Live While We're Criminals (Niall Horan and Justin Bieber)

"They say I'm a criminal. A theif. With no respect for anyone, or anything. Listen. I don't go looking for trouble... Trouble comes looking for me." - Allison


21. Chapter 20

Hey guys, sorry if this story is getting confusing, I PROMISE you that everything will make sense soon! :) :) DON'T STOP READING!!!!! I dont wanna go to school tomorrow :( :( :( Can we take online schools? Like Online High Schools and Middle Schools and Elementary Schools!??! Kind of like the online colleges? You know how cool that is!? Being home and being @ school at the same time, while listening to 1D and fangirling! All the kids should make a petition about this! It would go viral, and then the government would HAVE to make online schools!! LETS GO KIDS/TEENS!!!! :D Oh and enjoy chapter 20!!! P.S. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE 13K READERS ON WATTPAD!! <3 U!!! -Denny xx
Chapter 20
The morning air hurt my nose as I breathed in and out. The car doesn't have much heat anymore, because it probably turned off or something... I'm not good with cars. The only thing I know about them is literally how to put the key in it, and drive. The rest is just a complete blank.
My arms are wrapped around my legs, and I'm curled into a ball on the backseat of Bieber's car. The coldness made me have goose bumps all over my skin. My hair's are stood up, and I'm sure my lips are blue, because they feel numb. My teeth chattered together slightly, and I try to rub my arms to keep myself warm.
Moments later, a knock on my window brought me into reality. I don't have any weapons of protection, in case it's the cops or a murder. If the person wants to hurt me, they'll have to get past my kicks and punches, which probably won't be so hard, considering I'm frozen.
I brushed the window dew, uncovering a person tan face. I groaned and leaned back as I realized that Louis is my window knocker. He smiled cheekily at me, and motion with his pointer finger at the locks, obviously wanting me to unlock them.
I rolled my eyes, and pressed the unlock button, at the side to open the door for him. Louis slipped inside silently. His silk clothes sliding with the fabric of the car's seats. When he closed the door, I already could smell the air filling with his cologne, Gucci Guilty. A wild mix of lemon and spicy pepper.
His body turned towards me and his fingers slipped inside his hair, smoothing it at the right spots. There was a small smile on his lips, and his eyes dropped with the lack of sleep that was obvious on his tired face.
"So how can I help you?" I said, leaning back against the door while sitting criss-cross on the small seat. My arms resting on the door as my fingers fiddled with my hair. The sweet smell of Louis's perfume is still strong, and it took all my strength not to rip off his shirt and start sniffing it. I have to admit, the cologne he choose is a good choice, and it defiantly suits him. I haven't known him long, but as far as I can tell, he is definitely a goof ball, and Gucci Guilty is definitely wild and different. Just like him!
"Well... I was driving by, and I saw your car parked... So, um I'm figuring you're freezing because I've only been in here for a couple of seconds, and already my arse is an icicle. Come with me back to my hotel, you seem like you need a place to stay," his eyes beamed at me with hope. Louis tilted his head down slightly, and tried his best to look up from under his eyelashes. His face resembled a puppy when he did that. I tried hard not laugh but soon gave up, and burst out laughing. Louis joined me, and soon we were both clutching our stomachs.

"I'd love to Louis, but I have to get to my house. Some furniture people are coming to give me some stuff," I said whipping a tear from the corner of my eye. My body slumped back onto the door, and I pressed my head against the window, enjoying the cool feel.
Louis raised his eyebrow when I mentioned that I have a house, but I ignored it. It's not important where I live, and totally normal. Why is he so surprised? Does he expect me to live in a hotel?
"Um... I could drive you there and help you unpack. I mean, you're almost out of gas," Louis pointed to the car's wheel where it displayed the bar as no gas. My head tilted back and a soft groan was released from my lips. My life is a total mess. Why can't I be normal? I want a normal family. Parents who love me, a grandmother who will back cookies for me. Maybe a sibling... A small puppy that will playfully grab at my legs every time I walk by. A nice modern day house somewhere in suburbs, where I'll find a good job, a nice husband and start a family of my own. But no, I'm a teenager on the run, always having to look behind her shoulder because of being unloved, and having none of those things. I wish my life was normal. Do celebrities feel like this sometime? Like they're always on the lookout for fans because they might get mobbed. But in their case it's different. Instead of people wanting to kill you for killing someone, they feel loved because of the so many people who are their fans and support them. Sometimes, I wish I was a celebrity.
"No thanks. I'm fine, I'll just... Walk. I'm sure it's not that far," I smiled at him, showing him my teeth. Louis didn't return the smile. Instead, he furrowed his eyebrows, and almost glared at me. His eyes seemed darker, and if his personality was different, I'm sure he would've swore at me. It didn't intimidate me though. I've dealt with criminals before who can hurt you in so many ways that you've never thought possible, so a heartthrob pop star with a cold glare, hardly effects me.
"You don't even a clue where you're going do you?... Come on, get out," Louis said sternly. His voice is full of command. I don't like taking orders from anyone, and I especially hate it when someone commands me to do something. Whenever Ren used to tell me to do something, I'd just wave him away and continue doing what I was originally doing before he interrupted me; which is normally watching TV.
"I'm so not taking orders from you. It's my life, Louis. If I want to walk, to burn off extra calories, then suck it up and deal with it," I snapped. My fingers searched for the door handle, and I stepped outside of the car. Now that I can see since it's daylight, my eyes roamed at the familiar streets. I've past through here before, except I don't remember which way I went. The door on the other side closed shut, signaling that Louis's out of the car.
I quickly made up my mind to guess and take the street which led to the right. Right is always right, right?
"Where are you going!?" A British voice shouted behind me. When I was little, I used to have this creative mind where I had to know every single possible accent available to know. I could tell the difference between Australian and British. Irish and Scottish, but as I grew older, the habit of mine kind of got erased so now I find it difficult to tell from which part of England Louis's from. Or any of the guys. The only one I can tell is Zayn's and Niall's. Niall's because obviously he's Irish, and Zayn's because I once took a trip in Adrissa to Bradford, so while I was there for two months, I learned their accents and how they speak. I guess that kind of stuck with me.
"Home," I dully replied. The morning air outside is definitely warmer than the air inside the car. Talk about a strong air condition.
"Home!? You don't even know where that is!" He shouted. His voice sounded a bit closer, so I sped up my walking. My boots hitting the dark pavement floor made a small soft sound.
"Yes, I do! I remember!" I'm bluffing, but he'll never know. I can trick and fool anyone. One of my many specialties. I can trick anyone into thinking what I want them to do, while making them think it was their idea. That way, if we have to bomb a place, I can easily trick someone to go inside for me, as well as making them think it was their idea, so that if they do survive, I won't get blamed.
"Bullshit! Get over here!" I rolled my eyes at Louis's lame attempt to get me to stop walking. Like seriously? I've seen better attempts made by cows. Obviously, I'd keep walking.
After numerous attempts from Louis to try to get me to stop walking, he finally gave up and just silently followed behind me. We've been walking for a couple of blocks now, and the sun is high above our heads. I'm going to guess it's somewhere near noon. Time flies fast when you're lost.
At a corner bakery, I rushed inside followed by Louis. Some girls in the back squealed as they recognized Louis's but they didn't attempt to come and talk to him. Is he such a big celebrity that you don't have the guts to talk to him? Really? It's simply. Walk up to him, say 'Hi, may I have your autograph?' and then walk away. But no, instead they're standing to the sides, snapping pictures of Louis as he ordered his tea and some biscuits. America doesn't have crumpets, or as far as I know... So he's probably just trying to replace crumpets with something similar. When it was my turn in line, I ordered a large hot chocolate, with chocolate bar fudge. I've never actually tried fudge. I've never tried a lot of things, and maybe it's from the lack of parents. I've heard fudge is good. Sometimes when I see people eating it, it kind of reminds me like chocolate. Before, I used to think it was a sort of brownie! Can't blame me, but I will try it, and see why everyone loves this dessert so much.
My eyes roamed the room for Louis. When i found him, I started walking towards him, but quickly stopped in my tracks. My eyes widened as the figure of the person who was sitting in front of him came into view, and my eyes locked with theirs.
I've never tried fudge before. Really! I tried it for the FIRST time yesterday! And that was only because my coach, Lew Miller (For you Tennis players out there, yes THE Lew Miller!!! lol) brought in some, and i only tried like a REALLY small piece, but I fell in love with it! Hopefully I'll have more, because it's just... YUM! Oh and Chris is in the story again! Whatcha guys think!??!?!? :) xx - Denny

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