quiff like hair made him look more edgy and less professional like. His biceps obviously have had more work done on them since last time I saw him. They were showing through his grey T-Shirt, since it was stuck on him. His green eyes, sort of remind me of Harry's, but there is definitely something different as well. Maybe it's the small speck of dark brown in Chris's eyes, that Harry doesn't have.
                "Great, thanks Chris!" I muttered sarcastically. Chris gave a nod in enthusiasm. I racked my brain in search for a quick white lie that I could use.
                "Um, I used to work with him on the force. I was his partner, but not anymore. I quit a couple of years ago, so we haven't seen each other since then," I said. My teeth sank into the bar of chocolate fudge. Oh my god, I can't believe I've never had this before. The sweet taste of chocolate overpowered my other senses, making me lose touch of everything around me. Something so small and delicious is having such a great impact on me. I've actually forgot what chocolate tastes like. I don't remember the last time I've had chocolate. Sure, I've had like sweets and hot chocolates, but nothing compares to the real bars of goodies.
                Chris nodded his head in amazement at my brilliant lie. It didn't take me long to think of one, and maybe that's why Chris told me to tell Louis...
                "That's cool! I actually met, Chris because his daughter is a huge fan of One Direction. He asked me for an autograph and then we got to talking," Louis proudly said. I don't know exactly what he's proud about, either for being in One Direction, or for having a descent conversation with someone without them screaming his name, but he sure looked proud. His posture is somehow composed for him to look like he's bragging about something. It made me smile slightly. He's a true teenager. A teen who has emotions, feelings, and even brags. I'm jealous of him. Of his perfect life, and his perfect career.
                My smile turned upside down in the blink of a second, as a small light bulb went off inside my head. The chocolate I ate, I could feel it rising up to my throat. My head pounded against my head. I've felt like this before. It's the rush of energy. The rush of knowing something that you aren't supposed to know.
                I looked at Louis who was still talking, but I wasn't paying any attention to him. Two stuff finally clicked together. First, Chris has no daughter. I don't know how I didn't catch that at first. Second, my greatest enemy is sitting across from me. And sitting next to me is one of the secret spies.
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